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A Pokémon Turned into a Human! (Oneshot Series)
Story published May 24, 2013 · updated 1 week ago · 83 pages · 45,272 readers · 625,705 reads
Male! Darkrai
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Male! Darkrai

“Just leave me alone!” you shouted, running deeper and deeper into the forest. You could hear their footsteps from behind, and you knew that soon they would catch you and you would be forced to return home. You wanted anything but that.

When you felt a hand grab your arm you gasped, being pulled into the man who held you. “Did you really think we would let you escape? Ha! You’re supposed to be intelligent,” the man sneered down at you.

This was one of the reasons you hated being a rich scientist’s daughter. It meant that you would have to help with research, and you wouldn’t be allowed to go out in the world, or that only applies to you. It also meant that you would be used to experiment as well. Growling, you thrashed against the man who was currently dragging you back to your home.

“Someone knock her out,” the man dragging you grunted. Another woman, with long black hair and dull green eyes covered your mouth and nose with a rag. You attempted to hold your breath, but it wasn’t long before you took a breath and got knocked out in an instant.

When you first woke up, light blinded you, and people were crowded around your body.

“It’s time for us to start. This time we will see the effects Darkrai has on her, and we’ll find out who to cure the nightmares. Everyone have your notes ready. We will now begin,” you heard your father’s voice say before the same woman from before put another rag over your mouth and nose. This time it wasn’t as strong as before, but it wasn’t long before you were lulled to sleep.

When you opened your eyes again, you were in a place you had never been to before. Everything was black, except the ground you were standing on. The ground was completely covered in blood. Bodies were strewn in random places, and it took all of your will to hold down the vomit in your throat.

Darkrai watched from afar, admiring you. He had seen you many times before. Almost every night, in fact, he would glance into your nightmares since you were younger. Over the time he had become infatuated with your being. Finally Darkrai decided he would become involved. Quickly he formed into something you would be accustomed to and more comfortable with. Perhaps if you really amused him, he would keep you.

“You are here because you were forced,” he commented, now right beside you.

Gasping lightly, you turned quickly to the voice surprised to see a very handsome man with long silver hair, and brilliant sapphire eyes staring straight at you.

“Yes, I guess it is my father’s fault that I’m stuck in this nightmare,” you sighed. It was a little surprising to see this man. Never before had you seen him in one of your nightmares.

“Does this happen often?” the man asked, the corners of his lips were on the edge of turning up, as if he was amused by your explanation.

“More recently than before,” you rolled your eyes. “I hate when he uses me for his experiments. If he really wants to find out how to get rid of the nightmares that Darkrai gives people, he should just go through it himself.” The man raised a brow.

“You don’t seem to mind that you’re in a nightmare right now,” he observed.

“That’s because I’m used to it. Besides, it’s not that bad since someone else is actually alive this time,” you explained, staring at the man.

He stared right back before he walked forward and placed a hand under your chin. For a moment you were tempted to pull away, but this was a nightmare, so it’s not like he could actually harm you in the real world.

“(Name), you sure are a strange creature,” he stared down into your eyes as if looking into your soul. Being the stubborn girl you were, you stared straight back, never looking away.

“Who are you?” you finally asked, getting a bit annoyed at how he was staring at your entire body now. Even if it was a nightmare, it still creeped you out a bit.

“That’s not important,” he seemed to smile, pulling his hand back.

“It is to me,” you replied, glaring at the man. “It would be a bit weird if I called you ‘guy’, ‘stranger’ ‘sir’, or ‘creeper’ for the rest of this nightmare.

To your annoyance, he only chuckled in response.

“You can call me by my real name then, Darkrai,” your eyes widened when he spoke the name that your father was so obsessed about.

“Y-you’re...” you didn’t continue the sentence. Darkrai smirked at your response to his identity.

“Speechless?” the smirk didn’t fade.

“Why are you here?” you asked, continuing to glare at the pokemon in human form in front of you. “More importantly, why do you look like a human?” you were very confused by that. Wasn’t Darkrai supposed to look like an actual pokemon instead?

“I am here because this is a nightmare,” Darkrai explained, his hand moving upward and resting on your cheek, which he was now stroking. Immediately your cheeks turned crimson.

“I thought that this form would... appeal to you more than my other form, so I changed my form to look like this in your nightmare,” he was leaning in closer. Slowly your eyes began closing. The way he was stroking your cheek was so soothing. It was if you were falling asleep all over again.

“Hm... I think I will keep you for myself after all,” the last thing you felt was soft, cool lips pressing against your own, and then the only thing you felt was numbness.



“Sir, she’s not waking up,” a feminine voice said. The woman continued to attempt to wake you from your sleep, but to no avail, you did not react. It was almost as if you were dead.

“Good, just as planned,” your father smirked as he stared at your motionless form, the only sign that you were alive was the slow rise and fall of your chest.

“Start the procedure, and everyone take notes,” he turned towards his fellow scientists.



The next morning, a maid came across the lab that (Name)’s father worked in. She was shocked to find a number of scientists on the ground. Everyone in the room was on the floor, asleep.

They were all piled around an empty bed.

Later, it was reported that (Full Name) has gone missing.

A/N: This one shot is a bit strange... I hope you guys liked it at least.