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Austin Mahone Imagines.
Story published May 20, 2013 · updated 5 weeks ago · 152 pages · 2,919 readers · 28,895 reads
Valentine's Da
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Valentine's Day! <3

(Our little Austin isn't famous in this one.)  
Oh and by the way if you guys want a imagine just ask me. I would be so happy. Just say make sure to tell me what kind you want. Happy, sad, break up, cheating, proposal. Anything and I will be sure to put it up as soon as possible. 

        Valentine's day the one day that makes single people lonely. Personally I don't like Valentine's day at all. People in the halls at school giving there girlfriends or boyfriends presents, hugs, or maybe even a kiss. People in store's waiting till the day of and getting there lover's a present. People everywhere holding hands, hugging, laughing, having a good time, kissing, getting surprised the whole shabang! Everywhere you go you see hearts and teddy bears in the windows of the stores. Red and pink popping up everywhere. Little cupids singing and dancing. Chocolate being bought. Flower's being picked just be thrown away. I don't really get why people make a big fuss about it until my Sophomore  year of High School. 
         It started like any other day. I get up. Get dressed, do my hair and make up. Then eat breakfast, go to school. Not much really changed there. I was walking into school with my three best friends Dora, Kylie, and Ali (Aka T h a t O n e K i dkyliecohorn, and Alice208) as we always do. We go to our lockers. Mine first, then Dora's, Alice, and then Kylie. (that's how the lockers go. Our lockers are beside each other.)  I put in my combo and unlocked my locker. But all that was normal. What surprised me was the beautiful bouquet of roses. I looked at Dora. She looked at me. We all got flower's from four different guys. We each got a little note. We shut our lockers and look at each other.  Then Alice speaks.
"How about we read our notes to each other to see if they are the same." We  all nod. She read her's first. 
"Okay mine says Hi! You don't know me very well, but I'm in your history class. I think your really beautiful. Will you be mine this Valentines day? -  A How is in our History class that their name starts with a A?" She asks. I think and blurt out. 
"Austin and Alex." She nods. "I will read mine next. Mine says Hello Beautiful. We use to play together as kids. Be mine this Valentines Day?- A Oh my gosh I know who this is." I say.
"Oh my gosh me too. Austin." I nod. "My turn. Dora, my Facebook buddy. Your really cute too. Valentines Day?- R" We all turn to each other and say Robert. Dora giggles. 
"Kylie, your turn." I say with a smile. She looks down at her index card and says. 
"Ky, Me, you, Robert, Alex, Austin, Dora, Ali and Ally sit together in art. That leaves one person.  Me. Guess who I am. You know you want to be mine this Valentines day- Z" 
Kylie, Ali, Dora, and I all walk into our art class. Where Zack, Alex, Austin, and Robert sit there talking at our table.We all walk casually over to our seat at the table, fangirling about whoever. As soon as we sit down they guys look up and smile at us. We smile back. 
"Hey guys. How was your morning?" Alex asks looking at Kylie. Hey we all day in unison. We all laugh.
"We are all very cheery today." Dora says.
"Well that's good." Rob says.
The bell rings and it's time for lunch. Luckily Dora, Alice, Kylie, and I have every class together. We are so close. It's not even funny. We do everything together and when I say everything I MEAN EVERYTHING! Austin, Alex, Robert, and Zack are in four of our classes. They are also called the foolish four. Whatever you want to call them...
We stop at our lockers. Put are books in and walk to lunch. We see The foolish four. Sitting there in the with a huge amount of food. 
"Wow." Alice says. 
"That's a lot." I say. 
They nod. I walk over to them. With my girls behind me. 
"Hey guys. What are you doing with all that food?" I ask. 
"Well we were hoping that y'all would join us." Zack says. 
"Sure" Dora says.
We sit down and grab some food. 
"So how did you get all this food in?" Kylie asks. 
"Our mom's dropped it off." Austin say. 
We just nod our heads This is so sweet first they gave us flowers, now lunch. Wow they are some gentleman. There mama's raised them right! 
"So did you guys get anything special for Valentines day?" Robert asks. 
"Yes actually. We all got flowers and a note. From four different guys." I say.
"Any clue who they are?" Austin says. 
"Actually we do. We all use to be best friends till the boys ditched us for sports and other people." Dora says. 
"Cough Tyler cough" Kylie says. 
They all look down with sad expressions on there face. 
"Well those guys told us to tell you that they are very very sorry and they want a do over. So how about all of us go to the pizza shop and get some pizza. Just like old times." Alex says. 
"Um well what if the girls don't want to get hurt again?' Alice asks. 
"What if the guys told you that won't happen again" Zack says. 
"Well the girls say the would love too."  
"Cool" They all say. 
Tonight we all went to the pizza shop and got pizza obviously. We learned that the guys didn't mean to ditch us. They just wanted to have more "guy time".  We all became best friends again. We were talking lot's. Telling them everything they missed in our life's.It was there lost though. Austin told us he is now posting videos on youtube with Alex. He is a really good singer. I never knew. I also found out that night that Alex totally likes Alice and he asked her out. She accepted. Robert likes Dora, but is too nervous to ask her out. So she gave him some time. As for Zack and Kylie, we found out they were secretly dating the whole time, but we knew something was up with them too They were acting so weird all night. Austin and I just want to stay friends. He doesn't really want a relationship right now  and neither do I. So everything worked out. 
Sorry it took forever to put this imagine up. I HATE IT!!!! I rushed it and couldn't think of anything! 
Oh and remember if you want a imagine you can well just read the note at the top. It explains it all. Have a lovely day today. 
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Austin Mahone Imagines. 
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