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Shed The Bloody Tear
Story published May 9, 2013 · updated 8 months ago · 18 pages · 129 readers · 354 reads
Simba and Nala Und
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Simba and Nala Under The Stars

Simba and Nala Under the Stars

        As I stepped outside of the cinema doors, the cool December air nipped my nose and then face. ‘Jack Frost’ at his best, turning my cheeks a rosy red as I flipped my collar up to impress the beautiful girl who stood by my side - trying to impress the parts of me that have been wounded from the weapons of words; always told. But never explained, just accepted. Once I could impress myself, I could then find the courage and assurance I need to impress others, such as my lovely girlfriend who I feel ever so lucky to be with and exert all effort to impress before all others.

        I took a step out from under the ledge that sheltered the entrance to the cinemas we went too, and took a hop-like-step down off the curb as I instantly looked up into the clear December night sky. I could see most stars and maybe possibly a planet that glimmered over all the other shimmering stars. I pointed over at the bright planet as to which I assumed it was, and then looked over at my pretty little lady. “Do you see that bright star, the one that shines the brightest of them all?”
I stared at my princess with a smile upon my face as I watched her pretty blue eyes scan the vast sky of undiscovered wonders. “Yeah, I see it. What about it?” She said in a curious tone of voice filled with wonder and delight as she looked over at me expecting me to continue my statement.

        My smile grew a little wider as I stepped in front of her, creasing her cheek with my right hand trying to be a little bolder than my normal state: farouche, inhibited and overall: Bashful.
I stared into her ocean colored eyes, “You shine brighter than the one that shines brightest. To me you are brighter than the sun at its first goldeny-orange peak. You race faster than any comment you could ever find among its neighboring stars in the sky that’ll soon be its past life. And most importantly, you are more colorful than any galaxy you could ever come across. To me you are my one and only universe. And to that, I will be forever grateful.”

        Just at that moment I leaned in and kissed the wounded parts of me now being healed by loves first touch. And I’ve gotta’ say, it felt pretty great. I felt whole with her standing by my side. I now felt that as if any battle I’d be forced to fight in, I wouldn’t be fighting alone. That she’d be a fellow soldier standing by my side until the very end where I would use my very last breath just to tell her I loved her.
Our eyes fluttered shut as I felt her take a step closer to me not breaking the kiss. Her left hand rested on my chest, just perfectly over my heart which now seemed to beat only for her. The kiss was gentle and loving, just as any first kiss would be in what most people dream of but never got. But mine, mine was becoming a reality. Reality now doesn’t seem like the bitter place it once upon a time was in my past story life. I am now living the fairy tale ending - Prince Charming (which somewhere deep inside, I knew she’d always call me her Prince Charming).
I pulled away from the kiss as my hand slowly slide from her chilled rosy cheek to her right hand that rested comfortably by her side. Her hand fit perfectly in mine as they held each other protecting each other’s hand from ‘Jack’s’ frosty nips that bit like sand being tossed at you on a warm summer day. She giggled softly as she fluttered her eyes looking down maybe blushing, but unable to tell due to her already rosy cheeks. I picked up my free and used my forefinger to gently lift her chin up, “You shouldn’t look down. You are too beautiful to be bashful.”
She couldn’t help up smile a dreamily smile. “You are a true prince.”
“And to me, you are my Cinderella in sweat pants.”
My right hand which held hers tugged a bit as I stepped back carefully trying not to slip in the snow. “Maybe we should get to the car and warm up. I don’t want my Snow White to freeze.”

        My little mermaid nodded her wavy, soft, chestnut brown hair flying back from Jack’s bitter winds.
My baby-girl and I ran carefully to the car hand in hand. I opened her door for her with a bow, “The prettiest of them all first.” She giggled and stepped in with a ‘thank you, Sweetie’. I quickly uncoiled myself from my bowed position and shut the door – not slamming it then rushed to the driver’s side of the car. I opened my door and got in putting the keys in turning on the car to get the engine running so the car would warm up. I looked over at her smiling, “It’ll be warm soon, baby.” I turned on some music and played our song:  I wouldn’t mind by He Is We. The song played quietly in the back ground as me and my little blackbird and I spoke about anything that came to mind, a simple conversation. After a few minutes of talking in the now warmed car, we left. I drove her home.

        Once we reached her house I walked he to her front door. We hugged goodbye and during the hug I whispered in her ear, “Simba and Nala strike again.” I pulled away and smiled at her knowing she knew what I meant by that (that the day she came out with her love for me, she was wearing a long sleeve Lion King T-shirt). My lil’ Nala giggled and winked, “Alright Simba. Well, I had a wonderful time.”
I pecked her lips and walked back to my car as she opened her door and walked in. We departed knowing we’d see each other again tomorrow which was a calming feeling knowing the other one would be eagerly awaiting for the other one at school each day.