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"Worse Than A Bite"- A Carl Grimes Love Story (The W
Story published May 25, 2013 · updated 4 months ago · 49 pages · 5,422 readers · 50,557 reads
"Cant be too c
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"Cant be too careful"- Carl Grimes

 "Is she dead?"
 "No, she looks alive."
"Do you think she's been bit?
"I don't know but those wounds look pretty deep, we have to take her to Hershel."
 "No way are we bringing a stra- she's waking up!"

I slowly groaned as I tried to get up but my legs gave way as I fell back down. One of the Strangers rushed towards me and helped me into a sitting position.

I slowly studied his features, His dark golden eyes and crooked nose stood out against his nearly glowing blond hair that was styled in a slicked back way. In other words, he was hot. He smiled softly as I felt my cheeks go red. "Are you okay?" He asked, his voice gentle and soothing.

"Yea I-," I started to answer when a voice cut me off and said, "have you been bit?". Frowning, I turned to see the second stranger. He was just a cute as the first but in a completely different way. His brown, messy hair and freckles suited his pale face and made his eyes even more perfect. They were a perfect shade of blue, like the sky on a beautiful day. I could have stared at them forever until I realised the gun he had pointing at my face.

"No, I just heard a gun shot and lost control of the truck." I answered, pointing at the wreck beside me. The boy snorted and whispered under his breath "wimp."   Only five minutes and I already hated him. Must be a new record. The other one glared  at him quickly before turning his attention back to me. " My name's Joshua and this is my partner Carl, what's your name?" He buzzed into my ear, his voice having a slight southern accent .

I paused. These people haven't killed me yet but I still didn't know if I could trust them. Joshua seemed nice enough but Carl...
"Mary Clarice," I lied, hoping they would buy it. I had always been a terrible liar. Joshua smiled before offering his hand which I gladly took. My knees were still shaky but overall, I felt ok.

"We're gonna take you back to our group, they'll make sure you're safe," he assured me, " They'll give you food, water and maybe even a gun."  
I smiled and reached inside my waistband. " It's fine I alre-," I stopped mid-sentence. I searched my self in panic. My gun was missing.
I looked up at Joshua only to see him looking away guiltily. I followed his eyes to see him looking at Carl.

I gave Carl a warning look which he shrugged off. "You can't be too safe." He smirked. I swear I saw a glimpse of my gun tucked inside his shirt.
Before I could ask him though, he walked off. Probably expecting us to follow him. Joshua gently pushed me ahead and inside a small dirty ford. 
As we drove away, I felt my eyelids go heavy. Its been days since I've properly slept. The last thing I saw before I passed out was a pair of beautiful blue eyes watching me intently. 

HEY HEY GUYS!  thanks for reading!  just a couple of things you should know

1) how Joshua looks- blonde-boy-cute-guy-hair-Favim
2) this is based on what happens after Carl got shot so obviously he's more mature and cold (and sexy ;) )

                   ' Girl's like you are dangerous but not as dangerous as me'