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Dork. |Justin Bieber| *NEEDS EDITING*
Story published May 15, 2013 · updated 8 months ago · completed · 382 pages · 32,341 readers · 137,961 reads
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My new story: Perilous. |Jason McCann|

Note: If you only started reading Dork (a new reader) then I'm sorry if there is any chapters missing, Quotev has been giving my story a  hard time.
I'd like to thank to everyone (That includes Courtney and Cindy and many other readers who persistently comment after every chapter giving me amazing feedback). It means so much to me and it gave me so much motivation to keep going on with this story.
It makes me feel amazing when some of you tell me how inspiring this story is because honestly at the beginning I wanted to make it realistic, yes, but I didn't think it's 'inspire' or help people with their own problems?
And the fact that people have translated this story into different languages, just makes me fangirl.

Thank you to everyone who has constantly stuck by this story and for hearting and commenting, like honestly it means so much.
And I do read every. single. comment. that you guys post, I see everything ;)

Once again, I want to say thank you so much and without you all, this story would never be as "successful" as it is now.

Much love, Beyonce.