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One Shots!
Story published May 6, 2013 · updated 6 weeks ago · 180 pages · 24,468 readers · 184,376 reads
Jey Uso #3
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Jey Uso #3


Name: Guada Calaway
Age: 27
Crush: Jey Uso
Family: The Undertaker and Kane (Brothers)
Friends: Everyone except enemies
Enemies: The Shield, The Bella's, Eva Marie, Randy Orton
I was with AJ Lee and Kaitlyn, doing really nothing.. We were actually just going around doing stupid thing, such as, bug Randy Orton, and The Shield. It's actually really funny, to see them annoyed and pissed! They couldn't really hurt us because we were Diva's and we could literally make their lives a living hell, we have to most people..
I was in some short shorts, and a top, it was actually AJ's clothes, I obviously forgot mines at the hotel and I didn't want to go get them, and AJ's clothes fit me perfectly, Kaitlyn's were just big on me, I was skinny like AJ.. 
"Hey Guada, wanna go get some ice cream?" AJ asked...
"It's almost 12, who would have an ice cream shop open this late?" Kaitlyn asked..
"Well there's the one by Ben's Bakery! That place is open all the time!" AJ said happily..
"Okay let's go!!" I said, laughing at AJ's childishness! We each drove our own cars, because we couldn't decide on who's car to take.. 
We arrived at the ice cream place, and went in to get some! 
"Hi! I think I'll have.... Chocolate with SPRINKLES!" AJ shouted happily! Kaitlyn and I laughed..
"I'll have a vanilla.." Kaitlyn said..
"Same as her!" I said pointing to AJ! 
"YAYYY!!! TWINZIES!!" Kaitlyn chuckled at AJ..
"AJ, did you have too much sugar?" I asked..
"No! I just like ice cream that's why I'm happy!" 
"Ladies. Your ice cream is done! That'll be $6!" The guy behind the counter said winking at me.. That's awkward..
"I'll pay, because AJ didn't bring money and Kaitlyn isn't allowed to pay today!" I said, giving the cash to the guy. He smiled and took the money.. "You guys go sit down, I'll be there!" I said. Waiting for my change..
"Here you go.. $4 is your change.." He said, handing me the money.. I looked at the change, there was a number on it.. It was the cashier's number.. It said 'Hey sexy, you should call me sometime, and we could hook up maybe! ;) xxx-xxx-xxxx'
Eww that's gross.. That guy looks like his just a teen, like 15, 17 tops! 
"Did that kid give you his number? And did you see the way he was looking at you? His eyes were literally unclothing you by the second!" AJ said, shivering in grossness.. 
"That kid is like 15 or 17!" I said, sitting down a the table, looking around.. I was looking around, when my eyes met someone else's eyes, Jey Uso's to be exact! To be honest, I've actually had a crush on Jey, ever since I first saw him! But sadly he is dating Eva Marie (I know they aren't actually dating! But just imagine!)...
We were soon done our ice creams and the shop was about to close..
"So that was fun girls! You guys go, I'll be there!" With that Kaitlyn and AJ drove off.. I was about to get in my car, when my arm was pulled and I was was pulled out of the car.. "What the f--"
"Shh.. We can't have to talking too loud!" It was that kid, the cashier that was trying to flirt!
"Get off me, kid!!" I said trying to push him away, but for a teen he was really strong!
"The name's Luke! Remember it, 'cuz you'll be screaming it all nig--" He was cut off by me slapping him across the face.. "You're feisty! I like it!" He said, shoving his lips onto mine.. It tried pushing him away again, but again I couldn't! 
Suddenly, 'Luke' was pulled off me! I looked up to see Jey Uso, beating him up, and attacking him until he couldn't get up..
"Are you okay, Guada?" He asked, helping me up..
"Yeah, just a bruise.. Why are you here?" I asked, rubbing my wrists..
"Just heard you shout, and I came to see what was wrong..." He said, getting me into my car..
"Well thanks.. But would Eva be mad that you're here with me?" I asked a bit upset..
"Umm I broke up with her.. This morning actually..." He said, smiling..
"Wait.. You're happy? I thought you loved her?" I said, pretending to me be upset, but inside I was happy!
"I love someone else.." He said.. My heart broke, someone else.. 
"Who?" I asked, whispering..
"You.. Guada. I love you, but your brothers threatened me and said if I came close to you they'd kill me! And told me to forget you! So I dated Eva Marie. But she's just not you!" He said, looking into my eyes..
"I love you too Jey! I don't care what my brothers say! I love you and they can't do anything about it!" With that I hugged Jey..
"Let's go!" He said, getting into the drivers seat..
I didn't give a damn abut what my brothers said about the relationship! I love Jey Uso!!
A/N-This was done 12:00 at night, so sorry if there's mistakes! PLEASE remember requests are still closed!! Thank you guys for helping me!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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