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Cry With You ~Leland Chapman
Story published May 30, 2013 · updated October 8, 2013 · 34 pages · 917 readers · 11,376 reads
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Duane Lee made us breakfast consisting of bacon, eggs, pancakes, and toast.
"Is this safe to eat?" I ask looking at the eggs on my fork.
Duane Lee looked at me and laughed," I might have put some poison in it, you know the usual."
My eyes grew wide and I gently sat the fork down," I'm done."
 Leland laughed leaned over grabbed my fork and ate the eggs off my fork.
"I'm not in pain your okay," he laughed. Then he pecked my lips.
"Eww guys get room," Aspyn laughed.
"Need I rely to that?" I asked her.
"Nope," she said stuffing her mouth with pancake.
I smiled and reluctantly ate my food. Surprisingly the food was really good, no poison. It started pouring down raining round twelve o'clock, so we all sat down on separate couches t watch T.V. I sat on the opposite side of Leland with my feet by his face and his by mine, man I really hate feet but I shall live. Duane Lee and Aspyn were cuddled together on the other couch; Duane Lee was flipping through the channels till he found something that caught his and Leland's interest. 
Sponge Bob, and yo could tell that it caught their interest because they started going. 'Ohh Sponge Bob!' Aspyn and I laughed at their little kidness. We watched a SpongeBob marathon till three o'clock and around then the rain had stopped and the sun had come out, Aspyn qickly ran up to the sliding door and looked outside. She squealed and Duane Lee instantly got worried.
"What?" He asked getting up.
"Calm your tits. Nothing you should worry your pretty little head about," she laughed skipping over to me.
She leaned down to my ear and said." They have a big muddy back yard. You know what that means?" 
I instantly shoot up," Hey Leland do y'all have a 4-wheeler or two?"
"Um yeah. Why?" He asked furrowing his eyebrows.
"That's all I wanted to know," I say walking over to the door.
"Where are you to going?" Duane Lee asked.
"To our house, don't worry we will be back soon," Aspyn called over her shoulder.
We close their door and head down to the SUV.
I was in one of the bathrooms in Leland's and Duane Lee's house changing into my muddin' clothes. I came out to see Aspyn in the living room already changed and as explaining to the boys what we were planning to do.
"Oh," they said at the same time. "Can we go?" They ask.
"Yup," I say kissing Leland's cheek
"Now were is the 4-wheelers?" Aspyn asked.
"In the garage in the back of the house," Duane Lee answered her.
"Thank you," Aspyn said kissing him. But when she started to leave Duane Lee grabbed her arm and kissed her, deeply.
Leland and I look at each other and groan." Get a room two," Leland said wrapping me in hug.
They pull apart and look at Leland and I," Get a room you two," Duane Lee mocked Leland.
"Why you gotta hurt me?" Leland whined.
"Because it's fun," Aspyn  laughed.
We pulled apart and Aspyn start walking to the door." Get ready you two," Aspyn yelled as we walk out the door.
We find them and the key's all ready in the ignition, so Aspyn opens the garage and she hops on her 4-wheeler of choice and starts it.
Put two rednecks from Texas on 4-wheeler's I muddy weather. Full out party.
About ten minutes later the boy's come out to see their back yard a muddy mess, but they smiled and jump behind us and wrap their big arms around us.
"Ready?" I ask Leland turning around to kiss his nose.
That's when Aspyn and I go crazy, doing donuts n the mud, going as fast as we could and drifting suddenly. At one point Aspyn and I flip our 4-wheeler's over (on accident), causing everyone to fall into the mud. We laugh and haul he 4-wheelers off.
"Remind me never to go muddin' with y'all," Leland laughed.
The song that gave me the inspiration for this story! :)