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Sky (A Ben Drowned Love Story)
Story published May 20, 2013 · updated June 24, 2013 · completed · 233 pages · 35,105 readers · 422,992 reads
Chapter 7
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Chapter 7

I turned around to see a truly hideous creature. It's matted brownish fur was in patches and certain parts of it were sewn. I screamed as it jumped at me and dropped to the ground, which made the creature jump over me. It landed on the ground with a thump, spinning around to pounce at me again, like there was no one else there. It pinned me down on the ground, crushing my arm with it's heavy leg. I screamed in pain as it showed its sharp teeth. I closed my teary eyes as I heard the creature let out a shriek, and rolled onto the ground beside me. I looked to see several stab wounds in its back and side. Jeff. I rolled onto my side, much like the creature, clutching my arm as I groaned. I closed my eyes tightly as I felt arms wrap around me, carrying me into the room. I knew exactly who'd made those demons. And I knew there were more.
I woke up later to find a small tray, with a few snacks next to me. My arm was bandaged and put in a sling. I reached for a glass of water, when I saw Ben at the end of my bed. He was worried, but did a good job of hiding it.
"Are you feeling better?" he asked, moving up the bed, till he was sitting next to me. I nodded, smiling. I took a few sips of the water and sighed deeply. I sat up, but pain shot through my body. I forced myself up anyways.
"Your arm should heal in about one or two days," he said.
"Really? That short?"
"Being a Creepypasta has its advantages," he answered, grinning. I giggled slightly. I shifted off the bed and stood up. I found myself in one of my favourite hoodies, which wasn't particularly mine. I laughed as I scanned my outfit.
"How did I get into this?" I asked.
Ben smirked, holding in his laughter. "Um..."
I rolled my eyes, opening the door.
"Waiiit," he whined, "Where are you going?"
"Downstairs!" I said. Just like Ben, I thought. "Come on!"
He hauled himself off the bed and walked down the stairs alongside me. The boys in the living room suddenly turned their gazes all to me. I smiled amusingly, heading straight for Jeff, who was standing behind a chair, about to sit down. I walked up to him, and gripped him tightly with the one arm I had functioning. It was required, he saved my life. He tensed up slightly, but eventually relaxed,  putting one arm around my back. 
"Thank you," I whispered into his ear. He smiled. I let go and took a place next to Ben on the couch, my cheeks burning for some reason as his arm slid around my waist. Jeff's head quickly turned to the tv. What was his problem?
"How are you now, Sky?" Jack asked me.
"I'm fine, thanks," I said. A sweet aroma filled my nose as I inhaled it slowly. I looked around the room, seeing who knew where the smell of cheesecake was coming from. Of course, I found my answer in Masky's head. I stood and rushed into the kitchen, taking out the cheesecake, and slicing myself a piece. 
"You sure you want to do that? Masky's going to get pretty upset," I heard Ben's voice from behind me, as I carefully laid my slice onto a plate.
"I didn't finish it, there's plenty left. He won't get upset," I said. "You want some?"
He chuckled, "No, thanks. He probably won't be, anyways. I think he likes you. I think everyone likes you, actually."
I raised an eyebrow, as I put the cake back into the fridge. 
"I'm that awesome?" I said, jokingly. He nodded and kissed my cheek softly.
"I feel bad for them, 'cause you're all mine," he guided me out of the kitchen. I held my plate, upset that I couldn't eat with the other hand. I sat on the couch, with the plate in my lap. Masky looked up at me.
"Hey, I want some!" he whined. I shrugged.
"Go get some, then," I said. He practically jumped out of his seat and flew into the kitchen.
"So you do like cheesecake?" Hoodie asked me. Masky returned with a large plate of the cake, much like mine.
" LOVE cheesecake! I could live on it..." I answered, truthfully. Masky just stared at me in amazement.
"Where have you been all my life?" he said. Ben shot him a playful but serious look.
I laughed, "Playing Zelda," I said, resting my head on Ben shoulder, who stuck his tongue out at Masky. He started pouting. I had to poke Ben in the side to get him to stop picking on Masky.
"Give it up, you two!" Jeff snapped. I finished the cake almost immediately and looked for something to do. I lifted a video game from the large pile next to the tv. I slipped the CD into the game system and brought myself a controller. Everyone was watching me intently as I did it all sitting down on the couch. I simply laughed, seeing as no one besides Ben had really gotten used to my telekinesis. I brought Ben a controller, and Jack, too.
"No...I'll pass," said Jack, refusing to pick up the controller.
"Awww, come on, Jack. Please?" I pleaded. He simply shook his head.
"Okay," I said, sadly, moving the controller to Masky, who picked it up happily.
We began to play, Masky and Ben arguing most of the time. I was just about to win Ben, but he won me and Masky eventually. 
"How do you do that?" Masky asked, for about the guzillionth time since I've known him. Ben just shrugged.
After we played a little more, and had a very normal dinner, it was time to turn in, by which time my body was aching quite badly, but I forced myself up the stairs, anyway. I went into Ben's room, to grab my clothes, which had been left at the end of his bed, for some reason.
