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Roy Mustang x Riza Hawkeye
Story published May 11, 2013 · completed · 1 page · 456 readers · 551 reads
Roy x Riza
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Roy x Riza

Roy x Riza
"Riza?" Roy said looking for his lieutenant. "Over here!" She said under the rubble that fell on here. Mustang ran to her and used alchemy to fix the damage and retrieve Riza. 
"Thanks corneal." Riza said patting herself off. "Riza, you have to be more careful! Keep looking for Scar!" Roy said angrily. "Right Sir." She ran off holding her gun. "Mustangs always there for me." She thought to her self with a smiles. Roy ran up behind her and Riza's cheeks reddened. 
    "Hurry Hawkeye! He'll get away!" He ran past her. Love made her run faster. 
   Finally they cornered Scar in a hallway. Riza pointed her gun up to Scar and Roy was preparing to snap at any moment. "You think you caught me!" Scar said in a evilish laugh. 
    Scar lunged at Riza and grasped her forehead. "LIEUTENANT!" Mustang yelled running to save her. Riza lifted her gun to Scars heart and was ready to shot him. Mustang ran up begind Scar and raised his hand. He realized that if her torched Scar it would harm Riza. Mustang felt a fear he never felt before. He ran with only his fist out.
      "Corne-eal." Riza said is a sad tone. Mustang's anger became greater hearing her fear. Right as Mustang pulled back for the punch, Scar let go of Hawkeye and took her gun. He turned around and aimed to Roy's chest
Riza's eyes widened as her Corneal fell to the ground. "ROY!!" She screamed in pain as she fell to her knees next to him. Tears began to roll down her cheeks. 
        "Riza?" He said weakly, he put his hand to her cheek. His hand was cold, like the life was taken out of him. She placed her hand on his and sobbed as her friend slowly died. 
       "Oh Roy" She couldn't get any other words out. Only small whines. "Hawkeye, don't cry." He said. He wiped one of her tears away. Riza lowered her head in sorrow. 
       A hand go under her chin and slowly brought her to him. She opened her eyes to see that she was kissing Mustang. Her eyes widened but she kissed back.
     His grip on her slowly weaken. His hand fell to the floor. Riza picked up her head seeing her lover dead on the floor. She stared at his relaxed face and found many more warm tears coming down. She stood up and looked down at him. "Good bye Roy Mustang." She said with a salute and wet cheeks.
*time skip, funeral*
   She stood there looking as the lowered her friend into the ground. Only tears came out. Jean when to her and gave her a hug which only made it worst. 
    After everyone left she stayed there looking down at the gravestone. 
              ~Roy Mustang~
         Born a hero, Died a hero
"It is a bad day for rain..." She sobbed remembering her friends words.
((I made this one sad.. Sorry if I made you cry or something.... Don't worry it was only a fanfic.... (Does not happen in show) No copyrighted intended, story mine!! Stealers will be punished!!