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One Shots!
Story published May 6, 2013 · updated 3 months ago · completed · 180 pages · 25,493 readers · 193,516 reads
Harry Potter
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Harry Potter

Dedicated to: Mrs. Potter
A/N- I'm sorry, I changed the plot.. I couldn't do the one you wanted cuz it was hard for me to make it, but I still made a Harry Potter one shot.. I'm sorry and I hope everyone enjoys! :)
Name: Kayla Black
Age: 14
Year: 4th
Family: Sirius Black (father), Scarlet Black (Mother, deceased)
Crush: Harry Potter
History: Her mother was killed by Voldemort when she was a little older than 1. Her father fled and left her at the doorstep of a muggle family who adopted her and named her Savannah Anderson. Dumbledore found her three years later.
Friends: The trio, Luna, Neville, Ginny, the twins, everyone except the Slytherins.
I was sitting with Hermione, Harry and Ron in the Gryffindor Common Room.. We were all so bored! 
"Hey guys want to go in the snow!!" I shouted!
"No Kayla, it's cold out!" Ron whined.
"Come on! It'll be fun!!" I shout going to Ginny, Hermione and my room to grab my stuff..
"Okay guys let's go, it'll be fun, like Kayla said!!" Harry said to Ron and Hermione.. We all got ready quickly and ran outside.. We were all outside throwing snowballs at each other... As I was turning around, a snowball hit me right in the face.. That was uncalled for.. I soon heard laughing, it was definitely not Ron or the others... It was Draco Malfoy, I hated him so much.. 
"Ohh hey Black, I didn't see you there... Your ugliness blinded me!" Malfoy shouted throwing a snowball in the air. He was talking about the scar I had under my eye that reached my cheek, I had it since I was a baby, so I ignored it, but Malfoy always went to far with it... I was a sensitive person, so I was emotional... I was going to say something when suddenly a snowball hit Malfoy, it wasn't Ron or Hermione, it was Harry.. He was under his invisibility cloak, throwing snowballs at Malfoy, suddenly 3 more hit Malfoy.. Of course he didn't know it was Harry so he freaked out and started screaming like a girl.. I heard a voice right behind me.. It was Harry under him cloak..
"Kayla.. Throw as many snowballs as you can make, and hit Malfoy with them it'll make you feel better!" Harry whispered in my ear, which made me shiver.. I did as he said and aimed for Malfoy.. All of them hit his head or face.. Awesome I had perfect aim!! 
"My father will hear about this!!" Malfoy screamed running away.. We were all laughing and Harry came out of him cloak..
"T-that w-was a-awesome!!" I said in between laughs! We all finally stopped laughing and went inside to warm up.. 
I was reading a book in the Common Room, I had a hard time going to sleep so I read in the Commons.. I was reading when I suddenly heard a voice that scared me.. 
"Kayla? What are you going here at midnight?" Harry said, putting on his glasses and walking to the couch I was sitting on.. He grabbed my feet, sat down and put my feet on his lap.. To be honest, I was very shy when I was with jut Harry, we was my crush!
"Umm I-I was just r-reading a book.. I couldn't g-go to sleep..." I said stuttering...
"Okay." That's all Harry said.. After about 5 minutes, Harry talked again.. "Hey Kayla? Can I ask you something?" I was so nervous. I hated when people asked me that, it would always be something bad or awkward!!
"Um sure, what do you wanna ask?" I said nervously..
"Well, what do you think of me?" Harry asked suddenly.
"You're nice, outgoing, and sweet..." 
"No, like what do you think of me as like say in a girl's point of view?" 
"Umm whoever you are with would be lucky.." I said looking either at my lap or book, I didn't make eye contact. Suddenly my feet were off of Harry's lap and on the ground and I was turned around to face the fire which was now in front of me.. Harry stood in front of me so we were far to face..
"Well.. Kayla I have to tell you something.. Umm I like you.." 
"I do too.." 
"No, I like like you, as in love!" 
"Yes Harry I also like like you, which means I love you too!" 
"Umm does that mean I can kiss you?" 
"Obviously!" With that Harry kissed me, as soon as his lips touched mine I felt bombs.. It was me first kiss and with the love of my life! The kiss was passionate, with a hint of lust, it wasn't a forceful kiss, but a soft and delicate kiss, like anyone of us could just disappear..
"Hey what do we have here Georgie?" Fred said. Harry and I quickly separated.
"This is what we call 'Lovebirds', Freddie! Now why don't we leave them alone." With that the twins left.. 
"Well Kayla, we like each other and kissed.. So will you be my girlfriend?"
"Yes I will!" And we kissed again.. We suddenly saw a flash of light, we parted and turned to see what it was, it was the twins again..
"This will be be prefect, for a family album!!" They said running off....
Harry proposed after the battle that we won... Soon after we were married, we had 2 children.. Sirius Potter and Remus Potter..
A/N- I'm sorry about changing it Cuteness1D.... But I hope you liked it... If anyone requests anything, I'm just saying I LOVE to do WWE ones they are fun to do... Please tell me if I need improving, I don't mind criticism!!! ♥♥♥♥

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