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Daughter of the Potions Master
Story published May 14, 2013 · updated 7 weeks ago · 89 pages · 1,787 readers · 15,580 reads
Chapter 11
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Chapter 11

Hermione's POV:

The rest of the year passed rather quickly almost in a blur.  Today Daddy is taking me to spend the summer with Uncle Sirius in the Order of the Phoenix safe house.
"Ready to go Princess?" Daddy asks standing in my door.
"Yea let's go but can I please spend some time with Draco during the summer?"
"Of course baby girl" he says.  "Come on your uncle is waiting for us."
"Ok I'm ready" I say zipping up my bag.  I was dressed in this:  I grip his arm and he apparates us to the safe house.  "UNCLE SIRIUS" I call when we land in his living room.
"HERMIONE" he yells from somewhere above me and I hear footsteps on the stairs.  "Hows my niece?" he asks coming into view.  He wraps me in a tight hug.
"I'm good can't breathe though" I rasp out.  He lets go of me.
"I'm glad come there is someone who needs to meet you as the real you."  he says.  "REMMY COME DOWN HERE PLEASE"
"Finally get him back Sirius?" Daddy asks.
"Yea thank Merlin I was going insane without him" he says as someone comes down the stairs.
"You called babe?" my previous DADA professor, Remus Lupin, asks coming in the room.
"Meet my niece Hermione Margret Snape, Mel's daughter" Uncle Sirius says wrapping an arm around my shoulders.
"That name sounds similar to that muggleborn friend of Harry's Hermione Granger I think" he says and I wince.  Tears burning in my eyes as memories flooded my brain.
"Uncle Siri what room am I staying in?" I ask quietly.
"You can have your mum's old room Mione" he says.  "I'll show you."  He grabs my bag and leads me upstairs.  "He doesn't know what happened Mione.  Don't blame him ok?  I'll tell him about what happened if your dad doesn't get to him first.  Just give him a chance"
"Of course Uncle Siri I'm just a little sensitive to that I guess"
"It's ok Mione why don't you rest for a bit and calm down ok?" he asks and I nod.  I slide off my shoes and collapse on the bed.  "So much like your mum get some rest my dear" he says covering me with a blanket before leaving the room.  After a few minutes someone comes in.
"I love you Princess I'll see you in a few weeks" Daddy whispers kissing my head.  I cuddle deeper into my pillow hiding my tears.  He gets up and leaves the room.  The memories kept pounding in my head.  They wouldn't leave me alone.  I couldn't hold in my tears anymore and sobs tore out of my throat.  A few minutes later I here someone come in the room.
"Mione my dear what's wrong baby girl?" Uncle Sirius asks.
"The memories won't leave me alone" I cry out.
"Shh it's ok shh.  I've got you" he whispers wrapping me in a hug.
"Anything I can do to help?" Remus asks.
"Can you make her some tea please Remmy?" Uncle Sirius asks.
"Sure babe" he says walking out the door.
"You ok baby girl?" he asks.  I shake my head burying it in his neck.  "It's gonna be ok." he says and holds me close.  After awhile Remus comes back.
"Here you go Hermione" he says handing me the cup.
"Thanks Remus" I whisper.
"Your Welcome my dear" he says.  I sip at my tea while they hold me in a comforting hug.  After awhile I guess I fell asleep because I wake up with no one is in the room with me and the room was dark.  I let out a small whimper as someone came in the room.  "Hermione?"
"Dinner's ready" Remus says.
"Ok" I say getting up.
"We are going to eat in the kitchen" he says as we leave the room.  "I'm sorry about what's happened to you.  You don't deserve any of that." he says quietly.
"Thank you Remus.  I'm sorry too I feel like I prolonged you and my uncle getting back together"
"You didn't Mione we got back together the night you and Harry saved him.  Thank you by the way for that.  He would do anything for family especially if it in anyway involved Mel.  And you are like Mel in many ways.  Come on let's get some dinner" he says wrapping an arm around my shoulders.  We walk down to the kitchen.  We eat while getting to know each other better carefully avoiding the topic of my abuse.  
"Well I'm tired I'm going to bed" Uncle Sirius says.
"Alright I'll be up there in a bit babe" Rem says pecking Uncle Sirius on the lips.
"Good night Uncle Sirius" I say giving him a hug.
"Good night baby girl.  Oh by the way the Weasleys are coming to stay for the summer in two days."
"Alright but I don't want Ronald anywhere near me"
"Don't worry he won't be if I have anything to say about it" he says going upstairs.
"Hey Mione what do you think your Uncle would say if I asked him to marry me?" Remus asks in a whisper.
"I think he'll say yes I can see it in his eyes how much he loves you" I say.
"Good cause I already bought the ring.  Look!" he says showing me a simple silver band.
"It looks beautiful Rem he's gonna love it" he smiles at me.  I smile back.  "Well I'm gonna go to bed Night"

The characters belong to J.K. Rowling as does some of the plot.  The music and pictures belong to their owners as well.