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One Direction Imagines.
Story published May 6, 2013 · updated May 23, 2013 · 3 pages · 1,015 readers · 1,685 reads
Niall Imagine; Fig
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Niall Imagine; Fighting. ♥

“I can't believe you Niall Horan.” I whisper as tears roll down my cheeks. I lightly push him and look back down at the computer. 'Niall Horan & Mystery Girl Caught Having Tea And Kissing. What Happened To Victoria?' I thought we were happy, all the memories flashed before my eyes of me and Niall just enjoying our time together. Then they all disappear with that one sentence.

“Victoria, let me explain please.” He grabbed my wrist tightly, pulling me into him. I quickly move back and knock over a picture frame, The glass hits the hardwood floor and shattered, the loud sound causing more tears to fall from my eyes. I slam my foot onto his foot causing him to let go, and for me to stumble back landing on shattered glass. A loud cry escaped from my mouth as I hit the wall, and slid down. Blood and more blood just pore from each foot, and pain went all out threw my body. My vision started to blur, as I felt myself sway. “Princess. Don't worry, I'm gonna help you!” was the last sentence I heard that night.

                                                                                                       - Next Morning ♥ -
I woke up to the feeling of numbness all around my body, causing my eyes to flutter open. I look around to see I was in the room Niall and I shared together, I looked down to see my feet bandaged, and on a heating pad. I slowly reach my arm out, and grab the water on the bedside table next to me. As I lift it up,  I see a little blue post-it-note attached to it. I grab it, and place the cup back onto the table. I open the drawer, and search around for my glasses. I finally reach them, and put them on. 

“Dear Tori, I know your probably really mad at what I did, and I wanna explain to you in person, but I know you don't wanna see me, So here it goes. That girl on the cover meant nothing to me, I swear to that. I don't really know why I cheated, I was being foolish, and child like. I'm sorry I put you in so much pain, but I want you to know I love you to the moon and back. I'm so stupid, if I could go back in time and stop myself I would, you don't know how much this is hurting me, having to stay away from you. I will never ever stop loving you, but Harry's gonna come over and take care of you for awhile, I'll see you later Tori.. -Love Niall. ♥”

By the time I finished the last sentence tears was already filling my eyes, yes he cheated, but I couldn't help it. I'm still in love with him, I place the post-it-note on his pillow, and reach for my phone. I dial his number, take a deep breath, and press on the 'Call' button. I wipe my tears while I hear the sound of it ringing.

“Tori..” I could tell he was crying by the sound of his Irish accent getting softer. I wanted to pull him threw the phone, and cuddle up next to him, telling him it will be alright, and that it was just a mistake.

“Niall, can you come home? Please..” I close my eyes, and wait for an answer. I get interrupted by the sound of the front door slamming shut, causing me to feel scared. I quickly hide underneath the covers, and look at my phone to see the call was disconnected. I hear the sound of the bedroom door creaking open, and a whisper. “Princess?”

I uncover my head, and turn my head toward the door to see Niall. I look him up and down, his deep red eyes, his very messy hair, his sweats, and hoodie. I open up my arms, and he runs into them, more cries escaping his mouth. “I'm so so so sorry Tori. I will never ever in my lifetime ever do that again, I was stupid, please can we be us again?” I looked at him, as a smiled formed on my face. “I guess, but don't mess it up Ni.”

I watched as his lips formed into a beautiful smile, I pull him into the bed, and we lay cuddling the rest of the day. ♥