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Love In Another Dimension
Story published May 17, 2013 · updated December 9, 2013 · completed · 105 pages · 7,271 readers · 61,087 reads
Old Friend
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Old Friend

My desperate Señoritas, an update~  [Random Picture on Google, the best one I could ever find.]

~*~*~*~*My Point of View*~*~*~*~

"...and remember that thing you just suddenly zoned out and drooled with that goofy pose?!" Ayame laughed while we walked to school, talking about yesterday which made me get a little annoyed. I mean it was just yesterday and she kept on replaying the embarrassing thing I did in front of the Akatsuki!

I narrowed my eyes as I sweat dropped. "Yes, yes, Ayame... I remember that... Mari, why are so quiet--" I looked at my side where Mari was usually is but found her not there. "Where's Mari, Ayame--" I looked at my other side and saw Ayame disappeared to. I pouted, folding my arms. "FIIINE, leave me alone here! Thanks a lot, Mari and Ayame!" I screamed to the air then shook my head.

"Why bother? They're out there looking for Deidara again." I sighed and walked my way alone to school.

As I arrived the front yard of the school, a huge crowd were crowding in front of the school's building. Some even brought their cameras and squealing, mostly girls. I raised an eyebrow, confused at them. I looked at my feet then saw a red carpet stretched to the school's entrance and to the end of the sidewalk.

'A celebrity?' I thought as I stood in the middle of the carpet. The crowd cheered and squealed louder as a limo parked in the road. 'This must be why Mari and Ayame left me behind...'

"____, please stand aside." Itachi whispered as he dragged me out of the red carpet, holding the outstretched hands of girls back. "Itachi! What's going on?!" I screamed, not hearing myself speak because of the noisy crowd. He didn't answer, forcing myself to look at the limo and wait for the special someone who's everyone being crazy about.

The driver came out with a security guard's hat and opened the door behind the limo, making the crowd scream at the top of their voices and me dizzy and deaf. Stepping on the sidewalk, out came a familiar black haired guy. I felt my eyes widen in shock.

Takashi Hiko

The name popped in my mind as my heart skipped a beat. The whole world just seem to slow around me as the wind blew through my hair.

My childhood friend, my best friend since kindergarten... my ex boyfriend...

My mouth gaped slightly as he walked through the aisle of screaming fans of his. I mean, he's been popular to all the schools here since first grade. He took a glance at me and gave me a smirk he usually do when we were still together. My heart throbbed, making me feel wrong.

'I must not be like this...'

~*~*~*~*Tic Tock*~*~*~*~

So far, Hiko and I ended up classmates. He's sitting in front a few rows away from where I am. He's one inch taller than me and the teacher placed him in front so the student's attention will be at him and, of course, the Akatsuki teacher. Wise people, I must say.

Somehow, I can't help myself to look at him... which is wrong. He has done something that pierced and scarred my heart before. Even though I moved on, the pain's still there. He's the reason why I forced myself to move to another school just to be able to forget him but somehow, seemed to be impossible now. I sighed, reading the book on how to connect puppets.

~*~*~*~*Sasori's Point of View*~*~*~*~

I heard the girl sigh. She looked troubled from the corner of my eyes as I observed the class. This new guy is somehow the one troubling the young girl. Deidara nudged at me, catching my attention. "What?" I asked him in a low-toned voice as I turned to face him. He smirked, crossing his arms and moving his eyebrows up and down which made no sense at all. I groaned and faced the children again.

"You like her don't you?" He whispered, then felt my cheeks heat up. "I don't like her! I'm just observing them!" I slightly yelled as I whispered, replying to his statement with a slight angry expression. He chuckled, "Whatever you say, danna, hm."

I crossed my arms after I wore my glasses, waiting for the time to pass. I couldn't help but to glance at the troubled girl and the one causing her troubles to pass the time.

The bell rang. I stood up and dismissed the children. I sighed, pushing my glasses as I walked to the teacher's faculty room which seems to resemble a little of the lounge we had in the hideout.

~*~*~*~*My Point of View*~*~*~*~

I stood up, thinking about myself as I sighed. 'Why must I always think things through? It bothers me...' I thought to myself. "___!" Mari called out and ran to me with Ayame. "Sorry about earlier-- Are you okay?" Ayame said, tilting her head close to my face. I gave them a slight nod as I took my wallet. "Are you still mad at us that we bailed you in the sidewalk by yourself?" Mari asked, making me sigh once more.

"I'm fine, Mari and Ayame. Please, stop asking me those questions." I walked away. "Hey! Don't walk away from us, girl!" Ayame called out. Mari pulled my cheeks, forcing a smile. "Smiiiiiiiillleee~" I giggled as she stopped pulling. "You guys really know how to make me smile." 

"Of course! We're your best friends after all!" They giggled. "Let's go now! I can't wait to eat my chocolates! Mine! No sharing!" Mari said, making Ayame and me chuckle. "That's our Mari..." 

~*~*~*~*At the Cafeteria*~*~*~*~

"Time for dessert~ Anyone want some chocolate? Oops~ I ate them all! Bwahahaha!" Mari said, making me sweat drop and Ayame pout. "Mari, you're evil. Not leaving a single piece of pocky..." She chuckled. "What would you expect of the Daughter of Evil~?"

They continue on bickering you know, in a nice way. As I was about to grab the apple on my cafeteria tray, someone picked it up and took a bite at it. I glared as I looked up seeing Hiko eating it.

"Oh, sorry, were you going to eat it? Here, I'll share it with you." He said giving me the half-finished apple. My eye twitched.

'This bastard...'

"Err... no thank you..." I crossed my arms, making him smirk then chuckle. "Suite yourself." He ate the apple then threw it behind him like a bride in the wedding throwing the bouquet of flowers to girls. I shook my head looking at the ridiculous typical women fighting over a saliva-covered apple. Disgusting. 

"Say, I know you still remember me, right, ___?" I rolled my eyes, with my arms crossed, at him. "How could I forget~?" I sarcastically said, "For the one who broke my heart, you have guts showing your face!" I spat at him, making the people in the whole cafeteria gasp.

He wiped the mess out of his face, still smirking. "My handsome face? Oh, you still love me, don't you?" My eye twitched. "Tch." I shot up as I slammed my hands on the table and yelled: "HELL NO!" I stomped, grunting, back at my classroom. "Ayame! Mari! Let's go!"

"Gomene!" Mari bowed at Hiko, then ran to me. "Excuse us, sir." Ayame bowed, too and ran to me. Hiko just gave his usual smirk which I find disgusting. I stuck my tongue out in reply to his smirk.

Sasori eyed the girl as she left the cafeteria with her friends then resumed on eating his lunch with the Akatsuki.

Whatever your current and past relationship status is, this is how the story goes. Deal with it~ ;)

Did you actually think that this story is being written by 2 authors? Well, you're wrong; only 1 is writing this story. My main account is the one on the bottom part. ^-^ I hope you enjoy the story.