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Torn Up (Over You) [[Death the Kid Love Story]]
Story published May 27, 2013 · updated August 13, 2013 · 50 pages · 1,792 readers · 13,491 reads
Chapter 5
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Chapter 5

Iyasu's p.o.v.

Kid, Liz, and Patty dropped me off in front of the house that Maxim's staying in. I wave them goodbye, and they're off down the road. I walk up to the house and sigh. I was about to ring the doorbell, but the door flung open. "Iyasu!" Maxim tackled me in a hug and laughed. "Maxie!"

        He gets up and helps me off the ground. "Listen, I'm sorry for storming out like that. I was just afraid of losing you," Maxim admits. "Maxie, it's okay. I'm sorry, too." Max grabs the bag I brought along and we walk inside. The little apartment is spick and span, unlike Maxim to clean. "Where's my Maxim? This place is spotless!" I exclaim. Maxim gasps and says, "You underestimate me!" 

        I lay back on the couch and smile. "Pretty nice place, though." Maxim nods and sets my stuff in a back room. "So, you ready for missions to start?" He asks. "Uh, duh! We're gonna take out tons of souls that have turned into kishin eggs!" Maxim nods and laughs. "You sound so professional." "Well, that's how they say it at DWMA. Professionally," I mutter.

        Maxim and I sit on the couch for a long time, just hanging around. "So, are you hungry?" He asks. "Always," I reply, smirking. Maxim laughs and gets off the couch. "What is there to eat?" I mumble, running into the kitchen...

Meanwhile, with Kid and the Thompson Sisters...

        The shinigami looked around for more kishins eggs, smirking. He threw his twin pistols in the air and they changed back into humans.  Liz rubbed the small of her back, complaining, "Being in weapon form sure gives me a kink in my back!" Patty giggled and nodded. "So, Kid, you really like Iyasu, huh?" She asks. Kid stops dead in his tracks, smiling.

        He turns to look at his weapons, and says, "I think I'm absolutely, positively in love with her."

Back at Iyasu and Max's place...

        Maxim and I looked at the mess in front of us. "How about we never try to make any food ever again?" I ask. Maxim nods and grabs a washrag. "Clean-up, clean-up, everybody, everywhere, clean-up, clean-up everybody do your share!" We sing in complete unison. I mop the yucky stuff on the floor and sing.

        After micro-waving some instant ramen, we sit at the table. "So, what did you do while I was gone?" Maxim frowns and whispers, "I looked wherever I could. And some places I couldn't. I was so sad, I couldn't see my best friend. I searched for so long, and finally, I just figured I lost hope. I couldn't be happy. I just love you so, so much, Su."

        I stood up and hugged my best friend. "Maxie, I love you too, big brother." And that's all i saw him as, my brother. Hopefully, all he saw me as his little sister...


Later that night...

Maxim and I sat on the couch again, talking. "So, Su, are you and Kid a thing yet?" "A thing? No, no, just friends. Just friends." Maxim smiled widely, and laughed. "Good, you're too young to date!" He says in a fatherly voice. "Oh, what-ever! I'm older than you, dimwit, and you've had two girlfriends!" Then I recalled, one of his ex-girlfriends is Justice.

        He smiled sheepishly, and laid his hand on my shoulder. "I know, but you're my little sister, Su. I'm just.. protective." I leaned over and hugged Maxim. "Maxie, you're my big brother, and I'll always choose you over anybody. I promise." Maxim smiled, and I saw something in his eyes, I just don't know what...

Uh, oh. Iyasu, you may have just made a grave mistake.. Stay tuned!
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