I opened the door slowly, peeking my head inside. There was no one. I saw my clothes, and crept inside to take them.
"Why don't you stay?" I jumped slightly as I heard Ben's voice from behind me. I spun on my heels, and saw him standing by the door, which was now closed.
"I...I can't," I said shyly.
"Why not?" he said, taking the clothes from my hands and laying them back down on a table. I gave in and plopped onto his bed, resting my head on the soft pillows. He chuckled lightly at how tired I really was. He lay down next to me, and I noticed my arm wasn't hurting as much as it was before. That's good. I snuggled into the covers and lay my head on Ben's chest, his arm wrapping around me. I never thought about how tired I was, until it suddenly took over me. I let my eyelids drop, and set off into a slumber.
My eyes fluttered open to the sound of laughter. I looked up to see Masky, Hoodie, Jack and Jeff standing over the bed, trying to wake us up.
"Get up you two! You've been sleeping for ages!" Masky laughed.
I groaned into my pillow and rolled over lazily, trying to cover my ears. They only laughed louder.
"What are you three laughing about?" Ben said.
"Oh...nothing!" they replied. Ben turned to me, giving me a Can-you-please-read-their-mind-and-tell-me-whats-happening look. I looked at them, one by one, the same thoughts rushing through their minds. I shuddered at them.
"I'll tell you later," I whispered to him.
Masky started shaking me. I groan and tried to push him away, earning more giggles.
"Go away," I snapped. 
"Beeeen, wake her up!" Hoodie said.
"No...I don't want to," Ben whined.
"CAN YOU GUYS KEEP IT DOWN SO I CAN GET SOME SLEEP?" I yelled. Well, the closest thing to a yell I could manage, being so groggy and all.
"Ohh, I see!" Masky began, "You obviously didn't get any sleep last night..."
I immediately sat up, Ben was shooting him a death glare.
"N-No! It's not that..." I said. 
"Yeah, sure, sure," Jeff said. 
"Don't push me," I snapped.
"So it's true?!" Jack chirped.
I was fully awake now, thanks to those goofballs. I got out of bed, glaring at the four of them. 
"Now you've got me awake," I said, angrily.
We all headed downstairs, me and Ben lagging behind, since we were still tired. Slendy turned to look at all of us as we entered the room.
"What took you guys so long?" he asked. Jack was just about to open his mouth and say something, when I cut him off.
"DONT YOU DARE!" I yelled.
"Okay, okay. You remind me off Jeff," he said.
"I'm not that bad, am I?"
"Hey!" Jeff argued.
"No, that's not how you do it!" 
I took the wooden spoon from Jeff's hand and started mixing it myself.
"It's missing something," Jeff said.
"It's pudding," I replied.
"Yeah, but it needs something more!" he insisted, as he took out random things and threw them into the pudding mixture.
I cracked up laughing, "Who ever told you you could cook?"
Jeff thought for a moment, "No one," he said.
I was teaching Jeff to make pudding. Well, trying to. After he'd thrown in his random ingredients, he started mixing it again.
"Why do you make me do this?" he asked, sounding like a 5-year-old.
"Just mix," I said. 
"Why don't you taste it now?" he grinned, holding up the spoon. I tasted the mixture, and tried not to gag. I forced it down my throat, causing Jeff to start laughing.
"What is in that thing?" I said, holding my throat in my hands. "It's disgusting!"
"Hey, you're the one who wanted to make me cook!" he said, defensively. I literally couldn't stop laughing.
"I still think it's missing something," he said, more to himself than to me.
"How do you know, you haven't tried it!" I said. He reached into the cupboards, grabbing some pepper.
"That's going to make it even worse!" I said, putting my face in my hands, "You're a failure at this..."
He chuckled, tilting the box, letting a little too much pepper fall out. Not that it was going to improve the flavour. 
"Now I think it's good!" he said. I started laughing again, Jeff looking at me like some insane person. Masky strolled into the room, and, seeing Jeff's pudding, tugged the spoon from his hand.
"Lemme taste!" he said, dipping the spoon into the ill-coloured mixture. I was about to object, when Jeff held up his hand to stop me. I could have sworn I saw Masky twitch, which set me off again.
"Who the hell made this?" he asked, grabbing a glass of water, attempting to wash out the taste. I pointed to Jeff, who just grinned. Masky drank about two and a half glasses before grabbing some grapes and shoving them in his mouth, and rushing out the room. I practically had a fit.
"You're crazy," Jeff stated, as my face started turning red.
"Look who's talking!" I said, between giggles. Hoodie and Jack came into the room, looking confused.
"Why did Masky run to the bathroom like he was gonna puke?" Hoodie asked. Jack caught sight of the pudding, and walked over to sniff it.
"Oh, man! This is gross!" he said, putting his hand to the place in his mask where his nose should be.
"Says the person who eats kidneys," Jeff shot back at him.
