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Story published May 13, 2013 · updated 9 months ago · 21 pages · 1,301 readers · 6,697 reads
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        Memories flooded into my mind of the stories my mother use to tell me about Rivendell, the place she was from. How she loved the elves there and how lovely it was there. She had left all of this behind for my father whom she loved dearly. Rivendell was as lovely as the stories she use to tell about it. Even though it was lovely, I STILL DID NOT WANT TO BE HERE!
        The moment I entered Rivendell with Aragorn and the hobbits, the elves looked at me and whispered among themselves. Even though my elvish was a bit rusty the words "Female", "Ill mannered" and "Slut" came to my ears. I tried to hold my temper, but I never was one for holding my temper and I was about to explode. luckily, I was almost  immediately shown to a room and I had no intention of stay longer.
        The first person, elf or whatever entered my room next was going to get snapped at. The person who entered my room was Gandalf, I guess I could hold my temper for a bit longer.
        "Look, Gandalf, I cannot help you any longer." I tried to say calmly.
        "Why not? Your the perfect person to help the hobbits. Your knowledge of Isengard and the ways of the orc go unmatched." said Gandalf.
        "It's not as if I can share my knowledge freely. I would end up hurting or betraying the hobbits in the end. I cannot let that happen." I looked down at my feet. "I'm not cut out for this, and the men wouldn't want to take me along, seeing that I am a woman and men tend to think women slow their traveling speed."       
        "I know your hot temper. The men would almost see you as an equal. As for the hobbits I know you desperately want to help them. I also know you don't like being around your kin, but you will be out of here soon. Come with me, there is someone I want you to meet." I followed Gandalf down to the dinning hall, which was busy with elves, to a table where another elf, obviously not from Rivendell but of another realm, and a dwarf sat.
        "Evelynn, this is Gimli. Gimli, this is my good friend, Evelynn. She has had the pleasure of helping your kin before, and her preferred weapon is an axe. I do believe that the one she is carrying now is Dwarf made." With that Gandalf left and I couldn't help but think of how strange he really was.
        "I never heard of a pointed ears such as yourself carrying a dwarf made weapon." commented Gimli. I ignored his comment about the pointed ears which was obviously meant as an offensive term for an elf.
        "Unlike most elves, my quarrel is not with the dwarfs." I said kindly but firmly. Both Gimli and the elf looked at me strangely.
        "You don't speak with the elves' accent." said gimli.
        "Of course not. I have never once lived among my kin. I hardly even speak elvish."
        "That is strange for an elf. I hope you don't mind me asking, but were one of your parents human?" asked the fair haired elf. He was quite handsome if I had to say so myself, but seeing that I made a vow to myself that I wouldn't allow myself to fall in love because of what happened to my mother I snapped myself out of my stupor.
        "No, both were elves. I don't know which realm my father was from, but my mother was from Rivendell." I said in a matter-of-fact tone. I realized that Gandalf had not introduced me to the elf. "If you don't mind what is your name?' The elf was about to reply to my question when Gimli interrupted him.
        "Oh," replied Gimli. "He is Legolas, the Prince of the Woodland Realm." Legolas glared at Grimli. I smiled a bit. I could see why Gandalf wanted me to meet Gimli, we would get along just fine.

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