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Save Me (Jeff the Killer love story) *Finished*
Story published May 29, 2013 · updated July 29, 2013 · completed · 59 pages · 9,640 readers · 128,660 reads
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Me and Jeff were watching TV in his family room. I swiftly grabbed the remote and changed it from the horror movie that was about to start to SpongeBob.

"Hey! Change it back!" Jeff ordered me.

"No! You know I don't like horror movies!" I exclaimed.

"Well, it's not my fault you're a scardy cat!" I glared at him when he said that. I am not a scaredy cat.

"Fine, I'll switch it to something we can both agree on." I stated before going to the travel channel. It was just my luck that my favorite show, Ghost Adventures, was on. I quickly clicked that to see Zak telling the past of the building they were gonna be locked up in to investigate. "See? Isn't this so much better?" I asked him.

"What is this?" He asked me with his arms crossed. I gasped.

"You don't know what show this is?! This is Ghost Adventures! They go to supposedly haunted areas and try to see if there's ghosts there. Sometimes they find nothing and sometimes they do. But this is a good one." I explained.

"...Okay," He mumbled before relaxing and watching the show. We watched in silence, occasionally making comments or arguments weather the show has real footage or not. I believed it was, I've always been a strong believer. He disagreed though, saying this was stupid and overly fake. I could tell he liked the show though. Right when one of the guys, Erin, I think, heard footsteps, I had to go to the bathroom. I told Jeff so that he knew where I was going then walked to the bathroom, the path there slowly becoming familiar. After I was finished doing my thing I washed my hands and exited the bathroom. About halfway back to Jeff, a man wearing a black ninja suit grabbed me, telling me he was going to save me from the evil monster.

"Really?" I muttered, "Another one? And this one knows how to push my buttons also..." I kicked the man in the crotch, and watched him bend over in pain, trying to make as little noise possible. I then kneed him in the face, and punched him in the stomach.

"Jeff!" I called out before seeing the man get back up. I high-kicked him in the head, "There's another one!"

Jeff clearly understood what I was talking about, because he began walking quickly down the hallway.He found us, and was clearly pissed. Thank God I wasn't this man. If looks could kill, he'd be dead... But then again he will be. Jeff kicked him in the crotch, just like I did, and kneed him in the face, also just like I did. The man groaned in pain. please, I thought, that's nothing. I didn't sing this time, just watched quietly. This man was stupid, and didn't bring any weapons. Jeff grabbed him knife, and stabbed the man in the stomach. I watched as Jeff then gutted the man alive. Normally this would have grossed me out, but it didn't. I watched his intestines slowly slink down the ground. Gross. By now, the man was pleading for death, but Jeff wasn't exactly a nice person, and refused. Instead, he stabbed the poor mans shoulder, but only before Jeff carved his smile onto the mans terrified face. Jeff giggled as he watched the blood and tears mix together. Finally, Jeff decided to give the man what he wanted, and stabbed the man in the heart. Told you that was nothing, I thought towards the dead man. (A/N Oh my God I think that's the most detailed and brutal I've ever gotten in the whole story! There might be more of this! SORRY!!!)

Jeff chuckled insanely as he watched the body drop to the ground, "That's always fun!" He exclaimed. I liked this part of him. It was much more insane and a lot more... creepy. I've started liking insane to. It seems fun.

I giggled with him, "I really do think I'm turning insane, Jeff!" I exclaimed happily.

He looked surprised, "And you're okay with this?" He asked me, curious.

I nodded, "Of course it is, why wouldn't it be?" I asked him, giggling.

He giggled with me, "I think you might really be insane then!" Yes, I was definitely insane now.

"...Soooo, can I have my iPod and phone now?" I pleaded, "And... maybe a knife?"

He looked surprised I wanted a knife, and said yes to all three. I smiled with joy as I gazed upon my new knife. I imagined it covered in blood. It's amazing how quickly you can turn insane, isn't it?



I grabbed my phone and skipped to Jeff, tripping a few times on my way to his bedroom. I knocked on the door.

"Whaaaat?" He asked, probably sleepy, as he was in bed still.

"Do you wanna see the English lyrics or not... For the song iNsANiTY I mean." I called through the door.

"Sure, the doors unlocked!" He called back. I slowly opened the door and peered inside. His room had blood all over it. He had a knife collection on a shelf, and a few books next to it. There was a TV, which was currently off. Before I could look around some more, he called me over. I blushed as I realized he wasn't wearing a shirt. He was scrawny, but still had mussel. I averted my gaze back to my phone and got the video ready to play.


As the song ended, Jeff smiled, "I like it!" He declared.

I nodded in agreement, "Yeah, it's one of the best songs ever!" I smiled at him. "Alright I'm headed to bed, you don't mind if I blast music, do you?" I asked him.

"I don't mind... Don't let the bedbugs bite... Hehehe..." He giggled, then I left.

As I approached my basement room, I turned my phone up full volume, before starting my "Fav Music" playlist. I jumped onto my bed and mouthed the words to a few songs as I dozed off.


GRR!! I need to update more often, I know :( But schools finally out for me, so I'll try to update whenever I get the chance. I PROMISE! This chapter was pretty bloody, but that's why I put the warning, don't like it, leave. BYE LOVES


I started writing this for a story competition with my friends, but I refused to do romance for them, so here's a little bit of romance for you. All characters are mine except for Jeff.