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Andy Biersack Is My What...?
Story published May 13, 2013 · updated 5 months ago · 25 pages · 618 readers · 9,193 reads
Stay With Me....
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Stay With Me....

~Andy's POV~ 

I was watching TV with Ashley, I then decided to go get a drink.
"Want something to drink?" I asked Ashley as I got a beer.
"No thanks." He said
"We are now back. There has been a very horrible car accident in Ohio; invovling one of the members from Black Veil Brides Andy Biersack's Father and Sister. We have word that the father is stable and only has a broken hand. We currently have no word on the sister, all we know is that the semi-truck hit her side of the car and that side is completey crushed. We will have more on this story soon. Now for sports." The news lady says.
"Andy??" AShley says
"I have to call my mom." I say
I call my mom. 
"MOM!" I say 
"Andrew..." My mom says and she sounds like she is crying
"How is Abby? Is she okay?" I ask
"We... don't know... They don't know if she will make it." She says as she cries when she says the last part. 
I drop the phone and it lands on the ground.
"Andy!" Ashley says picking up my phone, "Amy... We will call you back!" Ashley ends the phone conversation. 
"Dude. What happened?" Ashley asks.
"She might not make it..." I say as I start to cry
"We're getting the first plane ticket over there... I'll get the guys." He says leaving the bus. 
My little sister is dying... No.. This Can't be happening. I need her to stay with me... 

Copyrights 2013 "Andy Biersack Is My What...?" 
All Rights Reserved 
An Original by Abby