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Blind in Life
Story published May 14, 2013 · updated August 14, 2013 · 28 pages · 641 readers · 5,739 reads
Mina POV 1
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Mina POV 1

        I woke up, blind like every other day. It was nothing new, but I was tired of it. Total blackness since birth.  I carefully made my way to my closet and felt for the tags. I felt the raised numbers on the metal tags and pulled out pants number twelve and shirt number two. I put the clothes on and walked along the wall to find my shoes. They were by the door where I had left them yesterday, so I slid them on and left my apartment.
        I went down the street, careful to try not to bump into anyone. This tactic failed when someone ran into me. From the smell of miso noodles, I guessed who it was.
        "Naruto? Is that you, Naruto?" I questioned, my face changing to confusion.
        "I'm sorry, Mina! I didn't see you there!" he pulled me to my feet.
        "Naruto!" a group of angry sounding people all called out.
        "Gotta go, Mina! Later!" his familiar smell disappeared.
        I continued walking until my feet carried me to a forest. Despite my inability to see, I looked around. I felt no chakra so I sat down. I took off my shoes and stood again. The world became visible, if only in negative black and white. I took a deep breath and began my morning routine. I focused on my chakra control and carefully started walking up a tree trunk without the use of my hands. I was so engrossed with my training, I fell from my perch when someone cleared their  throat.
        "Who are you?" I questioned guardedly.
        "I am Hatake Kakashi and you are?" the man answered.
        "Mamoto Mina. Why are you here?" I asked, still wary.
        "Where'd you learn that?" he shot back.
        "Are you a ninja, Kakashi?" I frowned at him.
        "Yes..." he sounded wary now.
        "Could you take me to the Hokage?" I held out my hand.
        "Sure." He approached me.
        I slid my hand into the crook of his arm and we were of. I realized that I was still bare foot when a rock sliced open my foot.
        "Ow!" I stopped and lifted my foot, my eyes losing definition of the surrounding area.
        "Where are your shoes?!" he asked.
        "Back there." I pointed behind me.
        He sighed and told me that he'd be right back. He was gone only moments and I felt him lift my injured foot up. I balanced myself by placing my hands on his shoulders. He took care of it and then slid on my shoes for me. We moved on, going towards the tall tower that housed the Hokage's office. A cooling shadow fell over my face and I realized we were inside. A knocking sound alerted me to expert a reply.
        "Come in!" we came in, "Oh Kakashi! Just the man I wanted to see! Could you ---" a loud person I assume to be the Hokage shout happily.
        "Hokage-sama, Mina wanted to speak to you." Kakashi pointed out.
        "Mina? Mamato Mina?" the other person said.
        "Hokage-sama, could we talk privately?" I timidly asked.
        "Sure! Kakashi wait outside please." he said, dismissing my new friend.
        A door opened and closed. I assumed we were alone.
        "What's the matter, Mina?" he questioned after a while.
        "I want to a ninja, on Hatake Kakashi's team." I said assertively.
        "Are you sure, Mina? With your eyes..." he trailed worriedly.
        "I know my limitations better than any, Hokage-sama." I snapped.
        "Very well. Someone will take you to the Academy." he sighed.
        "Thank you, sir." I said, my voice giving away nothing.
        "Kakashi, come in." he called.
        The now familiar chakra appeared, but so did another, this one unknown to me.
        "Mina, this is Iruka- Sensei. He'll be your teacher." Hokage-sama introduced us.
        "Hello." I said curtly.
        "Hi, Mina. Let's go to school." The man I believed to be Iruka grabbed my wrist.
        My reflexes took over and I grabbed the man's wrist and flipped him over my shoulder.
        "Mina!" two voices yelled.
        "Don't touch me." I growled animalistically.
        "Now now... Iruka take Mina to the Academy. Kakashi talk to me for a moment." Hokage-sama said.
        I followed Iruka away and my gut told me they were going to talk about me.

Kakashi POV

        "Do you know who she is, Kakashi?" the Hokage asked.
        "No, I found her in a tree on the way to train." I answered.
        "Mamoto Mina is the last in the line of the Beast Tamers. Her clan was once famous for their influence over all types of animals. Even the Tailed Beasts." he watch me for a reaction.
        "You mean Hayato's daughter? But she ---" I was cut off.
        "After the accident, she became blind. Her mind was so broken, it was decided that she would have a new life and a new memory. She's innocent now. Protect her. People will want her for themselves." the Hokage ordered.
        He dismissed me and I went back to my apartment to absorb this new information.