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Taken by a Werewolf (Harry styles love story) Werewolves
Story published May 14, 2013 · updated 9 months ago · 170 pages · 12,393 readers · 371,848 reads
Tickle monster
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Tickle monster

Alex's P.O.V

"HARRY... -S-STOP!" I laughed as Harry tickled my sides. We just finished eating lunch and we all went to do our own things. I was going to watch Tv, but Harry came and tackled me with tickles and now I cant stop laughing.

"NEVER!" He yelled, cheerfully, still wanting me to suffer. Soon Louis bolted into the room with El following.

"I WILL SAVE YOU DEAR PRINCESS" Louis announced, tackling Harry off me. I ran and hid behind El so Harry wouldn't get me quickly. Louis and Harry fought with pillows and threw objects at each other. Soon, Harry escaped, grabbing my by the waist and lifting me on his shoulders.

"I WILL SAVE YOU... AGAIN!" Louis screamed, running after Harry who was chuckling hard. I giggled a bit as Louis chased after us saying random things like "Don't worry, be sexy, drink pepsi!"

Soon Harry set me down on the couch and battled Lou again. El laughed, grabbing my arm and tugging me out of the room. "Harry! I'm borrowing your mate for awhile!" She exclaimed, dragging me up the stairs. Sh led me in a room and locked the door so Harry and Louis couldn't get in. She smiled, sitting on the bed. I copied her actions with a fake smile. I noticed Perrie was sitting to the side of her too.

"Soooo why am I here?" I asked, being as polite as I could.

"Well, we just wanted to answer all your questions about werewolves. We got kidnapped and stuff just like you. Don't worry, this wont last forever. Soon you and Harry will be mates and you will be free, but you have to come back. Or you and him will die or go mental" Perrie giggled, the story pretty hard to believe.

"The truth is.. I don't like him. I don't want to be a werewolf. I dont want to be his mate. I want to go home to my dad" I whimpered, thinking about how my dad must be right now. Probably worried.

"What about your mom?" El asked, my mind slowly shut down. I couldn't believe someone would ask that. She should have lived, I was the one who made the mistake, I should have died. She took the bullet though..

"Oh...... I'm so sorry" Perrie cooed, wrapping me in a hug. I wasn't crying though. I ran out of tears for that subject.

"Its okay, I'm going to go hang out with Harry" I mumbled, getting up and olunlocking the door. I opened it to see Louis, Zayn and Harry sitting on the floor playing a game on their phones. Harry looked up and smiled, turning off the game.

"Hey Angel" Harry smiled, getting up and standing by me.

"Sup" I tried to act like I normally do, but its hard when they mention my mother. They don't know me. They don't know my story. They don't know how monsters became a part of my life. They don't know a thing about me.

"Wanna go watch tv?" Harry asked and I nodded. We ran down stairs and jumped on to the couches. Harry turned family guy on, which I was okay with. Its a pretty good show. Soon it was dark. I didn't have dinner yet, but I wasn't hungry. Harry was cuddled in me like I was with him.

"Angel?" Harry mumbled, trying to see if I was awake."I'm tired" I mumble back sleepily. I cuddled my head deeper in his chest to get more warmth. His chest vibrated as he chuckled lightly. I felt him wrapped his arms around me before I got picked up. My head still rested on his chest. I was laid down on comfy, big blankets. I opened my eyes a tiny bit to see Harry laying down to my side. I snuggled into him quickly so I could share his warmth. He smiled against my skin. Before I could think it over, I quickly kissed his cheek.

He smiled widely, nuzzling his head into my neck. He didn't try to mark me, so I was okay. I closed my eyes and fell in deep sleep.