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I think about You (Justin Bieber love)
Story published May 22, 2013 · updated September 29, 2013 · 11 pages · 249 readers · 1,068 reads
Hayley Lovato
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Hayley Lovato

Hey my name is Hayley Morgan Lavato
My fav color is Blue
That's me over there  my natural hair is ginger and I have blue eyes
what I do: I act and I sing sicne I was 13
Besties: selena Demi Sydney Byonka <333
my girllys ^^
anyway I knew Sydney and byonka before I became famous with my sissy she is a year older
Age: 17
I met selena when I was 15 she was 16 we became besties and yeah
Hobbies:  dancing singing acting swimming skating cheer tumbling gymnastics
Sports: I play volleyball basetba;ll tennis and soccer swim plus  I skate and I dance and do cheer tumble and gymnastics
ill show u pics of m girlys later :D
I think about you every morning when I open my eyes I think about you every evening when I turn put the lights -Justin <3