"Yeah, but this is just...awful," he said, coughing a little. Hoodie looked over the bowl, examining the brownish liquid.
"What were you trying to make exactly?" he asked.
"Pudding," I answered fast.
"It does kind of look like pudding, I was going to taste it," he said.
"........vanilla pudding," I added, breaking into a fit of giggles again. 
"Oh," he sniffed it, and tensed up, and ran out of the kitchen, making Jeff laugh. Ben came in, watching Hoodie strangely as he ran out.
"What's going on?" he asked.
"You wanna taste my pudding?" Jeff asked him.
"Your pudding? Like, you made it?"
Jeff nodded happily and I had to warn Ben.
"Don't taste it!" I said. Ben shrugged and picked up the spoon. I face palmed myself and he bent down to taste it, scowling as soon as it hit his tongue. He rushed over to the sink, spitting it out and rinsing his mouth, making us both laugh again.
"I told you not to taste it..." I said.
"Jack can cook?" I asked, fascinated. 
Ben nodded, "And we just found out that Jeff is very good with poisons!"
I laughed, making him smile. "What about you? There something I don't know?" I asked.
"Hm, well...I' good at making traps," he replied.
I raised my eyebrows, "Traps? Like, in the woods?" He nodded. 
"Show me!" I said.
"Let's go, then," he said, tugging my hand and leading me out the door.
We were about five minutes into the woods, when he stopped. He gathered a few branches, and started making the trap, with me watching him intently.
After he had been making the trap for about two minutes, I started to hear a rustling sound behind me. I turned around, when something lunged at me, making me fall to the ground. 
It was Meredith.
"Meredith?" I said, scampering to my feet. She looked at me with daggers, hatred visible in her threatening stare. We heard yelling and turned our heads to see Ben fighting a tall, dark haired boy who I didn't recognise. I heard some more yelling, it was Ash and...Jeff? 
Jeff swung a knife at him but he ducked, and tripped Jeff to the ground. Ben was already holding the boy to a tree by his neck, kicking him repeatedly. Ash was about to pull out a knife, when I ran at him and kicked him in the back, snatching the knife out of his hand. He turned and was about to throw a punch at me, but Jeff stopped him. Eventually, Jeff was fixing Ash to the ground, and Ben's opponent was already on the ground, coughing up blood. Meredith was about to burst from anger right about now, and I smirked at her stubborn expression.
"I hate you," she spat. For some reason, that didn't surprise me, even if it was coming from my best friend. Well, ex-best friend.
"I can't see why, but okay," I replied.
"Because, you left and ran away when I needed you most. I needed your support, but it was obvious you didn't give a damn. And then you became friends with these...beasts!"
Jeff and Ben were glaring at her comment, and I had had just about enough. I charged at her and pushed her against a tree, holding my knife to her neck.
"Say that again," I growled, pushing the knife into her neck, making blood trickled down her collarbone. "I dare you."
She grinned at me, "Beast," she said. 
I was just about to slit her throat, when she took out a glass bottle from her pocket, and threw it to the ground, the bottle broke, the black liquid seeping into the grass.
That was probably the most dangerous potion she'd made. I was going to slit her throat anyway, when her eyes widened before me and she screamed.
"ASH NO!!" she shrieked. I turned to see Ash thrashing in Jeff's grip, kicking leaves and dirt into the potion, which somehow wasn't being absorbed into the soil. The leaves and dirt made the black liquid turn to a bright green, making Meredith scream in anger. The potion was supposed to kill us, now it was doing something else. Ash kept kicking, making the potion turn greener and greener. Jeff finally slit his throat, silencing him. I turned to Meredith, only to find she wasn't there anymore. 
I felt a strong wind coming. It was getting stronger by the second and soon, we were literally being blown away. I tried to get to the others, but they were too far. Meredith had fled, leaving us three caught in the winds.
There was wind coming from behind me, but also from in front of me, also coming from right and left, all crashing into each other, making a very unpleasant feeling rise inside of me. I turned and squinted, the wind was blowing in my eye. I could only imagine what it would be like for Jeff, having no eyelids and all. I could barely see the other two, being blown in all directions, along with dust, dirt, leaves and even branches. I tried to stand still, but the wind was too strong, and I saw a branch fly into my face. I was knocked hard onto the ground, but of course, being moved about by the fierce wind. The pressure was too much, I couldn't take it.
The last things I heard, over the sound of the wind, were the other two, calling my name...
I woke up, staring at a blue-grey sky. I sat up, rubbing my eyes, when I found I wasn't in the woods anymore. I looked around me to see nothing but hedges. The hedges stretched to about four to five metres high, and looked finely trimmed. I heard nothing but silence, which put me on edge. I stood up, looking around me, turning a corner to find only more hedges.
"Ben?" I called, "Jeff! JEFF! BEN! HELLO!"
Still nothing but silence. I started to get scared, walking faster, turning another corner, finding more hedges leading in different directions. Then, realisation hit me like a ton of bricks.
I was in a maze.

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