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Story Covers!
Story Covers!
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Story Covers!

Hey guys!
Astra here, and I thought that it would be fun to start making story covers for fellow writers here on Quotev.  Comment below with the name of the story you want me to make a cover for.  I'll send you the photo via email or text, whichever works best for you!  I'll also post the cover up here in the follow "chapters" for everyone to see along with a description and review of your story!

So what do you get when you comment below?
1. I'll read and comment on your story, and if I like it tons, I'll fav and follow!
2. A story cover!  You can make requests and tell me what you want written on it.
3. Publicity!  I'll post the story cover here along with a description of your story and what I thought of it.

So what should you do in return?  Just check out either one of my stories!  Post a comment or fav it, or just read! :D
Have a super spectacular day!

Keep writing,
Astra J. Blake

P.S. The picture accompanying this story is a cover I made for one of my own stories.  Think of it as an example of what kind of work I can do.