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A Pokémon Turned into a Human! (Oneshot Series)
Story published May 24, 2013 · updated 3 days ago · 83 pages · 44,934 readers · 622,417 reads
Male! Piplup
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Male! Piplup

Piplup watched as the human standing before him that was eating some food. His stomach began growling, getting attention of the trainer.

“Huh? Is someone there?” you turned in the direction you heard the grumbling sound. You blinked once you saw the small penguin-like Pokémon before smiling down at it.

“Are you hungry little one?” you walked over to the Pokémon.

Piplup chirped something that you couldn’t understand, looking away from you stubbornly. Piplup blushed when his stomach rumbled loudly again. This time you could hear it perfectly.

Smiling knowingly, you pulled a berry from your bag, holding it out for the Piplup to take.

“You can take it,” you nodded towards the berry. Too prideful to take the food, Piplup continued to stare in the other direction.

Sighing, you placed the berry on the ground and got up, going back to where you were sitting before and turning your back to the Pokémon.

Glancing at your form, Piplup walked up to the berry and picked it up, examining it before for a moment and deciding whether he should eat it or not. Piplup’s stomach growled again, reminding the bird Pokémon that he was starving. Finally, he popped the berry in his mouth almost crying out in delight at the refreshing taste.

Cautiously, Piplup walked up to you, pecking lightly at your leg to get your attention. He stared up at the berry in your hand, causing you to giggle. He was too cute.

Smiling, you got out a few more berries from your bag and tossed them to the blue pokemon, giving him a bit of privacy. Piplup couldn’t be more grateful that you had fed him and tried to save his pride. Normally, he would never do something like this, but he was so close to starving to death.

Ever since that day, Piplup had stayed by your side, traveling with you. He decided he at least owed you that.

“Piplup, it’s time to go!” you called to your pokemon, which was most likely still asleep in your bed. You had just gotten up and had went down to eat breakfast, going out for a little while to go around town.

You weren’t expecting to see a naked boy, with blue hair that was very similar to the shade that piplup was, in your room, curled up in your covers on your bed.

You yelped in surprise, your face turning crimson in a matter of seconds.

“Nngh, give me five more minutes (Name)...” the boy muttered, burying his face into your pillow.

“W-what are you doing in my room!? Who are you!?” you exclaimed, grabbing the nearest item near you that you could use as a weapon; a lamp.

“Eh? What are you talking about (Name)? I’m Piplup,” Piplup opened his eyes in confusion.

You stared into the male’s blue eyes, searching them to see if he was lying. You shook your head in disbelief.

“You can’t be! W-what happened to you?...” there was no denying that it was the truth. The stranger on your bed was not lying.

Finally Piplup’s eyes focused so he could see clearly. Rubbing them with his hands, he blinked as he pulled them away, staring hard at them with wide eyes. Why did he have hands?

“What the hell!?” Piplup shot off the bed, staring down at his body.

“A-ah!” you gasped, your face turning brighter as you looked away in embarrassment. “Put some clothes on,” without looking at him, you opened your drawer and pulled out a long shirt that should cover most of him, and tossed it at him.

Piplup stared at the shirt for a moment before finally putting it on. It was hard to register he was now a human...

“When did it happen?” he questioned, still not believing how this could have happened. Although, he did have some idea that Arceus might be behind it...

“I don’t know. I went out for a bit after eating breakfast and I found you in bed like that,” you responded, having no idea of how this could have happened.

Sighing, you glanced back at the former pokemon, walking over to him.

“I know this must be hard on you... We can get through this together,” you gave him a reassuring smile, wrapping your arms around him in a hug.

Not completely used to his body, he slowly wrapped his arms around you in a return, a weird feeling growing in his gut as his face heated up.

Perhaps this new body could be of use to him...