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An Unforgettable Trip to Konohagakure. A Kakashi Love Story
Story published May 20, 2013 · 18 pages · 604 readers · 802 reads
An Unforgettable T
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An Unforgettable Trip to Konohagakure. A Kakashi Love Story (One-Shot)

Becoming a guard over an annoying, reckless and spoilt brat was not part of my plan when I stumbled into the Hidden Star Village. I was originally on a self discovery mission after I found out everything I knew about my life was wrong. I originally thought I was the daughter of a fisherman who worked in the nearby store and whose mother had died giving birth. It just so happens that I am the daughter of a ninja, and not any old ninja, a Legendary Sannin. His name, Jiraiya. Apparently he’s a well known author, although it wasn’t until I picked up one of his books and read the first chapter that I realised what kind of author he was. Not matter how inappropriate the material was good. I fell in love with the first book, so I went out and bought the others. According to my fake father, Jiraiya made me with a woman whom he had a one night stand and this woman did in fact die during birth - so not all I believe to be is false information. 

After my adoptive father finished telling me how Jiraiya brought me to my home village in the Land of the Waves and gave me to some motherly looking women who would hopefully look after me and give me a better life than he ever could I didn’t know what to think. Jiraiya’s hopes of a brighter future for his one and only daughter never happened. None of the women wanted another baby. They were apparently too “busy” to have another child in the house, nor did they have the money to feed another mouth. My adoptive father took me in when no one else would and brought me up as his own. And as much as I love him for being there for me, and bringing me up...he lied to me. For 20 years the man I knew as my father lied to me and kept the truth of my life from me. For 20 years I have lived believing that the most I would amount to would be the cashier girl at the store. It was not what I wanted in life and I knew something was wrong. I knew I could amount to much more, but I didn’t know I could be a ninja, I never believed that I would have so much power within me and so much natural talent. Jutsu seemed to come easy to me, with the helping hand of some training by a retired Shinobi from the Hidden Cloud Village of course. He was difficult to convince but then again, he knew me since I was a toddler and I had helped him out a number of he owed me.

Five years on and I was pretty much - as Chou says - ready to face the world. I still had some real world learning to do, facing real battles and the other challenges of the outside world of my little none-dangerous world. At first I was unsure about leaving my father alone. So I stayed another few months when one day I came home and my father was unconscious. I took him to the hospital to find out he was dying from poisoning. Said poisoning was from a rare and unique fish he caught the day before, I had told him not to eat it, but I suppose it’s obvious he didn’t listen. When he died, my heart broke, I mean he may have lied to me all my life but he did what he thought was best for me. He was there for me when no one else was. He was my father even if he wasn’t my real father.

Another year passed, and well as you can imagine, I met my fair share of bandits and missing-nins whom wanted to either kill me, rape me, or rob me. I defeated them all. I seemed unstoppable but if there was one thing I learnt from Chou and that was not to get too big headed, I was to be confident in my skills, but I should know my limits and not misjudge my opponent.


I have a very distinctive look, wearing a kimono that was flexible in a way that it was casual wear and fightable wear, while my hair was white and black, my eyes grey and I had a strange tattoo on my neck that I got when I was young, the details on how I got it is at the back of my mind nowadays, and its somewhat a long story. I remember that the name of the man who gave it me was Orochimaru. Apparently at the time he knew who my real father was and the mark he gave me was one that mean he could track me anywhere, a tracking curse mark. Just a little bit creepy I suppose, which is somewhat the reason why I never stayed anywhere for too long. The mark has since faded, that may be because Orochimaru is no longer alive which meant I no longer had to worry about him, which is also most likely why I was more physically relaxed when I stayed somewhere more than a day. I no longer had to worry about what he wanted with me. Although I’m still curious.

