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Story published May 30, 2013 · updated June 16, 2013 · 6 pages · 6,882 readers · 14,126 reads
Imagine ~ Luke Hem
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Imagine ~ Luke Hemmings

You were sat on your bed of you're flat That you rented In London,Today was going to be a bad day for you your boyfriend was going back home to Australia after living in London with his bandmates for the last 6 months.You  were dating Luke Hemmings from you're fave band ever 5 Seconds Of Summer you caught his eye at a meet and greet and he slipped you his phone number you'd been inseparable ever since you started dating .You were busy thinking about this when you felt a soft pair of lips on your shoulder. "Baby you ok?" Asked Luke "um yeah I'm fine" I lied I didn't want to break down in front of him. "Babe I'm gonna miss you as much as you're gonna miss me " "that's not possible Luke" "baby I love you so much,i will call and text you and Skype and visit as soon as I can" we sat there cuddling for a while when there was a knock on the door."guys I'm sorry but we gotta he'd to the airport in like 15 minutes" said Calum Luke's best Friend and fellow band mate.

we were at the airport Luke was holding on tightly to me with his hands round my waist when it was time for them to leave. We were both crying we didn't say anything we just hugged.Nothing needed to be said at the moment bewteen us we knew what we were both thinking.

A couple of days later I had a phone call from Ashton,Calum and Michael.Luke was really depressed ever since he left me and he was sad all the time so we came up with a plan.I was going to fly out to Australia and join the boys and then join them on the rest of the TMH Tour with 1D.

I was on the plane to Australia I spoke to Luke before I left and he sounded so sad like me really I hated being apart from him.i got off the plane and had 4 text messages


babe I miss you so much I love you xxxxx

babe you ok??? Xxx

Are you busy babe??? Xxx

are you not talking to me baby? Xx

I got off the plane and looked at the address of where the boys were rehearsing and quickly found a cab and made my way there.It wasn't long until I reached my destination and found the boys Luke was sat on the floor with his back facing me and the other boys were stood up I walked over to luke and wrapped my arms round his waist making him jump he looked up and saw me and hugged me so tight I almost couldn't breathe."oh my god babe what are you doing here?" "I missed you baby so me and the boys decided I'd come out and see you and I'm joining you on the rest of tour Luke then went and hugged his best Friends before picking me up and kissing me softly and the lips