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A Pokémon Turned into a Human! (Oneshot Series)
Story published May 24, 2013 · updated 1 day ago · 85 pages · 45,488 readers · 632,248 reads
Male! Leafeon
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Male! Leafeon

Turning in your bed, your eyes opened, only to come face to face with Leafeon, your Pokémon that had recently turned into a human. Your shriek filled the air once your eyes focused and saw that he was naked, holding you VERY close to your body. What a wonderful sight to wake up to in the morning. Leafeon's ears twitched as his eyes snapped open, staring at your crimson face in surprise and worry.

"Are you okay (Your Name)? What happened!? Why are you screaming!?" He exclaimed, wondering what had caused you to scream so loud.

"Y-y-y-you're naked!" You exclaimed, your face turning darker as he looked down shrugging off the fact that he was naked. "Why aren't you wearing any clothes!? We already talked about going around without clothes on." You covered your eyes with your hands, wiggling in your former Pokémon's grip. Leafeon only smirked at your reaction, pulling you closer and nuzzling his face into your chest, making you blush and push him away. "Get dressed!" You yelped, curling up in a ball so he couldn't touch you again.

"I like it better without clothes on~ They're uncomfortable and it feels more normal without them on. Besides, it gets too hot when I wear them." He complained, wrapping his arms around you again, knowing he was bothering you.

"Please get dressed!" You muttered into your legs, hiding your face. Leafeon only chuckled at your reaction and reached for some clothes that you had bought for him before, a green t-shirt and some jeans.

"There. I'm wearing clothes. You can look now (Your Name)." He smirked at you. Uncurling from your ball, you looked up at him, the blush fading from your face as you sat up on the bed. Soon Leafeon was on the bed again, pulling you into his body again.

"I still don't understand why you're so uncomfortable with me being naked. I used to go like that all the time before I became human." He said, holding you. "I must admit, I love it more like this since I can hold you~" He seemed to purr in your ear, causing your face to flush all over again and the way his blonde, curly hair tickled that back of your neck when he nuzzled his head against it.

"You still cuddled against me even when you were a Pokémon anyway." You grumbled, hiding your face in his chest as you turned around and hugged him back.

Ever since Leafeon had turned into a human, feelings had grown for him. When he first turned into a human, you were surprised to find a naked man hugging you from behind, claiming to be your Leafeon. At first, you thought he was insane,handsome, but more so insane.

Eventually he proved that he truly was your Pokémon by saying all the secrets you had told your Leafeon. Ever since then, your feelings towards your former Pokémon had turned into romantic ones. It didn't help that he acted as if the two of you were a couple and cuddled you when ever he had the chance.

"Come on, I need to get changed Leafeon." You grumbled, pulling away from him. He only blinked, staying in the spot as you stared at him, urging for him to leave. He nodded in understanding, still not leaving.

"Okay." He said, leaning back, watching you. The two of you continued staring at each other. Your face flushed as you realized he wasn't going to move at all. Suddenly you regretted changing in front of him back when he was a Pokémon.

"Could you please leave?" You asked, looking at him intensely. He only stared at you confused.

"You're only changing though. I don't understand why you care if I leave or not. You've changed in front of me before." A smirk slowly grew on his face as he stared at you, his eyes full of amusement.

Sighing in frustration, you turned your back to him, getting a tank top from your closet and shorts from your dresser. Slipping off your pajama top, you quickly slipped on the tank top and changed from your pajama pants into your shorts. From behind you, Leafeon stared at you, his face slowly turning a light shade of pink. He couldn't help but feel the urge to kiss you, hold you in his arms, and make you his own.

When he was a Pokémon, he grew feelings for you, knowing that he could never be with you the way he wanted to, but now that he was a human, just like you, he had a chance to show you he loved you. He just had to know if you felt the same way now.

Before he knew what he was doing, Leafeon was right behind you. Feeling his breath on your neck, you turned around, embarrassed that you actually decided to change in front of him.

"(Your Name), remember when we were traveling together? I saw something before on our journey... I was wondering if you'd let me try it on you right now, since I'm human." Leafeon said quietly, his face slightly pink and his brown eyes glinting brightly.

"I guess you can if you're that curious about it..." You replied, wondering what he was talking about. In all honesty, you had no idea what he could mean by that. You didn't remember anything that significant happening during your journey.

Before you could even blink, Leafeon leaned down swiftly, his lips landing on yours and his arms wrapping around your waist as he pulled you closer. Immediately your eyes widened, only to close, enjoying the feeling of his lips on yours. Leafeon kept his eyes open, staring at your features and expression, wondering if he was doing what he knew to be kissing, right. He assumed so by your reaction.

Finally you pulled back, your face flushing. Leafeon had a curious look on his face, as if he was wondering about something.

"I was right! You do taste good (Your Name)~" He teased lightly, making your face turn a dark shade of pink. He chuckled as you swatted at his arm.

"Do you even know what it means when you kiss someone you idiot!?" You questioned, staring at him in embarrassment. He only grinned at you, pulling you in for another hug.

"Of course I know what it means! It means I love you." With that said, he leaned in and kissed you again, leaving you blushing as bright as a tomato.