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Sky (A Ben Drowned Love Story)
Story published May 20, 2013 · updated June 24, 2013 · completed · 233 pages · 34,320 readers · 413,561 reads
Chapter 10
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Chapter 10

She shut the bathroom door and got into her bed. I was still watching from the corner. She noticed my glowing red eyes and sat up in bed, staring at me. I could tell she was scared. She reached over to turn the light on, but I disappeared before she had the chance to look again. At least now she was a little bit creeped out. I walked through the woods, putting both my hands at the back of my head. I wasn't tired, so I decided to go out and freak some people out. My next victim was the girl. First, she would see the red eyes in the corner of her room, then objects in her house moving by themselves. Then, when she's so scared that she's on the verge of suicide, I fulfil her wish and kill her myself. I like to help people, so I help them kill themselves so they don't have to do it. It's simple. I heard the sirens of police cars, and smiled to myself. If they really thought they could keep me in a cell, they were terribly wrong. They'd just seen me stab someone, and they were following me for the past half an hour. I turned around, and in front of the blaring lights, two officers came and cuffed me. I laughed at their stupidity. They didn't know what they were doing.
"You're under arrest!" they said. Huh, nice one.
They pushed my head into the car, and started driving off. I thought maybe I should teleport from there, but they'd see. I didn't want them to see me leave. I waited till they threw me in a cell. I decided to wait there for a while. Then, an officer came in, looking at me like I was some kind of psychopath. Oh, wait...I was. 
"What's your name, kid?" he asked. I looked at him my eyes still red, the bloody teardrops still clearly visible on my cheeks. I could tell he was afraid. Whenever a murderer is calm when they're locked up, either they know they're going to escape, or they're going to commit suicide. 
"Sky," I said. 
"What's your last name?" he asked.
"I don't have one anymore," I said. 
He left the room, frustrated, slamming the door behind him. They didn't find my knife, it was perfectly hidden when I found out they were chasing me. I took it out and carved the operator symbol on the wall, I pricked my finger and traced it, making it look like it was drawn in blood. I pictured the mansion, I opened my eyes, feeling the cool breeze on my face. I put my knife back, and headed upstairs to my room to change. 
*Officer's P.O.V*
"I don't have one," she said. I left the room, slamming the door behind me. This wasn't going to work. I walked over to the Chief of Police.
"We're going to need to get her into the interrogation room," I said. "We're not going to get anything out of her in the cell."
"Fine," he said, "take her to the room, and take Banks with you." Banks was my partner. We almost always worked together. We both made our way back to the cell, but the girl wasn't there. The only thing left was a bloody symbol painted on the wall. A circle with an X through it.
"Is that blood?" Banks asked. The security guards nodded.
"Well, what happened? She couldn't have bloody well disappeared!" I snapped. The guards exchanged nervous glances. 
"We looked away for less than a minute," they said. "And she was gone. The door was still locked and everything. She didn't have any way to escape."
"Then how did she get out?"
They didn't answer.
*Sky's P.O.V*
I pulled on my normal tank top and shorts, after taking a quick shower. That was fun, I thought. I did want them to know who I was, and I thought disappearing from the cell was brilliant. I heard a quiet knock at the door, and went to open it.
"Hey," it was Ben, "where were you?"
"Out," I said, "a teenage girl's room, scaring her, then the streets, then a quick trip to jail, then back here."
He raised his eyebrows, "Jail?"
I chuckled, "Come on, you can tell me about it inside," he said, dragging me by the hand into his room. I told him what happened, it was nothing huge.
He smiled, "You're insane," he said, "What if something went wrong with the teleporting or something?"
"Uh, I didn't think of that," I said, giggling. "But I couldn't sleep, and I think the symbol on the wall and the disappearing was good."
"Yeah, make them fear you," he said. I giggled again, sinking into my pillow. 
"Your pillows are so much softer than the ones in the other rooms," I said.
"Your welcome to use them as much as you like," he said artfully. I slapped his arm lightly and heard my phone ring. 
"Oh my God, what now?" I said, groaning as I reached over. It was a message from Lana.
'Guess what? I got accepted to the new college! Leaving in a week! Love ya x'
I answered, congratulating her, not mentioning the time, since I wanted to keep her in a good mood. I made a mental note to call her tomorrow. I smiled, thinking of my sister in college. It was what she always wanted to do, but she had to take care of me. Of course, the idea of my going to college had flown away when I killed my school bully.
"Who was it?"
"Lana," I replied, "she's going off to college in a week."
Ben smiled. "That's great!"
"Come on, we both know you don't care," I said. He laughed, laying back down, before turning to me again.
"Sky?" he said.
"I love you."
I hacked at the wood with the axe. It just wasn't working for me. I rose up the axe again, but the wood rose with it. I groaned loudly and shook the axe as hard as I could. Eventually, I gave up and let Ben do it. Stupid axe. I sat on the ground, arms and legs crossed, watching him. 
"How come I can't do it?"
He chuckled, "You're too weak."
"Excuse me?" I stood up, snatching the axe from his grip, and swinging it over my head, breaking the wood in two. 
"That's just 'cause you got angry," he said.
"No it isn't!" I said.
"Sure, sure," he said, holding a hand up. 
I huffed and walked back to the house, leaving him to chop the rest of the wood. 
"Aw, what's wrong? Can't chop some wood?"
"Shut up, Jack," I said, smiling. I sat on the couch and decided to play Zelda, since I never did have a chance to really enjoy the game.
"Are you playing Majora's Mask?" Masky asked, sitting next to me. I nodded.