So anyway, enough about what I look like and my past. Right now is the present and I had to look to the present, although I should tell you how I ended up with a carrot-head boy whom I was escorting to the Hidden Leaf Village. So as I mentioned I was passing through the Hidden Star Village when a fight broke out outside a pub. Now me being like any other civil human being decided to help break it up. Instead I ended up in this ridiculous fight with - what happened to be - the Leader’s son who caused the fight in the first place. I ended up breaking the dude’s jaw and fractured several of his ribs. And this was supposed to be the village’s strongest ninja in the village. Pah, whatever. Of course I wasn’t very popular after that since he was the “hottest” and “coolest” guy in the entire village, and considering it’s only a small village, well that doesn’t sound very promising. So yes. I got into trouble for something I didn’t start but finished. And as punishment I was told to stay in the village and train and protect his son and nephew until the Leader’s nephew - whom was an orphan - was to travel to the Hidden Leaf Village, to which I was to accompany him and “protect” him. I didn’t like it one bit... although I grew close with the Leader’s son, like the brother I never wanted, he asked me to train him on the moves I used against him so that he could be as good a fighter as I was, I mean you can’t argue with that. We became good friends which in turn got me in the good books of the Leader and I ended up from staying in a dump of a place to sleeping in the Leader’s mansion. Which considering the size of the village wasn’t very big, but it was nice and cozy and definitely beat my previous residence. The only person I didn’t get along with...was Caleb. The leader’s nephew, the one I was supposed to be protecting. I hated him, he was spoilt, he was reckless of his own safety, putting himself at risk at all times and he was annoying. He thought he was the smartest boy in the world, a true Mr.Know-it-all. He was like 16 for heaven’s sake...and he truly didn’t know who he was dealing with, the moment we left the Star Village I no longer would have to tip toe around and I would be free to tell the little punk what I thought of him. Problem was, I could no longer just leave him to die as this had gone from punishment to a favor. A favor for a friend that I knew now that I would be able to count on in the future if I ever got into a pickle that I couldn’t handle.


So anyway. Caleb is as I’ve mentioned a big pain in the butt. He has orange hair with black undertones and he’s rather laid back in his clothing. Wearing a top with a jacket on top and knee length shorts, all black and grey of course. On his feet were the only thing that could symbolize him as a ninja, and that was his ninja sandals.

Three days ago we left the Star Village in direction to the Hidden Leaf. Caleb apparently was going to be living with his other relatives that moved to said village. His other Uncle apparently who lived in the Hidden Leaf with his wife have been trying to have kids, but as it turns out his wife is infertile and so they agreed - or rather requested - to have Caleb. Who on earth would request to have that brat? They most likely didn’t know what they were getting themselves into.

Finally we had reached the road leading up to the village, the whole walk up we had been arguing. He started it.

“Why don’t you do us both a favor and get lost!” Caleb growls as we reached the main gates of the village. His voice was loud and caused all nearby attention to become drawn on us. Shinobi and villagers alike stared at us but that didn’t stop me. I grabbed Caleb by the collar of his shirt while glaring at him.

“Listen to me you little arrogant brat, the only reason I’m here with you was because your Uncle asked this as a favor before I continued on my travels by myself. And the one thing I don’t want nor need is all your crap,” I say with obvious anger in my tone, I have had enough of him. It has been none stop moaning, complaining and smart remarks and I swear if it wasn’t for me promising to keep him safe and alive, I would have killed him.

“Is there a problem here?” A calm and collective tone joined the conversation and I glanced to him. Spiky white hair and dark eyes - one being covered -, fair skin, relatively tall and may I just say...FIT! I hadn’t seen anyone like him before in my life.


“Well Kiki? Is there a problem?” Caleb taunts, using a nickname I hated and I glance back at him with an I-will-kill-you glare which only caused him to chuckle. I reluctantly released Caleb’s shirt and withdrew the idea to punch his lights out as I turned to look directly at the man.

“There’s no problem, thank you,” I murmur and he nods and smiles through his mask that covered the bottom half of his face but you could just about make out his lips, his nose obviously and cheeks. He seemed relatively good-looking but I couldn’t be sure unless I saw him mask-less.

“No problem, my name’s Kakashi, Kakashi Hatake, are you new to the Village?” He asks.

“Yes. Caleb here will be staying with his Uncle who lives here, I was requested to escort him here,” I mumble in response and Caleb merely stands there looking bored, his hands in his pockets and a glum expression on his face. I knew deep down he didn’t want to leave the Star village, I mean it was his home for most of his life. And now he was going to be living with two other relatives that he hasn’t seen in ages, in a new village that he has barely stepped foot in before, and surrounded by hundreds of new people. Certainly a lot more people than his home village. It made me feel some sympathy for him, but not much, and it didn’t last long and usually because he spoilt it by saying or doing something foolish.

“Can we go now, the sooner I’m in the custody of my new guardians, the sooner I can get rid of you,” Caleb groans, see what I mean, ungrateful twat. 

