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The air suckers (short story)
Story published May 12, 2013 · updated June 10, 2013 · completed · 6 pages · 19 readers · 42 reads
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My brother gets out of the car quickly, wasting no time to disappear into the sea of students. I follow shortly after; I give a small nod to my parents and follow my brother. I quickly check that I got everything before moving to far from the white Ute (truck). I weave my way through the crowed, dodging people left and right.

The sound of the annoying school bell rings through the quad. Everyone starts to make the way to class slowly, some groaning in protest. I try and find Max in the crowed but no luck. It’s not that I like hanging with him or anything, just that he has all the same classes as me. I check the timetable only to be disappointed with the torcher of math. I quickly harry to class.

*Middle of the school day*

"Can anyone tell me what the name of the first pha-," the teacher pauses suddenly.

The class as well goes dead quiet. The room seemed to change. It’s the weirdest feeling, it’s like the air has gone thicker. The silence doesn’t last long; as high pitch scream fills the room. I turn around to see Sarah screaming, her boyfriend Swayne is nowhere to be seen. I turn back to the front just in time to see the teacher disappear. Another scream fills the room, and it takes me a minute to figure out it is coming from me. I see Max standing in front of me. He grabs me by the arm and drags me out of the class room. I run a millimeter behind him, not letting go of his wrists. I spot other students running out of the class rooms. I feel my body turn a sharp right by my brother’s quick change of direction. He kicks open the door that leads us outside, then I remember, we are on the second floor.

I let out a scream as he pulls me to the edge of the balcony. I try and pull back but he over powers me. He jumps up quickly on the edge and pulls me swiftly up.

"We are going to jump," he says calmly. A tear slides down my cheek.

"Ok On three," he continues. I take a deep breath.

"One," he sound confident but I feel his fear.

"Two," we both move ever so closer to the edge and he starts to huge me, wrapping his Goosebumps arms around me.

"Three," My heart stops as Max starts to fall dragging me with him.

Hello dear readers thanks for reading this story but before I continue I have to say thank you to my dad. I know it sounds wired but he gave me the idea on what the story was going to be about as well as the name of the main characters. Well I hope your enjoying it! thanks again.