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Nerd + Jock = love in the end
Story published May 9, 2013 · updated May 16, 2013 · 19 pages · 432 readers · 929 reads
back from break
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Back from break

"ROSE WAKE UP WAKE UP!" my little brother, well not that little I mean he was 2 years younger than me to yah, Tyler jumped on me. Almost every day starts the same.

"Only 2 more weeks’ kido till the big 17 B-Day. Now wake up. Tyler go get ready for school, just because it was spring break doesn’t mean you can keep up that act all break!" my dad yells but he really yells the last part at my bro.

In case you can’t already tell my mom is no longer in the picture. Well she left us when I was 7 and my brother was 5. Yah it was hard but that’s how I got like I am today because of her and I wouldn’t change a thing about it.

So my normal routine in the mornings is get out of bed, go normally wake up my brother and go make breakfast for everyone. Then after, I rush to go get ready for school. You know hair a tad of make-up here and there but not much, then cloths, put books in my bag. And the list goes on. Then I and my bro are out the door driving to school.

Since Ty is 15 he doesn’t have his listen, nor does he want it. Which I think is kinda weird for him but it’s his way so whatever.

Once at school I ark between my two bestest friends ever, Liam and Lexi, they have been my friend since well ever and we do almost everything together.

"Hay my besties!" I yell to them and hugged them at the same time. We havent seen each other for 2 weeks and we all have changed. It’s kinda weird how much you can change in just a few weeks.

"Hay Rosie, how the family and stuff?" Liam asked with the biggest smile ever.

"Good, how was your trip to Colorado and how was your trip to the U.K. Lexi?" I asked at the same time

"It was-" they started at the same time but stopped and laughed and then the 1st bell rang and we took off toward our 1st class, Science. As we walked in I could see that all the Jocks were sitting together but I knew them all. We were all good friends. I was kinda the popular girl, but not the one that is at the very top. I was the girl who knew everyone and they knew me.

I waved to them and walked to the three empty seats in the middle, by the jocks well actually separating the jocks from the nerds I guess or not that talkative. I sit in the middle of the row along with Lexi in front and Liam behind me. This was mainly how it was in all classes I had with them, which was just about all.

After Science was history and then my art class the only one I had without my besties. And after art is lunch! I walked into the cafeteria line and got my tray with a slice of pizza, cookies, and a bottle of water, the usual really. Once I got my tray I looked around trying to figure out where to sit and then I see Liam and he was trying to get my attention.

"HAY, ROSIE OVER HERE!" he yells through the whole lunch room making me smile.

I walked over to where he was sitting and he was sitting with the whole football team. Nothing out of ordinary I normally sit here anyways.

"Hay rose." the twins, James and Blake, sometimes you can’t tell them apart, so I smile.

"Hay guys, so whatcha doing boys?" I asked kinda flirting but I hope they know im just messing around, right?

"Not much, missing you to much." Blake said and gave me a smirk.

"Aw thanx Blake, what about you James?"

"Um the same as Blake duhh. We are brothers." James said in his aggravating sarcasm.

The rest of lunch went pretty fast but I really didn’t pay attention to the boys talking. The rest of the day went by fast and then in last period he showed up. The new guy or I think has known who knows. So I turned to ask Liam.

"Hay Liam who is that?" I asked whispering trying not to be heard by anyone else

"Um that’s David. He’s been here for like ever how do you not know him?" he said in the same whisper tone.

"Um I guess im not that observant these days."

"Well he’s the on the football team, he sits with us at lunch, and he’s the guy that all girls want and at the same time scared. Because he’s the guy that if you owe him youre gonna end up naked in the halls." he said and smirked like I was the idiot here.

go it was David I know who he is know I hate that guy he’s a total jerk no girl wants to owe him anything at all!
thanks so much for reading. rose is the picture. if you could find a better pic that fits her description i would love to see. Thanks a lot