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Black Butler 7 Minutes In Heaven... :P
Story published May 12, 2013 · updated November 16, 2013 · 9 pages · 5,059 readers · 25,227 reads
Alois Trancy
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Alois Trancy

You had been handed the hat. You fished your hand inside and pulled out a toy spider. ''Im guessing this is Alois's?'' You asked directing your stare at Alois. ''Of course its mine!'' he told you. You put the toy spider on a nearby table and you felt a hand grab your wrist. ''Lets go you two! Get inside.'' Grell told us. ''Im gonna have fun with you.'' Alois said seductively and as he dragged you into the closet. Once the door was closed you were shoved against the wall. ''Just so you know I wont follow your orders if thats what you think.'' You told him. ''Oh, no. I just wanna have some fun.'' Alois purred and you blushed. You felt something wet on your cheek and you noticed he licked you. You were pinned to the wall and he leaned close to your face.
''Ill make this interesting, but I wanna see what you got first. You make the first move.'' He said and stood there waiting for you to start. You moved your hands into his soft hair and pulled him close. You started by licking his bottom lip. He quickly opened his mouth and bit your tongue. You cried out softly and smashed your lips to his.
He hand one hand firmly pressed to the wall while the other hand traveled down your body, over your butt and once he caught hold of your thigh he pulled it up and you wrapped your leg around him bringing him in more. He held you firmly it place as your kiss started to get rougher by the second. He bit your bottom lip lightly and pulled it back, then let go. He started kiss down your jaw and then moved back to your mouth.
He played with your tongue and, using the hand that was pressed against the wall, he moved his hand under your shirt up your stomach and slipped his hand inside your bra. His hand was cold. You couldnt hold your loud moan in. ''I like that moan, let me hear it again.'' He said breathlessly as he started to lick down your neck to your chest.
You moaned once again and he smirked against your skin. He slipped his hand out of your bra and placed it on the wall again. You tightened your leg that was still wrapped around him. You pulled at his hair and he moaned. ''Your rough!'' He cried out as you pulled his lips to yours. ''N-not as rough as you.'' You whispered into the kiss.
''7 minutes is up! Come out no- oh, wow!'' Grell said. Alois let go of me and stepped away. ''Things certainly got hot this time!'' Grell gushed as you fixed your bra and heard Alois say ''Claude, I want her!'' You blushed deeply and hurried out. You stood beside Sebastian and waited for Grell to pass the hat again.
~Again sorry if it sucked xD~