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Forever Loved by Me (A Chobits Fanfic)
Story published May 23, 2013 · updated May 25, 2013 · 4 pages · 187 readers · 223 reads
Chapter 1: Acciden
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Chapter 1: Accidents Happen...

       I was leaving school, I had stayed late for an extra lesson. My name is Nocte Koneko. I attend a Private College in Tokyo, so we've got uniforms. There really nice uniforms. The Uniform is a basic white polo t-shirt with a dark pink ribbon tied in a bow around the collar. The jacket is dark blue, and the skirt is dark pink pleaded skirt. I wear dark grey thigh-high socks and black knee-high boots with Magenta laces. I have reddish-brown hair and red eyes. My hair was always in a side ponytail.  I was crossing the street when suddenly, lights came up towards me, I look and see a car speeding towards me, the brakes screech, the car hits me and I fall over, as my school bag whips across the cross walk. I could hear the driver, calling out to me, but it seemed like echoing nonsense, my vision blurred, then blacked out.
        I slowly opened my eyes. I was inside a room. I couldn't quiet make it out... But I'm not sure were am I dead? Where am I??

        "Miss. Koneko?" a voice faintly echoed, as a white figure was blurred in front of me, "Miss. Koneko! Can you hear me? It's Dr. Leafe. Please respond!" the figure ordered, I blinked a couple times, my senses returned to normal.

        The figure turned out to me my family's most recent doctor; Dr. John Leafe. He has forest green eyes and rich red hair he's about 28 years old.  "Ah, welcome back. That was pretty close. You almost died."

        "Doctor? Wh-what happened, why are we at the hospital? What's wrong you look so sad?" I blabbed, Dr. Leafe shook his head no.

        "It's nothing. You where in an accident, you're very lucky to be alive... Now, do you want good news or bad news first?" he asked, I exhaled

        "Good news first." I asked, Leafe nodded.

        "Alright, so luckily you're boyfriend brought you here just in time, to save you're life, but he was in the car before the accident, and you'll be released in a few days." Leafe explained. I examined myself. I had hospital robes on and bandages everywhere, On my head, my legs, and my arms.

        "Dr. Leafe. I don't have a boyfriend... I'm actually here for school.

        "Oh of course. Sorry for my mistake."

        "It's fine. Now whats the bad news?"

        "Unfortunately, the only way we could've saved you is by removing you're uterus and the womb..." He stopped, as sadness filled his eyes.

        "So you're saying that?"

        "I'm sorry to tell you this but, You'll never be able to have kids... Not anymore.... I'm truly very sorry, I know how much you wanted kids." he apologized, I looked down, "Want me to leave you for a bit?"

        "P-please...Th-thanks Dr." I stuttered, he nodded, then turned and left my room. After the door clicked lock, I pulled my knees up to my chest, and hugged them, I started to cry... For my loss... I guess I'll never be a parent...


        I was released from the hospital last week. I was walking to school. I still had a bandage on my head, just to be safe. I was extra careful today. Once I came to the school, I walked in. My friend Kazuko was there... She looked over to me. I gazed at her, Kazuko had dark blue hair and pink eyes. She had such a unique hair and eye colour. Kazuko alway had her hair in a half ponytail with her hair held by two little pigtails.

        "Nocte-Chan!" she cried, then rushed over to me, and gently hugged me, "Oh my god! I was so worried! I was afraid that you died! Everyone was sort of worried." she pulled away and looked at me, "I'm just happy you're okay. You look sick are you sure you're okay enough to be at school?" 

        "I'm fine just a little upset..." I admitted.

        "Upset about?"

        "The fact I'll never be a mom... I've always wanted a child of my own...  But now this... I'll never be a mom. I'll never have a family, grand kids or even great-grand kids.. I'll never be called Grandma or even Mommy... I'm just pretty upset about this accident..." I sniffed.

        "Oh Nocte-Chan!" Kazuko sniffed, than hugged me again. I held in my tears. I'm not going to cry... Kazuko let me go. Than we headed to class. After class was done I stayed for some extra lessons to catch up. It was late I was walking home. I walked past a pile of garbage I noticed something. So I walked back and pull away the garbage bags. 