“Can you not see I’m speaking to someone?” I retort and he merely rolls his eyes.

“You can flirt with him all you like once you drop me off at Uncle Seiji’s,” he snaps back and my face turns bright pink.

“Shut up!” I hiss before glancing to Kakashi who was merely smirking. “Um, I’m sorry, I have to go, nice to meet you Kakashi,” I say as I grab Caleb’s arm and pull him into the village in search for the address given to me by Sadao - Caleb’s Uncle back in the Star Village. It took until I was knocking on Caleb’s Uncle Seiji’s door to realise that I had neglected to give Kakashi my name, damn. It would have been nice that he knew my name and not just the information that I was an idiot, blushing moron of a girl who was dragged into babysitting. I mentally face-palm myself as the door opens and a smiling cheerful woman appears and ushers us inside.

After a small family reunion between Caleb and his Auntie Cheiko and Uncle Seiji and I had some joy out of Cheiko gripping his cheeks and embarrassing him by saying how handsome he was, I left. Caleb was in mixed emotions at seeing me leave, on the outside he was glad and said something along the line of “Better late than never” which gained him a smack around the earhole by his aunt. But I could see in his eyes that he would miss me. And why wouldn’t he, not to brag but I’m an amazing person!


I decided that I wouldn’t leave the village immediately. I mean I was on a side quest to find my father and what better place than his birthplace. Jiraiya the Legendary Sannin grew up here, this place was his home and he should return eventually, right? Word is he travels a lot to do “research” for his books. God only knows what kind of research that may be.

Wandering about the village I tried to imagine the man I saw in the photos labeled Jiraiya as a young man, boy even wandering these streets. I tried to think of what kind of child he was, or what kind of man he was, besides a giant pervert.

“Well hello,” I recognised the voice immediately, I mean it wasn’t difficult. Turning around to face him I give him a polite smile.


“I didn’t think I would see you again,” he murmurs.

“Yeah well I figured I’d stick around and try and learn about my roots...” I mutter and he tilts his head.


“Yeah... It seems my real father comes from here,” I answer and his eyebrow raises.

“Real father?” he inquires and I mentally roll my eyes. Talk about 20 questions.

“Yeah, it seems my mother died in birth and he gave me to some people in a village to look after me, thinking they would do a better job than he ever could. Yeah some good idea that was, I ended up poor and had to work 50 hours a week...” I murmur and rant. My life was a mess. I loved my adoptive father and I know he did his best to give me a good life and it was okay... But now knowing that my life could have turned out differently, that I could have grown up a ninja with a successful and popular author that Jiraiya was for a dad, I mean, that would have been amazing.

“So who is your father?” Kakashi asks.

“The Leaf’s Legendary Sannin Jiraiya,” I mutter and Kakashi’s eyes, well eye widened.

“Are you kidding me? Jiraiya had no kids.”

“None that anyone knew about, I’m pretty confident that Jiraiya’s my father, my adopted dad told me the whole story about how he ended up with me. He wouldn’t change it for the world, and some parts of me wouldn’t either, but there’s the other side of me that wished he had kept me and did his best to be a father,” I explain and Kakashi is dumbfounded. I’m guessing Kakashi knows Jiraiya some how, which will make my getting to know him somewhat easier until I finally meet him for myself.

“Wow... Jiraiya a father, I can’t imagine it myself,” he murmurs and I shrug.

“I don’t think he could either, since he gave me away to give me the best life, how would he know it would have the complete opposite effect,” I say as I turn and continue walking, Kakashi followed me. Walking side by side we continued the conversation until we reached a Ramen Bar.

“So is Jiraiya the only reason you decided to stick around?” Kakashi asks and I look to him wondering what he could mean by that.

“What do you mean?”

“Oh nothing, don’t worry about it,” he mumbles. “Do you want to get something to eat?” Hm, changing the subject are we? 

“Yeah, sure.”

The pair us went into Ichiraku’s which Kakashi tells me, according to his student, a boy named Naruto Uzumaki, this place was the best for ramen. While Kakashi used the initiative to order for the pair of us I sat there in thought. I was trying to think about, first what Kakashi was trying to say by asking if finding my father was the only reason I was going to stick around? I mean Kakashi’s hot, but I have only just met him, I don’t know who he is. I was also thinking about what I was going to do now. I was alone now, my duty was finished and I was free something or other. I wasn’t quite sure.

