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"Worse Than A Bite"- A Carl Grimes Love Story (The W
Story published May 25, 2013 · updated 2 months ago · 49 pages · 5,204 readers · 49,145 reads
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hey guys
              sorry for another note so soon after the last one but I just had to tell you guys some stuff about the story that is important for the following chapters.
              Firstly my exams are done so I'll be able to update a lot more especially since my summer holiday starts in three weeks. The last chapter I did is definitely one of the best (in my opinion ). :)   
           So Katherine has basically developed a relationship with Hershel and Daryl and that connection will appear alot more in following chapters. I think you guys have already noticed how protective Daryl is of this little girl and how un-daryl he was in the previous chapter. Don't worry , the cool bad-ass Daryl will return in the next one!
            you guys also know that Katherine still uses the term "Zombies" instead of walkers which will also be explained in the next chapter. Chapter 5 will basically be a lot more about her relationship with Carl and Daryl and a little bit about Rick. It also how Katherine will be developing in her attitude and combats. I m really excited for the next one because I finally get to kill someone off :D. I 've been waiting for this for a long time......*Creepy face*
           Get ready cause the walkers, the betrayal, the Governor and the horror are back...



                   ' Girl's like you are dangerous but not as dangerous as me'