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Spain X Reader X Chibi!Romano Oneshot
Story published May 15, 2013 · 1 page · 525 readers · 646 reads
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It was a nice sunny day and a girl named _____ was walking through a field, humming to herself and looking at the blue birds gliding through the sky.
_____ had (h/c) locks, (skin/c) and was wearing blue shorts and a white tank top. She decided to continue her journey through the woods from hearing that there was a small river that was crystal clear and had fish different shapes and sizes to watch.
"It is very peacful in these woods. Just animals running about." She said to herself still walking.
A loud voice in the distance came making _____ stop in her tracks. "What the hell was that?" She asked herself, the racing to where the voice came from.

_____ then made eye contact with a bunch of bushes. She pulled the leaves out the way and stook her head out andd saw a mam in a mask thing holding a child (who was a guy but was in a little pink maid like dress and a little hat thing) in his hand.
"LET ME GO BASTARD!" Yelled the small child.
The Mask guy just laughed at him untill...
The dude dropped the kid and fell face flat on the floor leaving you standing there with a large shovel (you just found lying aroun,) you then dropped the shovel on the ground and went over to the kid and knelted down.
"You ok kid?" _____ asked then holding her hand out to him.
The kid blushed "Ye whatever idiota." He replied but got up himself.
"How come your here by yourself, don't you have anyine to take care of you?" You asked him whilst standing back up.
"I do but i-a ran away from the-a tomato bastardo."
"Ok... so whats your name? Im _____"
"My names-a Romano." He said Plus turning his head to blush again.
"Come on." You said whilst handing out your hand."I'll help you find your tomato bastard you call."
Romano just stared at your hand then just stomped of. You just shrugged your shoulders and went after him.

After 30 mins of waling the sun was setting and Romano had fell to sleep so you had to give him a piggy back ride. While he was a sleep he snored softly making you giggle.
"Ahh he's so cute when he's asleep." You whispered.
Another voice from the distance making you look up. You saw a man running up to you and Romano. As the man made it to you he stopped to catch his breath.
"Hello, are you Romano's freind?" You asked him.
"Si, gracias for finding him." He said.
"De Nada." You smiled at him then handed Romano over."Im _____"
"Spain" he smiled back." Well thanks again chica. Well i'll see you some time _____, adios." Spain said to you and walked away with Romano.
You waited untill they were out of sight then walked back home yourself.

Si - yes (Spanish)
Gracias - Thank you (Spanish)
De Nada - Your welcome (Spanish)
Chica - Girl (Spanish)
Adios - Goodbye (Spanish)
Thanxz for reading! There will be a new chapter every Wednesday untill the series hav finished :)