“Are you okay?” Kakashi asks, disturbing my thoughts. I look to him and smile.

“Yes, I’m fine, I was thinking that I don’t know what to do now that I’ve successfully gotten Caleb to his family,” I murmur and Kakashi looks at me with a tilted gaze.

“I thought you wanted to find your father?” Kakashi inquires and I smile as I look to my bowl of ramen that was put in front of me.

“I do... But I don’t even know if he would want me tracking him down, I mean he did give me up in the first place,” I murmur.

“Hey, you can’t be thinking like that, Jiraiya may be many things but the only reason he’d give up his own flesh and blood is if he believed it was for the best,” Kakashi says and as a natural reaction I roll my eyes. For the best, what a load of bull. He should have maned up and been the father that I needed. Otherwise he should have thought twice before sleeping with a woman whom I suppose was my mother. I often wonder what it would be like if my mother didn’t die during childbirth that would I have bother her and Jiraiya as my parents and we’d be a family? Or would Jiraiya still abandon me along with my mother? Who know. It’s pointless thinking about the what if’s and just concentrate on the here and now. The father I had in my life did his best for me and I suppose I should be grateful for that, and I am. I just can’t help but wonder how different my life could have been.

Closing my eyes I sigh before pushing the untouched bowl of ramen away from me before getting up and beginning to walk away.

“Hey! Hey,” Kakashi calls as he pays for the ramen then runs after me. Grabbing my arm he stops me from walking and I look to him.

“I’m sorry,” I murmur.

“It’s fine.”

“No it isn’t, I just made you pay for a bowl of ramen that I didn’t eat,” I mutter. Kakashi rolls his eyes, placing his both hands on either side of my arms.

“Do you want to know how you can make it up to me?” he asks and I look at him with my eyebrow arched.

“How?” I ask and he smiles from under his mask.

“You can tell me your name,” he says and I blink, I don’t believe I had yet to tell him my name. He had introduced himself to me, but I had neglected to do the same and even though I realised back then I had forgotten again.

“Oh, I’m sorry, my name is Aki,” I mutter and he smirks.

“So that boy calling you Kiki...?”

“That’s a nickname he made up for me that he uses it to annoy me,” I murmur and Kakashi chuckles.

“Seems like he succeeds too,” he says and I roll my eyes. Kakashi was a nice guy, handsome too, and to top it off he had this sarcastic smugness to him which was quite admirable. He was certainly something. I don’t believe I’ve met anyone quite like him in my life. I begin to walk on ahead of Kakashi then turn to stand in front of him, placing my hand to his chest, stopping him in his tracks.

“What’s wrong?” he asks with a tilted head.

“I need some time alone with my thoughts Kakashi. You’ve been wonderful and all but I don’t know you, and well I need to decide what to do on my own and not take the advise of a stranger, no offense,” I murmur then turn to leave.

“Sometimes the advise of a stranger is the wisest of advise,” an unknown voice says and I stop in my tracks. That voice. I had heard it before, but where? I was a mere baby when I was given away, I knew nothing of my real parents until now. And although it’s unlikely for a baby to remember someone’s voice, all grown up but perhaps it was possible, I mean how else would that voice sound familiar. Slowly turning around, my gaze came to lay upon a tall, broad man with long white and spiky hair and bangs that framed either side of his face, black eyes and red lines down his cheeks. My hair was naturally white but I put in some black under-colour to make my appearance look more unique. Plus it went with my outfit. So I have my father’s hair...and eyes. My eyes were wide while the rest of my face couldn’t hide the shock and slight fear. This was him, I knew it was, I don’t know how but I did. Standing right in front of me, was my dad.

“Kakashi, just the lad I was looking for. Got my new book here for you, signed and all,” he says and Kakashi’s eyes light up as he takes the new pervy book from the pervy writer. Looking to me, Jiraiya looked at me curiously, and not with a gaze that made it seem like he was undressing me - thank god. I mean there’s just somethings a girl shouldn’t have to be witness to by their own father even if he doesn’t know he is yet.

“Who’s this pretty, young thing? Finally got yourself a girlfriend aye Kakashi?” Jiraiya asks and my eyes widen again while my cheek turn crimson.

“This is Aki...” Kakashi says and Jiraiya looks back to me.

