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Little Dixon (The Walking Dead FanFiction and Love Story) (C
Story published May 25, 2013 · updated 5 months ago · 18 pages · 4,073 readers · 20,793 reads
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Name: Rachel/Yasmine/Sapphire Jenna Penn/Kim/Dixon

Age: 12

Crush: None

Weapon(s) Of Choice: Bow and arrow, her surroundings, katana, her body if needed to

Family Members: Samantha Penn (mother/deceased/walker),  Kelly Kim (adopted mother/deceased), Daryl Dixon (adopted father-not with Kelly/Alive), Merle Dixon (adopted uncle/deceased/deceased walker)

Rachel Anne Smith. That's who she was born as. Her father, left her and her mother when Rachel was just 3 months old. Since then, her and her mother lived by themselves. Her mom always dropped her off at Rachel's aunt's house when she needed to go to work. But, Samantha's job was drug dealing. And it was when Rachel was two years old that her mother was caught and put in jail for years.

Rachel was adopted at the age of five by Kelly Kim. A complete stranger to the girl. But Rachel did't care, she was away from the adoption center that she hated so much. Her name was then changed to Yasmine. Kelly was a true mother to Yasmine. Always keeping her safe, making sure she was healthy, everything a mother was supposed to do. 

But, when Yasmine was seven years old, Kelly gave Yasmine to Daryl Dixon-who was her next door neighbor and best friend-and said to change Yasmine's name for safety. He changed it to Sapphire, saying that this situation was rare an it made him think of a sapphire for some reason. 

Since then, Daryl had a daughter. It wasn't truly his, but he still had a daughter. They truly acted as if they were father and daughter. By the time when Sapphire was nine, they both found out why Kelly gave her to Daryl. Because she was a target under the mafia. Who was killed and found in the Gulf Of Mexico. 

But Sapphire went back to Rachel and was no longer Daryl's daughter when her mother came back and took her away. Sapphire hated her mother now. She knew what she had done and she honestly hated being with her, she wanted to be back with Daryl. 

Extra Information:
*Rachel/Yasmin/Sapphire goes by Sapphire. Nothing else
**She hates when she thinks she sees Daryl, but finds out its just a walkers
**She hates walkers

**She had gotten a boyfriend (lasted for 3 days) but he died sacrificing himself for her

**Her best friends and boyfriend were in a group with her and Sapphire was the leader.

**She lots most of her group (which were her best friends) because they sacrificed themelves for her as well

**Sapphire thinks that if she get attached to somebody that she'll lose them, so she doesn't try to get attached to people. 

**She only lets one person call her Sapph now. And that's Daryl. Oh and Merle.

**Sapphire's current quest is to find Daryl. Alive and not a walker.