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This is the Best Thing (Hetalia fanfiction, Prussia x Canada
Story published May 29, 2013 · completed · 2 pages · 1,289 readers · 1,634 reads
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        Gilbert was, for all intents and purposes, dead.
        He wasn't sure why he went to the world meeting with Ludwig, it wasn't like his opinion was taken into account or even considered. And that damned Ivan always talked to him. Indeed, he truly hated those meetings, save for one aspect.
        Originally, Gilbert had only talked to Matthew to pass the time. It had grown into something Gilbert had never felt before; his heart skipped erratically whenever he saw the blonde and he found himself smiling at everything he did.
        It didn't take very long for Matthew to become even more awesome than Gilbert. And for Gilbert, cocky, self-assured Gilbert, that was saying something.
        Around mid-June, Gilbert wondered what to give Matthew for his birthday. Everyone else may have forgotten, thinking instead of his brother Alfred's birthday just three days after Matthew's, but Gilbert wouldn't. Knowing Matthew as he did, the albino knew that just remembering would make him happy. But it didn't feel like enough.
-July 1, Matthew's birthday-
        Matthew, a little too trusting for Gilbert's liking, hadn't locked the door of his Canadian abode. Today, however, at 2 in the morning, Gilbert was glad. He had painted red maple leaves on his cheeks for the proud Canadian, and brought ingredients for something Gilbert himself had spent half a month perfecting. Matthew was going to love this~
        When Matthew awoke, he was surprised to find Gilbert making something in his kitchen. He felt a little awkward too, because he wore only his boxers, but waved that aside. "Gilbert, what're you doing here?"
        Gilbert turned with his maple leaf face, positively beaming. "You'll see. Happy birthday, Liebling," he said, the last word he accidentally slipped out making him blush a little. It didn't help that Matthew looked so cute in his polar bear boxers, he just wanted to cuddle the blonde to oblivion--
        Matthew's timid voice brought him back to Earth. "Y-you remembered?"
        "Of course," Gilbert replied, and turned back to his almost completed mission. He felt arms, warm from recent sleep, wrap around him. Matthew may not have looked it, but he was rather strong. "Th-thank you so much, Gil. Really. It's been so long..."
        "Shh, I know," Gilbert whispered, taking in the other's company gladly, as Matthew burrowed his head into Gilbert's back.
As Matthew pulled away somewhat awkwardly, he glanced at what Gilbert was doing. "A-are those pancakes?"
        "German chocolate pancakes. I've been working on it for half a month."
        Matthew smiled, but his eyes shimmered with tears.
        "What's wrong, Mattie?" Gilbert asked as he slid the last batch of pancakes onto the heaping pile keeping warm in the oven.
        "No one's ever done this for me before," Matthew replied. "I-I...I love this, Gil. I love..."
        "I love you, too." Gilbert gazed at him over the stack of pancakes between them.
        "D-do you really mean that?" Matthew whispered, inching closer to both the pancakes and Gil.
        "Would I go to all this trouble if I didn't love you?"
        Matthew found his way to Gilbert's side, and gave the albino a chaste kiss. "I suppose not."