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Little Dixon (The Walking Dead FanFiction and Love Story) (C
Story published May 25, 2013 · updated 3 months ago · 18 pages · 3,781 readers · 19,468 reads
Found You
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Found You

You pulled the string of the bow back as you aimed the tip of an arrow at a walker's head. The walker hadn't noticed you. At least not yet. You took a deep breath and then released the string and watched the arrow fly through the air and then hit the back of the walker's head. You smiled a bit and looked around, checking for more walkers before you head back to camp. 
You were the leader of your own group. It was you, a few of your surviving best friends, and some more survivors you guys had found.   You weren't the oldest, but the people in your group had nominated you as the leader since the one who wanted to be leader was a complete dickhead. Who you later killed when he tried to kill you. 
You didn't see anymore walkers, so you turned around and started walking back to the camp.
The camp was surrounded by trees, obviously. Everybody lived in a tent with another camp member. You had the largest tent, which contained most of the weapons, first aid, food, and everything you guys needed. The others had large tents as well. 
You reached the camp and saw your group members pointing their weapons at another group. You raised your eyebrow and walked over. 

"What in the world is going on?" You asked, clutching your bow tightly. A friend of yours-Michelle-walked over. 

"They came over and Alexander had to get all...well, Alexander and act as if they were a threat. Then one of them pulled a gun, so...You get the idea," Michelle explained. You nodded and looked at everyone.

"Guns down and back to your jobs." You said and everybody did so. Yeah, even Alexander-the dickhead of the group now.

"You the leader?" One asked. He had a sheriff outfit on and a revolver in his hand. You nodded.

"Follow me if you want to stay here until we leave the destination," You told them, then began to walk towards your tent. You moved curtain doors away from your face and stood at a small desk that had paper on it. You looked up at them and saw them all inside, looking around.

"How is your tent like....This?" A woman asked. She looked to be in her mid-to late 40s. Short, grey hair and curiosity read all over her face.

"We have our people." You replied and grabbed a blue pen. 

"Are you guys planning on staying?" You asked them and looked up through your bangs.

"Yeah. We'll need to probably." The sheriff replied. You nodded and put your pen to the paper.

"What's your name?" A male asked. He was a kid-like you-maybe 13 or 14. Minimum would be 12. He had short, brown hair and a hat on. His gun was tucked in his belt loop. 

"Sapphire," You replied.

"Full?" The boy asked.

"Sapphire Jenna Dixon," You said, managing to say the last name. Then things got silent, and when you looked up, the group was looking at one male as if almost in shock. He had a leather shirt on, the sleeves cut. A crossbow on his back, a brown-little bit of grey-on his beard, black pants with matching boots, and short, brown hair. You knew him. You gulped and tightly held the blue pen in your hand.

"I'll need your names. And-And I can assign you jobs if you'd like later today." You said to them. 

"Rick Grimes," the sheriff said.

"Carl Grimes," The boy who asked about your name told you.





"Lori Grimes."

"Glenn Rhee."

"Maggie Greene."





"Merle Dixon,"

"Daryl Dixon,"

You wrote them all down an put a hyphen (-) next to the name, knowing that you would put their job next to their name later. You called in Michelle and she ran in.

"Yeah Sapphire?" She asked. You always liked her (in a best friend way) because she always followed orders. She was a special best friend to you.

"Can you give them tents?" You asked.

"Sure. Follow me." Michelle said to them. You watched as they all left your tent. Merle and Daryl gave each other a look, then looked at you. Once your tent was empty and it was just you, you sighed. Daryl and Merle were back in your life. Though, you were kind of pissed off at them because they didn't bother coming for you or looking for you when the outbreak happened or as the world slowly turned into hell. 

"Assholes," You muttered under your breath. You walked out of your tent and watched as Michelle assigned all of them a tent. Carl, Lori, and Rick got a tent together. So did Merle and Daryl. Like you cared. Sophia, Michonne and Carol got one together. Maggie, Hershal, and Beth are in a tent together. Andrea and Amy got in a tent together. T-Dog and Glenn got a tent together. Everybody was in a tent. Good. You went back in your tent and sat down on your sleeping back. Then someone barged in. You looked up at them. Just Daryl.

"What do you want Dixon?" You asked.

"How in the hell are you taking care of a group this big?! You're just a 12 year old!" Daryl said. You got up and crossed your arms.

"So!? I'm managing them just fine. I have strategy Daryl. Have you used it?" You replied.

"To hell with that! They could die!" Daryl said pointing out of your tent, acting as if he was point at your group. 

"But they haven't, have they. We haven't lost somebody in months." You spat back and watched as Daryl shook his head. 

"And when they die? All of them and its just you?" Daryl asked. You gulped a bit. You never thought about that. You shrugged.

"I'll leave and take care of myself." You replied and tilted your head a bit.

"Whatever." Daryl said and stormed out of your tent. You rolled your eyes and rubbed your eyes as you felt yourself grow tired. Today had been a long day.