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Austin Carter Mahone Imagines
Story published May 20, 2013 · updated November 17, 2013 · 23 pages · 3,332 readers · 16,020 reads
Break up with Aust
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Break up with Austin :(

IMAGINE your break up with Austin :(

Y/N I'm sorry but I can't do this anymore! It's hard not seeing you for a long time. I think we have to break up. I'm sorry." Austin said to you and then left your doorstep. Tears were filling your eyes. You ran to your room sobbing. You loved Austin with all your heart. He was everything, the sweetest boyfriend anyone could ever have. You walked over to your tv and put in the cd he gave you on your 1st year anniversary together. Pictures of you two together, having fun, kissing filled the screen. You were crying again. You missed Austin. Later the video of him singing to you came up and that's when you completely broke down. You turned off the video and buried your head into your pillow. All of a sudden your phone rang and your ringtone came on making you remember everything about you and Austin again. "Hey Y/N I'm heading down to the beach. Wanna come?" Your friend asks. You thought about it for a second and then finally gave in because you thought it would help you forget about Austin. "Sure I will be there." You ran outside and walked to the beach. You met up with your friend and walked with her along the sand. 
Then you saw Austin. "Hey Austin!" Your friend said. He looked over and saw you guys. He looked right at you with a sad look in his eyes. You were about to start crying again so you ran right past him and his friends right to the spot you and Austin met each other. Your friend followed you there and sat by you. "Y/N what's wrong?" She asked. "Austin and me. We broke up." You say. More tears spilling out of your eyes. Austin then walked over to you. You stand up about to leave when all of a sudden you felt someone grab your arm and turn you around. There was a flow of tears going down your cheeks. "Austin let go!" You scream . "No! I'm not going to! I feel horrible I never should have ended things with you! Those 5 hours without you were horrible! Y/N I love you. I don't ever want to let you go again. Please forgive me about what I said earlier. I love you with all my heart." Austin said to you. He looked like he meant it. You looked down and Austin lifted up your chin with one finger, wiped away your tears and kissed you. "I love you too Austin" you say. "I love you more." Austin said back to you then wrapped you into a hug.