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Save Me (Jeff the Killer love story) *Finished*
Story published May 29, 2013 · updated July 29, 2013 · completed · 59 pages · 9,557 readers · 127,639 reads
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I awoke to a loud scream. Alarmed, I got out of bed and crept towards the door. I put my ear to the door to check if there was anybody outside my room. After making sure there was no one there, I slowly and silently opened my door. After hearing and seeing nothing I slowly exited my room then closed the door. I silently walked down the hallway, before hearing a faint whimpering. It seemed to be coming from the kitchen. I ran to the kitchen to see what was going on. As I opened the door, I gasped at what I saw. In the middle of the floor I saw my sister curled up in a pool of her own blood. My eyes widened as realization hit me. I rushed to her side.
“Rose… Rose what happened?!” I whispered rather loudly.
She groaned in response, “Scarlett… Run…”  
I didn’t hesitate to do what she said. I trusted my sister with my life, and if she tells me to run, I will. As I ran to the edge of the forest that was outside my house, I looked back. I shouldn’t have. I saw a pasty-white figure crouched in my doorway watching me leave. Its eyes were unblinking and had black rings around them. He had on a white hoodie that seemed to be stained with…. Blood. He was carrying a knife. But his smile… His smile was blood red, and it reached the top of his cheek bones, as though it was carved on… I’d know that smile anywhere…

Jeff the Killer.



I started writing this for a story competition with my friends, but I refused to do romance for them, so here's a little bit of romance for you. All characters are mine except for Jeff.