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Only For You ~Laughing Jack Love Story~(Reader Insert)
Story published May 20, 2013 · updated June 22, 2013 · completed · 14 pages · 8,007 readers · 80,982 reads
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 I looked over at Jeff who seemed a bit steamed that LJ walked off with the only single woman we've met in months. Jeff bit his lip and actually made it bleed. Maybe we should see how this is going to go.

Laughing Jack POV

We were playing at the ring toss and ____ just couldn't seem to get it right. I laughed at every little miss and she would elbow me in the stomach.
"Jack stop making fun of me!" I put a hand on her hip and then grabbed her hand. I made her pick up a ring and I tried to walk her through it.
"It's easy. Keep an eye on where you want it to end up not what bottle you want it on. Keep your stance, and let go." We through the ring and it landed against on the bottle in the back row. The stall runner rang the bell and handed her a skeleton teddy bear. She clapped in success jumping up and down. Before I knew it, she hugged me. I was a little stunned, but I hugged her too. We split slightly, still holding each other but far enough apart to just look at each other. She was so close to me.... her lips.... so.... close. I leaned in slowly and felt our lips touch but it wasn't quite a kiss yet and she pulled away.... Jeff was calling for her. She backed up and excused herself and I just stood there with what I imagine was the biggest blush I've ever had. I was so close.

Your POV

I walked through the stalls and zombies confused just listening out for Jeff calling me. I felt so embarrassed that I just tried to kiss Jack. Jeff flagged me down, he was standing over by a building I'd never seen before, the building was looked heavily locked up and no bigger than an out house. I walked over to Jeff, slightly concerned.
"Hey Jeff..."
"Sup..... You really like LJ huh?" I swayed back and forth in place like a little girl answering 'Maaaayyybeee' I didn't respond though. "I thought.... there was something, you should see." Took a knife from his hoodie pocket and went to work on the lock.

Laughing Jack POV

I waited beside the ring toss for a little bit just holding her stuffed bear. I hope she didn't get in some kind of trouble. I saw Jeff appear in my field of vision near another stall and behind him ____ rounded the corner and started a hurried walk toward me. Her eyes were puffy and red and she was looking at me with such distain. Before I could open my mouth she started to cry again and yell at me.
"You Bastard!"
"Whoa, _____."
"That's how we met.... that's how I contracted these nightmares... You jumped from victim to victim..."

"You killed my mother....." She just stared at me and waited for an answer. I glanced over at Jeff. He must have showed_____ her mothers zombie.
"....Yes.... I did." She shook her head in disbelief.
"I NEVER.... want to see you again." She turned to leave but I grabbed her rm.
"____ wait,"
"Jack, you killed my mother.... am I just remorse or something. Did you feel bad for me? Oh No, you couldn't have because you've been trying to kill me for 10 years! "
"But I didn't!"
"But you tried.... It wasn't till I was about to take my own life that you grew  heart." I couldn't respond. It's true. She would have just died and just been another zombie. The only thing that even made me give her the offer all those weeks ago was just because she was the longest I've ever had. 10 years... most people don't last a week.... she lived with the nightmares... in peace. She disappeared, most likely because she woke up. She's cursed to come here every time she fell asleep... how long could she possibly avoid me.