        "What the..." I breathed, under the bag was a little girl... No wait a persacom!? "Who'd throw out a persacom?" The Persacom, was a little girl model. I assume she was custom made since I've never actually seen one quite like her. She had orangey-reddish-brown hair, pulled into two high pigtails. She was wrapped in an old curtain. Her 'ears' where sort of like a cats... The top was her hair colour and the bottom was sort of purple. I looked around... "Well, she's just laying around here..." I sighed, then looked back at the Persacom, she was so cute, she looked about 9 or 10 maybe 11. I kneeled in front of the garbage. Now that I think about it... We sort of look alike... "I've decided to take you home with me. I'll take care of you and raise you as if you where my very own child."
        I half smiled, then grabbed the Persacom, and piggybacked it all the way home. I pushed open the door to my apartment houses.

        "Miss. Koneko! Welcome home! Are you're wounds okay? Ah look you bought yourself a cute little Persacom!" Ms. Hibiya smiled, I glance up at the little one slumped over my back, Then back at the Manager.

        "Sort of, I found her. She was thrown out into the garbage. I couldn't just leave her there! So I decided to take her home." I explained

        "Well, thats good. If you need any help or extra clothes or anything, don't be afraid to ask. I also think Mr. Motosuwa has a bit of knowledge on Persacoms too." Ms. Hibiya smiled.

        "Oh okay thank you Ms. Hibiya. But, I better get her to my apartment. She's really heavy believe it or not." I chuckled. 

        "Oh yes! Of course. Be careful of you're wounds." she ordered, I nodded, then headed to my apartment, I ran into my neighbours. Hideki and Chii. Hideki and I went to the same high school.

        "Nocte! How are you doing?" He greeted, Hideki is like my older brother. He's always looked after me.

        "Hey Hideki-Kun! I'm okay except this Persacom is pretty heavy. Can you unlock my door for me? Please." I asked,  Hideki nodded.

        "Can Chii help Nocte?" Chii  asked, I nodded. Before I could say anything, Chii grabbed my bags and held them for me. Hideki unlocked the door and flicked on the lights he walked in followed by me and Chii. I stepped out of my shoes. My little dog scurried out of the kitchen. Her name is Kawaii. She's beige with big cute brown eyes.. I set my Persacome down.

        "Find her switch and turn her on." Hideki encouraged

        "I will in just a moment. I just have to check something." I stated, then turned my back, unbutton my jacked, and check my stitches. I nodded, then turned back to the others and looked for My Persacom's switch. It was under her tongue, "Are you sure I should press this?"

        "Well, yeah if you want to turn her on." Hideki laughed.

        "Chi?" Chii assured, I nodded, then looked back, and turned on my Persacom. Her eyes shot open they where purple, she sat up as her eyes blurred, she gazed at me.

        "Nie-ko?" she peeped, then gazed at me.

        "What?" I blabbed.


        "Weird when Chii and I first met she just said chi." Hideki started.

        "Chi! Chii learns from Hideki. Chii can remember!" Chii squeaked. I look back at the Persacom.

        "Maybe its her name?" Hideki suggested.

        "So you're name is Nikko?" I asked.

        "Nie-ko!" She smiled.

        "Alright. You're name is Nekko Hoshi. I'll be your owner from now on." I smiled, Nikko smiled, then hugged me.

        "Nei-ko!" she cheered, I was surprised I looked at Hideki. Then back at Nikko. She pulled away and smiled, her curtain fell off.

        "Whaaa!" I freaked, then pulled Nikko to my body, I glared at Hideki. "Hideki! Stop being a pedophile!! Stop staring, you pervert. She may be a computer, but she's still a little girl!!!" I yelled, my cheeks going red. Hideki turned quickly.

        "GAAH!" Hideki cried.
        "Chi! Hideki is a pervert!" Chii laughed, Hideki looked back at her.

        "No Chii! Don't say that!" Hideki cried.

        "Hideki is a pervert! Hideki is a pervert! Hideki is a pervert! Hideki is a pervert!" Chii continued.
        "Chii!! I'm not a prevert!" Hideki cried, I gazed back at Nikko, as Hideki continued to spazz out. Nikko stared at me confused.

        "They're laughing. It what we do when we're happy. Or something is funny." I explained, Nikko nodded, The locked her gaze with mine. She smiled, then hugged me again.

        "Nei-ko....Ha ...Hap ...Happy!" Nikko smiled.

        "Hey it's you're first word!" I smiled, Nikko still smiled.