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Guide to become a Mermaid
Story published May 20, 2013 · updated January 7, 2014 · 19 pages · 3,028 readers · 14,548 reads
Chapter 5 *Thinkin
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Chapter 5 *Thinking*

Thinking- a serious process

Have you ever thought about why you wanted to be a mermaid? you have to be able to answer why you want to be a mermaid so badly and try to convince yourself that you are ready to become someone else.
Take some time to really think about what you really want, Do you really want to keep a secret that can get exposed easily? do you really want to not stand in water ever again? do you really want to be someone you are not?

An example of a reason to become a mermaid is:
To escape the taunts and hurtful things people say to me, to be able to have freedom of expression somewhere other than land. To be able to swim and have a serenity and to have a secret and adventure of my own. 

Well if you do want to become a mermaid and you thought about why then you are ready to start the process of becoming one. You are strong and ready to fight!

Continue if you wish to be a mermaid