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Frozen~A love story
Story published May 29, 2013 · updated July 12, 2013 · 7 pages · 7 readers · 20 reads
Chapter 2- The mov
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Chapter 2- The movies

We get to the mall, and as I walk in, I realize I'm wearing the blue dress I got that morning.
"What the..?"
"Mel, what's wrong?"
"I wasn't wearing this earlier!!"
"Mel, you've been wearing it the whole time."
"Ok, I'm probably just tired."
This is too weird. As we walk to get tickets, I see Lee standing in line. He has cute green eyes, and brown hair.
"Oh, hey Lee!"
"Hey Melanie!"
"What movie are you going to see?"
"The Hobbit."
"Oh cool."
I turn to look at Nate and he silently agrees with me.
"Well we want to see too, so is it cool if we sit with you?"
"Sure!" Lee grins.
After we all buy tickets, I order a large popcorn and three large cokes.
"That will be $30."
Dang, movie theater prices are stiff.
We find a row near the back and I end up sitting between Nate and Lee. We watched the previews, and I said I wanted to see Beautiful Creatures really badly! Nate promised to take me. After that, the lights in the theater dimmed. About halfway into the movie, I reached my hand into the popcorn bucket and accidentally touched Lee's hand. But instead of pulling away, he wrapped his hand around mine. I didn't know what to do, he's my best friend! So I just left my hand in the bucket wrapped in his. After another 5 minutes, Nate left to go to the bathroom. Before I realized what was happening, Lee's lips were pressed to mine.
"I'm sorry, but I've always liked you. Nate just makes me jealous."
What?! A part of my brain hurts and screams that Lee has never liked me, and that I've had a huge crush on him for forever.
"I like you too." I whisper.
Nate came back after a few minutes, and me and Lee made sure to separate a little bit.
I am not a cheat, I thought. What's wrong with me? Something isn't right.
After the movie, Lee left, and Nate drove me home. He kissed me on the cheek before I walked through my front door.
I finally made it up the soft stairs to my bedroom. Wait a second, where are my shoes?! I must have taken them off, I told myself.
As I crawl into bed, one thing startles me into reality. I know something is wrong. My sheets and curtains are red.



For Shane, he gave me the idea for the story :)