“Aki...” Jiraiya whispers the name almost like he was in reminiscence of a past time. Maybe he was remembering me as a baby? Kakashi looks between the both of us, shooting me encouraging looks but I shook my head at him. I wasn’t going to do this, I was ready for this. I was about to turn and walk off again when Kakashi blurted out. “She’s your daughter Jiraiya.” I froze before snapping my gaze to Kakashi then Jiraiya who gaze was wide with shock as he stared at me. I snapped my eyes closed as I turned my head away then ran away as fast as my legs could take me. I kept moving through the village not stopping for anyone or anything until I got to the training grounds just outside the village and I arched over, panting to catch my breath.


Sitting on the ground with my back against one of the three log posts I looked to the sky as the sun began to set and darkness caved in. I should probably head back and find a place to sleep for the night but I didn’t know what to do now. Jiraiya now knew who I was, I barely even got to know him secretly before telling him. And he seemed to believe it quite easily. I mean I suppose the resemblance between us doesn’t make it that hard...not one doubt in his eyes...

“You know you shouldn’t be out this late, it’s dangerous,” Jiraiya’s voice says from the darkness and I look to him as I get to my feet then cross my arms.

“I can take care of myself, no thanks to you,” I respond and he takes a deep breath as he moves towards me with a solemn expression.

“I’m sorry Aki,” he says but I look away from him. “I wanted you to have a life that I couldn’t give you Aki, that’s the only reason I left you...”

“Oh what, you wanted to give me a life of barely any money, nothing but fish for dinner and perhaps the odd bread or soup. Wearing tattered clothes and being known as a fisherman’s daughter, oh yeah, that’s the life. Until the age of 20, I didn’t know who I really was, I always figured something was missing, that I wasn’t who I was supposed to be, I mean there was no similarities between me or the man I knew to be my father or the photo of the woman he said was my mother. While he liked fishing and she liked sewing, I liked writing and reading, and I even found myself sneaking a peek in the male hot springs once...” Jiraiya smirked but I glared at him and he dropped it. “I was known as a rebel even though I had to work myself to death at the nearest book store. I’ve read all your books you know, before I even knew who you were. Myself and everyone that knew me couldn’t understand how I could like such material but I wasn’t going to deny who I felt I was...” I murmur, my gaze on the ground. I glance up as Jiraiya places a hand on my shoulder.

“You’re my daughter Aki, and if I had of known that leaving you in that village would have left your life like that then I never would have left you there,” he says and I roll my eyes.

“No you would have left me in some other crap hole,” I retort and he arched a brow at me.

“Hey, watch your tone with me, young lady,” he comes back without one bit of thought since he seems as shocked as I was but I decided to go along with it.

“Oh and why should I do that?” I ask in a demanding tone.

“Because I’m your father,” he snaps back with a serious expression, and I can see that he meant it. It brought a heat in my heart, a filled hole that I felt had always been missing. My eyes welled up with tears that was out of my control, which meant I couldn’t stop them from flowing so instead I closed my eyes and turned away.

“You should never have left me...” I murmur, trying to conceal a sob.

“Aki, what would I have done with a baby?”

“Be a father,” I snap as I turn back to look at him. Anger joining my sadness. Jiraiya looked saddened again.

“I know, I know baby girl. I’m sorry, you have no idea how sorry I am. I was young and foolish. I never thought that I could be a father. I mean not with the way I am. I did love your mother but she wasn’t a true love of mine, my true love I can never have. Which is why I spent most of my time traveling, doing my...research, and that’s when I met your mother, she reminded me of the one I loved from the first day I met her, fist in my face from spying on her and some other wonderful ladies in the hot springs, one thing led to another...” he explains and I roll my eyes and hold my hand up to stop him speaking. 

“Save me from being permanently traumatized please,” I mutter and he laughs.

“Well anyway. The moment your mother gave birth to you I felt loss due to losing your mother but love, and so much love for you. Such a beautiful baby, my beautiful baby girl. I got to name you and everything, it was the best experience of my life. But as you were going through your baby injections and check ups I sat in a chair and went through my thoughts and I ended up realising everything you would need that I may not have been able to give and I would hate to have given you a horrible life, for you to have hated me...” Jiraiya mumbles in further explanation and I look to the ground. “Hearing Kakashi tell me about you and how you were really my baby Aki, my little white haired, black eyed gorgeous daughter, I couldn’t quite believe how much you’ve grown and how amazingly beautiful you have turned out. I bet you have your old man’s skill too aye?” he continued and I looked up to him with a warm smile.

