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The Shield One Shots
Story published May 14, 2013 · updated June 9, 2013 · 14 pages · 2,147 readers · 11,142 reads
Roman Reigns - Shy
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Roman Reigns - Shy Girl

“Britt Britt Rollins come on or we will be late” I hear Seth shout so I sigh and leave the room
I walk out and smile to my brother as he throws me a banana and we leave the room
“So what are we doing today?” and he looks at me and bites his lip
“We have a signing with Dean and Roman” and I stop and look at him and shake my head
“I can’t be with them Seth I don’t trust them they are bad news” and he looks at the ground
“Look they are members of the shield to there for they are our friends now let’s go” and I sigh
I walk behind him as we get to the lobby and he yells out to them but I hide behind him
I see Dean smile at me but I look away and he chuckles and walks into the car
I walk in behind Seth and sit at the back of the bus and put my headphones in
He sits next to me so I lean on his shoulder and he laughs and looks out the window as I smile
I look round and see Dean playing Angry Birds on his phone then I see Roman looking at me
He scares me a lot I mean he is a monster inside the ring and outside he looks really mean  
I have never spoken to him but I don’t know he looks like he wants to hurt me sometimes
“Come on were here” Dean yells so I follow behind Seth and smile to all the fans
I walk up to the table and sit at the end next to Seth and smile to the fans
We sit here for about three hours then we get back in the car and head back to the hotel
“My hand hurts” and Seth chuckles as we walk in the room and I frown as dean and roman follow
“Ok let me order the pizza and then we can watch movies” and I see Seth nod and I sigh
“I am going to bed night Seth” but he grabs my hand and I stop and look at him
“No we need two people to get the pizza’s you and roman can go” and I can tell he said it on purpose
“No way I am feeling really sick Seth I may throw up” and he laughs and gets out the money
“Then you can walk home go on” so I sigh and leave the room with roman behind me
I walk up to his car and open the door and he looks at me but I ignore him and look the other way
“You can listen to the radio” so I nod and turn it up and smile as Selena Gomez is on
“Okay I will go get it” so I nod as he parks the car and walks in and I look round his car
It was very neat for a Shield member unlike my brothers his had coke bottles everywhere
He gets back in the car and hands me the pizzas but he doesn’t start it he looks at me
“Britt why do you hate me like what did I do?” and I frown and shrug as he laughs
“i am not starting the car until you tell me ok” so i sigh and turn so I am facing him
“It is just whenever you are in the ring you are very angry and when you are not in the ring you look at me like you want to kill me and I am scared of that and dean is creepy to” and he nods
“Well you should know the guy I am in the ring isn’t the guy sitting here right now sure in the ring I go a little nuts but when I am out of it I am the most caring guy and I really like you so please can we be friends” and I frown at him
 “What did you say did you just say you like me?” and he shakes his head but I smirk

“Roman Reigns do you have a crush on me?” I ask and he laughs and looks at me
“Yes I do have a crush on you I have since you joined the shield okay are you happy now?”
I giggle and nod and lean closer to him as he does the same
“If we go here you have to promise me one thing Mr Reigns” I whisper and he looks at me
“I will do anything just name it” so I nod
“Never hurt me I have been hurt too much” and he nods and we both kiss and I smile
His lips on my lips were amazing he lets go of the gentle kiss and i smile as he starts the car
We get to the hotel and I giggle and he puts my hand in his and we walk up to the hotel
We walk in forgetting Seth and Dean were in there and he throws the pizzas on the table
He grabs my waist and kisses me and I giggle but then I hear a noise and I sigh
“Finally they get together now let’s eat” Seth says and I giggle and we have some food
This is the start of something amazing

Hope you liked it
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