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He Cheats With A B
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He Cheats With A Band Member's Girlfriend (Harry 2)

Harry part two:

        After you and Louis had left Harry’s flat, he (Harry) and Eleanor quickly got dressed, cutting off what they were doing.

        "I knew this would happen!" Eleanor said, running a hand through her messy hair.

        "Then why did you agree to it?!" Harry asked frantically, rethinking the entire reason he wanted to hook up with Eleanor.

        "I don’t know!" She cried, searching for her shoes. Harry sighed,

        "Where are you going, El?"

        "Home. I need to talk to Louis." She responded, pulling on one of her shoes.

        "Don’t. They need time to be angry with us. We have to let them have some space for a while. They made it clear that they didn’t really want to be with us anymore…" Harry mumbles, stepping over to her. She pulled her hands up to her face to hide it as she cried. Harry slowly pulled her into a hug and mumbled multiple times that things would be okay, and they would be, just not for Elounor or (your ship with Hary).

        Back at Louis’ flat, you and he were sleeping on the sofa. He rolled over and felt his hand touch something, so he opened his eyes and saw you laying at the opposite end of the couch. He smiled lightly to himself and got up, leaving the room. He came back a few moments later with a blanket and saw that you were awake.

        "Lou, I thought you had left for a second there…" You mumble sleepily.

        "I wouldn’t leave my flat with you here all alone! You need me to keep you company," He chuckles, “I was just getting a blanket. You looked kind of cold." You nod and lay back down. He starts to put the blanket over you, but you stop him.

        "I can’t sleep unless I have something to cuddle with," You admit quietly. He smiles and lays down next to you, pulling the blanket over the both of you.

        "I guess I’ll have to do for now," He whispers, kissing your cheek afterwards. “Get some sleep, (y/n)."

        "Goodnight, Louis."

        "Goodnight, love." He kisses your cheek again softly and you close your eyes. He does the same and you soon fall asleep, cuddled together on the sofa.

        Over the next week, (y/n) and Louis were inseparable. They did everything together, went everywhere together, all of that. Two weeks after the two couples broke up, Louis asked out (y/n) and she said yes, having developed a large crush on the boy who was there for her when she cried about her now ex-boyfriend.

        Eleanor and Harry kept hooking up occasionally, but it stopped by the time Louis and (y/n) got together. Eleanor stopped talking to all of the guys and basically fell out of the fandom