“Well I only started training at the age of 20... But I seemed to pick up quite well and quickly. And since then I’ve been battling rouges and bandits who seemed to think that I was a helpless little girl...” I respond and Jiraiya does this side grin.

“That’s my girl. So now tell me, do you like young Kakashi?” I begun to roll my eyes at his first statement but then he went on to ask that question, to which I’m not even sure where it even come from.

“W-What?!” I stammer and he grins again.

“I thought so. He seems to like you, I mean I’ve known Kakashi a while and I’ve never seen him chase after a girl before, although then again, none of them were my daughter, I don’t blame him,” he responds and I choke on thin air as he speaks.

“D-Dad!” I exclaim like an embarrassed teenager and there’s a sudden silence between us before Jiraiya just smiles softly at me.

“Say Aki... I know I may not deserve it but I would like to get to know you, and for you to get to know me... Make up for lost time so to speak...” He says sounding nervous which is new for him, I mean he doesn’t exactly seem like the nervous type.

“I think lost time is a bit of an understatement don’t you, I am 26 years old,” I murmur and he sweat drops but I reach out and tap his shoulder. “But I suppose it will be nice to get to know my father... And to actually have a father again.” I say to reassure him that I did want a relationship with him. He was my real dad after all and I’ve wanted a relationship with him ever since my adoptive father told me about him and who I really was. Ever since then although I spoke with my father and cared for his wellbeing, I didn’t really see him as my parent. Mostly because he was always being overly nice. No matter whether I got into trouble or not. To be honest I think he just wanted to keep me sweet because he didn’t want to lose me. But he did the moment I found out he had been lying to me. I know it sounded harsh to the man who fed me, clothed me and brought me up to the best of his ability, but he shouldn’t have kept this from me. He knew ever since I knew my own mind that I figured I was different from everyone in the village. I didn’t belong there... I belonged with this man, no matter how much of a pervert, or how much we would have traveled, or how careless the man may be. He could have at least have tried to be a father. I would have loved him to try, even if he didn’t do a good job. All he had to do was keep me alive, the rest I could do myself.

“Why... What happened to the man who took you?” Jiraiya asks, curiously.

“He died of poisoning from a fish I told him he shouldn’t have eaten,” I mutter bitterly. Jiraiya gives me a sympathetic look but I brushed it off.

“I’m over it,” I add before turning and begin to head back through the trees towards the village. Jiraiya walked besides me.

“So how did you come to be in the Hidden Leaf?” Jiraiya asks as we walk through the forest.

“Oh I ended up in the Star Village and ended up working for the Leader of the Village training and protecting his kid and nephew. Then after a few weeks or months my work I would finish by escorting the nephew here to live with his other uncle and aunt. And well, here I am. I met Kakashi shortly after I arrived, he caught me and Caleb, the nephew arguing as usual. After I dropped him off at his uncle’s I bumped into Kakashi again and he asked me to dinner at Ichiraku’s but I didn’t end up even touching the food as I got a little upset when the topic of discussion turned onto you,” I murmur. The explanation of things up to now was a little brief, but not in my head. I replayed the moments of meeting Kakashi in full detail in my head. I had honestly have never met anyone quite like him. He was mysterious yet an open book all at once. I smiled at the thought.

“You do like him, don’t you,” Jiraiya says as we reach the main gates and all behold, there’s Kakashi leaning against the guard post reading his Make Out Paradise. I looked to my father and I gave him a gentle smile.

“I suppose...” I murmur and he grins in response.

“Well then get on over there, I’m not going anywhere and when you want to sit down and “get to know one another” then you’ll be able to find me, go on,” Jiraiya says, with a push to the small of my back. I roll my eyes but nod nevertheless as I toddle on over to where Kakashi was standing. He didn’t even notice me coming so I used the opportunity.

“Learning some skills are we?” I ask since I knew exactly what that book was about. Kakashi was somewhat startled but put on a calm and collected expression as he looked to me and closed the book. “Don’t stop on my account,” I murmur and he smirks.

“Your presence is more than enough reason for me to stop reading,” he says and I smirk back at him. “So, how did it go with Jiraiya?”

“You sent him to talk to me, didn’t you?” I ask in response and he shrugs.

“Jiraiya wanted to speak to you, you are his daughter after all, and since you weren’t going to come to him, I simply suggested it may be easier for him to go to you,” Kakashi explains and I roll my eyes.