"I never got to play it and now I want to enjoy the actual game," I replied. He only laughed, watching me play. Ben came into the room, and started laughing along with Masky.
"What's funny?" 
"NO, wait! You're playing on my saved game!" he said, taking the controller. I rolled my eyes when he gave it back to me.
"Wow, you're pretty good," he said.
"This is my first time," I added.
"Show off..."
"Sky! Look what I found!" Hoodie shouted, rushing to me with my computer,
"What are you doing with my computer?" I asked.
"Never mind, look at this!" he said, showing me an article on the Internet. It was about me. I read it through carefully. It was perfect. 
"It's on the Creepypasta website too!" he said.
"Yes!" I put my fists in the air. "I knew that jail idea was good!"
They gave me confused looks, "What jail thing?"
I told them what I did yesterday. 
"That's perfect! Nice thinking!" Masky said, slapping me on the back.
"Thanks. Now what were you doing with my computer?" I asked, turning back to Hoodie.
I stood in the very same corner silently. The girl was now so paranoid, she was probably on the verge of tears. I could see my red eyes in the reflection of the perfectly polished wood of her closet. She came into the room, looking calmer as she changed into her pyjamas. She went into the bathroom to get ready for bed. Now was the time.  Several of her things were moving by themselves. Things were happening that she couldn't explain. No one would believe her when she tried to tell them something was happening. They should have believed her, maybe they could have helped her...
She got into bed, setting her phone down on the table next to her, when it rang. She picked it up, looking at the message from a blank number on the screen.
'Eager to see me yet?'
I could do more than just make things move. She tensed up, typing in her reply, but I didn't let her send it. The phone blacked out, then turned on again, like no message was ever sent. She looked confused. The phone suddenly switched, there was a picture of me filling the screen, and in less than a second, it was gone. She jumped, dropping the phone in the process, picked it up again, set it on the nightstand, and hid under the covers, when my red eyes met hers. Her mouth dropped, and she started to scream, but I put my hand against her mouth, and my knife against her throat, shutting her up completely. She whimpered slightly, but not as much as the girl in the forest. I was about to slit her throat, when I found a Majora's Mask game at the end of her bed. I smirked. I can leave her to Ben, and then kill her afterwards. She followed my eyes to the game, but my head quickly snapped back in her direction. I laughed evilly.
"I'll spare you, for now," I said, turning the knife around so I was holding it by the blade. "And you better play that game, or else." 
She nodded quickly and I hit her with the back of my knife, knocking her out, and carving an operator symbol into her hand. I heard footsteps coming up the stairs, and quickly, I returned to the middle of the street. I saw a man, presumably her father, look from the window. He saw me, and was obviously creeped out. I tilted my head to the side, smiling slightly. His eyes widened, and he started to open the window, but I was gone before he had the chance to get a better look at me. 
"Suckers," I muttered to myself. I was walking through the streets, into a dark alleyway, when a knife came over my throat, and a hand gripped me tightly. 
"Go to sleep," he said, in a chilling voice. I laughed and he lowered the knife.
"You almost scared me for a second!" I said.
"I doubt you would ever be scared of someone holding a knife to your throat," Jeff laughed.
"Probably," I said, "I didn't know you were out here."
"I didn't know you were here, either."
"Have you just started or have you been here for a while?"
"I've been out here for about half an hour, you?"
"More or less the same. Anyway, I'll see you back home, there's someone I want to teach a lesson to," I said.
We went our separate ways, and I walked along the streets, until I reached the house. It was my latest victim, who was really paranoid right now. I made them look behind them all the time, afraid to turn off the light and they always wanted the doors closed. I closed my eyes, and teleported up to their bedroom. No one was up there, but I stood in the corner anyway, waiting. It was a teenage boy, Darren. I decided to freak him out a little. I crept downstairs, his mother was in the kitchen, washing dishes. I came up from behind her, and slit her throat. She fell to the floor silently. I dragged her upstairs to Darren's bedroom, and used her blood to paint a message on the wall.
                                                                                                                           NEXT TIME
                                                                                                                            BE HOME
I sat his mother underneath the bleeding message. I brushed her hair, and fixed her makeup. However, I didn't clean her wound, and it was still bleeding. I let it bleed, and was on my way. After about an hour, I saw Jeff heading into the woods. I decided to follow him. I ran and caught up with him in the woods.
"Jeff!" I called. He turned around, and his expression turned confused. What was wrong?
"Sky? Sky, where are you, I can't see you," he said.
"I...I'm right here."
"I don't see anything. Look, if your playing a joke, it's really lame. Play it on someone else."
"Jeff, don't be silly, I'm right here!" I said, waving my arms about. He shook his head disappointingly and turned to keep walking. 
I decided to just go home. I walked into my own room, since Ben was already asleep. 
The sunlight blared in my eyes, and I cringed, and got up. I took a warm shower, and washed my hair through completely. I made my way downstairs, where everyone was already gathered at the table. I took a seat next to Jeff, who completely ignored me. He was probably annoyed at me from yesterday, I couldn't explain why. 
"I'm hungry! Where's the food!" Masky complained. I smiled.
"I'm coming, I'm coming!" Ms.P shouted from the kitchen. She came in, carrying as many plates as she could. She passed them out, but didn't give me one. I thought maybe she was going back inside to get my plate, since it was too much for her to carry, but she sat right down next to Jack and started eating. I was confused. No one had even noticed me this morning, and I noticed Ben and Slendy weren't there. Jack seemed to be thinking the same thing.
"Where are Ben and Slendy?" he asked. 
But Ms.P's reply caught me off guard completely.
"They went to look for Sky."

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