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One Direction Prefs, Imagines, One Shots
Story published May 22, 2013 · updated February 2, 2014 · 95 pages · 19,286 readers · 101,778 reads
Punk Harry Imagine
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Punk Harry Imagine *For Dominic

Harry: Your head snapped up at the ringing bell  signaling someone entered the shop. A tall, sort of curly haired boy  who's arms covered in tattoos walked in. You looked closer at him and saw that he had a couple piercings on his face.

Usually boys like this never caught your attention but something about those green eyes made you want him. The boy slowly walked over to get his order and as he waited for his drinks, he glanced over at your table, catching you creepily staring at him. 

Your  eyes quickly darted from the boy's figure back to your phone. You could see from the corner of your eye, the boy walking towards your table with two mochas in hand. 

He took a seat next to you and handed you one if the drinks, taking a sip of his and starting at you while doing so. You shuffled a bit and moved back since you two were too close for your comfort. 

"Styles. Harry Styles. You are?" the boy who you just figured out was called Harry said.

You shook the hand that Harry stuck out and spoke up. "Dominic." 

"What, no last name?" Harry asked, raising his left eye brute l brow and smiling a bit. 

You took a sip of the drink Harry gave you and realized it was your favorite kind. How did he know what I liked to drink? you thought in your head. "Sorry but don't give my information to strangers. You should be lucky I told you my first name." 

"Can I be lucky enough to get your number?" Harry asked flirtatiously. 

 You shook your head and got out of the booth. "Goodbye, Harry." You took your drink and walked out of the coffee shop, wrapping your coat tighter around your body since it was pretty cold out.

"Hey! Dominic!" you heard someone shout from behind you. 

You knew it was Harry so you picked up your pace. It's not that you were afraid of him, you just wanted to mess with him a bit.

You were two blocks away from your flat when someone grabbed your hand and turned you around. You looked up and saw Harry. His breathing was heavy and his forehead was touching yours as his green orbs stared into your eyes. 

Your hands were rested on his chest while his were cupping your face, forcing you to look up at him. 

You noticed he had  a lip piercing, a nice piercing, and there were two small ones just above his right eye brow. He also had three on his left ear and one on the right. I wonder how it feels like to kiss a boy with a lip piercing, you thought in your head. 

"Now do you want to give me your number?" Harry asked after a while. 

You smirked and shook your head, removing his big hands from your face and turning back around, making your way towards your flat. You heard a deep chuckled behind you and before you knew it, you were being pushed to a brick wall. 

You gasped as your back hit the wall with such force and a body touch yours, leaving no space for air to come between the two of you. You looked up and saw Harry smirking. He brought his lips to your ear and whispered, "Do you want to keep playing?" 

You shivered as his lips lightly kissed underneath your ear, moving down to your neck and back up to your face. 

You felt Harry's soft lips smash on to yours. You immediately kissed back, feeling Harry's lip piercing while doing so. Harry groaned into the kiss as your hands trailed from the tip of his fingers up to his shoulders and behind his neck. You played with the Harry's hair, pushing his face closer to you causing the kiss to deepen. 

Harry slipped his tongue in and you felt something on his tongue. He had a piercing there too. As Harry's hands slowly went up your shirt, you heard a gasp from behind him. 

Harry's lips parted from yours and he turned around. You saw your mum angrily walking towards you. You found a pen on the floor and took Harry's hand, writing you're number quickly on his palm. 

"Dominic! How dare you talk to a boy that... dangerous!" your mum yelled. She finally reached you two, her heals making her go slower. She grabbed you by your wrist and scolded you as she dragged you towards the flat. 

"Call me," you mouthed to a smirking Harry. After that, you two became a great couple and were soon saying the three words 'I love  you' to each other. 

*if this was too....  inappropriate,I apologize! I just wanted to make it all cute and make Harry like a hot flirty guy like he is in real life ;) hope you liked it!*