“Well you know, it’s rude to stick your nose into other people’s business,” I murmur and he looks away.

“I’m sorr-” He froze solid as I kissed his cheek. I could just about see the blush on his face from the bit of face that wasn’t covered by his mask. His eyes flicked to look at me. I was smiling at him.

“Thank you,” I mutter before grabbing his hand and yanking him to movement. “Come on, I owe you some ramen.” I glance back at Kakashi and he’s smiling at me and a dorky grin appears on my face I turn back to face the way I’m walking. When we reached Ichiraku’s I was about to enter and take a seat when Kakashi tugged on my hand and I flopped back into him. With my one hand on his chest, I look up whilst blinking.


“I don’t fancy ramen, how about we go to the BBQ, the booths they have will give us some...privacy,” Kakashi murmurs, I wanted to respond back with something witty or perverted but nothing came. I merely smiled and nodded before following him to the BBQ. Kakashi led into the restaurant and straight towards a booth at the back of the place. I sat across from Kakashi and looked into his one visible eye who looked back. The sexual tension rises between us when we’re distracted by a waitress. She glances between the pair of us.

“Can I take your order?” She asks.

“Just a selection of everything, and a bottle of Sake with two cups,” Kakashi quickly orders before I can open my mouth. The waitress disappears and I’m left looking at Kakashi with an arched eyebrow.

“I don’t believe I will be able to afford that, my income is kinda....low...which is near enough none existent,” I murmur and he merely shrugs.

“Don’t worry about it, I’ll pay,” he says and I smirk.

“So Kakashi, is this a date?” I ask. Kakashi smirks back at me.

“Do you want it to be?” he asks.

“Sure,” I respond with a wink in his direction. Kakashi smiles in response and was about to say something when our food arrived and I just giggled at his annoyance. 

Whilst eating, me and Kakashi were in deep conversation when a shadow over-loomed us and we looked up to see Jiraiya, of course, he had a big grin on his face and started teasing us about being on a date while eating the rest of our food. He gave the fatherly talk to Kakashi about dating his daughter then went about embarrassing me, considering he only had me for about two months as a baby then we’ve only known each other for 20minutes now, I was surprised he had anything to embarrass me about. But he surprised even me, mostly with the baby photo he kept on his person. He really did care. Overall the date was shifted from being a date pretty quickly and Kakashi couldn’t seem more annoyed, but I have got to say it was the most fun I have had in a while.


Later that evening I headed with Kakashi to his apartment where I would be staying the night before finding a place of my own...if necessary. Jiraiya certainly seemed to enjoyed making a lot out of the suggestion but I ignored it, figuring I would have to get used to it since he was here to stay in my life, this time around. 

The day was eventful but nice. But to relax would be a god send right now. I was full of emotions and food, not to mention the amount of Sake, myself and Jiraiya drank, I think on some level it was a competition but I don’t really recall it. At Kakashi’s apartment I fell into his arms due to tripping over something on the floor. It wasn’t planned but it worked out well as slowly but surely our faces closed the gap between us until our lips met and that was it. We both fell together - after I pulled that damned mask down that is. Kissing, touching and staggering all over the place. Standing up making out until we reached the bed to which we fell against. The relationship seemed to jump from one thing to the next rather quickly, but I... Well I guess I love him. He’s all I’ve ever dreamed of in a man, and according to my father, I wouldn’t meet a more devoted or gentleman of a man. I could see it and much more. He was a kind and caring man who would do anything for those he cares about. Kakashi ended up telling me about all those that he cared for and lost but the moment he spoke about if he were to lose me, I stopped it immediately. I mean it was stupid. Nothing was going to happen to me. I was tougher than I looked. Not to mention as stubborn as hell. Most of which I believe I got from my father. I planned to be with Kakashi for as long as he wanted me. I mean where else would I want to be? My father was here and Kakashi was the only guy I’ve ever met who understood me, accepted me for who I was, and didn’t want to change me. 

This for me, was the most unforgettable trip to Konohagakure and not to mention my last journey - besides going on missions. 

Here I was home, and no one was going to change that fact.





Thanks for reading. 

Sorry if Kakashi wasn’t actually present through a lot of this story... Or if you think they kinda fell in love pretty quick but I didn’t know what else to write. Plus I have been working on trying to finish this story for weeks... Also, sorry if it was somewhat brief in places... 

So anyway, hope you did like it anyway ^_^’