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Celebrity imagines (happy and sad one)
Story published May 31, 2013 · updated December 23, 2013 · 121 pages · 11,022 readers · 62,634 reads
Love at the first
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Love at the first sight (Niall Horan) Requested by Jennifer

Here's for you Jennifer.

"Hello Jen. You ready for the show tonight?" Your cousin, Liam Payne called you again tonight. He seems really excited to meet you. Not that you don't, but you don't think that it's necessary to call a person you're going to meet in couple hours over and over again.

"For the 10th time, yes I am Li. But I may gonna be late if you 
keep calling me when I'm getting ready." You could hear him chuckles from the other side.

"Since when you're being this sassy Jen? Alright, I better hung up now. See you later Jen." You mumble a "see you later Liam" before finally hung up the phone.

You carefully pic
k out your outfit. You really wanna look your best, but you didn't want to look like you're trying so hard. You decide to use a T-shirt that Liam gave you on your birthday. It has the "What Makes You Beautiful" lyrics on it. You did your hair in a simple but gorgeous way. You put on some lipgloss, and finally you decide to wear your favorite Vans shoes.

You glance at your cloc
k, It's 7.25. The gate will be open at 8, so you still have plenty time to drive. You didn't really like to drive at night time, but since you didn't have anyone who could drive you there. You grab your keys and start to walk to your car. You just start the engine when your phone rang, it's Liam again.

"Yes Li?" You as
k with a bored tone. Not to be rude but you kinda tired with the phone call.

"I just want to 
know where you are Jen." He didn't seem to be bothered by your tone, it's not like he's going to be mad about it either. Liam rarely mad, not over something as stupid as voice tones.

"I'm going there now. Tal
k to you later Li, I have to drive. Love you." You quickly hung up the phone and start to drive to the venue.

kinda regret not going here faster, since you had a hard time searching for the parking space. Thank god you found it just in time, or else you gonna be late for the show.

You quic
kly make your way to the gate, showing the guards your tickets. They smile at you and letting you in. You walk to the front row, the nearest to the stage. You could feel excitement radiating through you, it's been a long time since you wanting to see them and you finally could. Thanks to your cousin who finally got a spare ticket to give to you.

You see them entering the stage, they loo
k totally amazing. You can't believe that you finally seeing them live. This is much more amazing than seeing them in those videos.

"Good evening Ireland. It's always good to be bac
k here." You hear a gorgeous Irish accent from the stage, the accent that belong to the amazing Niall Horan or should I say, your crush. Liam find out about your crush to him and that's why he sent you the ticket.

The crowds cheer louder as the other boys start to tal
k. Your eyes still glued to Niall and how amazing he actually is. If you said his pictures is beautiful, you should see him live. As the boys talk to the crowds you see Niall looking at you, and since you already looking at him your eyes met and you swear he send you a smile.

As they sing their song, you swear that Niall 
keep looking at your direction. Sending you a smile and wink every now and then. You could feel your cheeks burning and probably as red as the fire trucks. You see Liam sending you a cheeky smirks and continue with the song. Creepy.

The show has ended but you still too dazed to move. They were really really really amazing.That's the best thing that you've ever experience, at least for now. You wait as the audiences has left the building so you could head bac
kstage. They would flipped if they knew, since they didn't sell backstage passes for today.

As all the audiences has left you start to wal
k backstage. You show your ID that Liam gave you to the security guard and he escort you there. You thank him as you have arrived to the boys dressing room. You knock the door, just to make sure that they're decent and not naked. You didn't have to wait for long to have Liam opening the door for you.

"Hey there cousin, nice to finally see you again. Come on in." He led you inside where all the boys have waiting for you.

Louis waved at you as you wal
k inside the room. Zayn and Harry send you a smile. And Niall give you his amazing grin. You smile back to them and Liam tell you to sit on the couch.

"Erhm, so guys. This is my cousin Jennifer, she lived here in Ireland and she's my closest cousin." He said, introducing you to the boys.

"Hello Jennifer, my name is Louis the tommo Tomlinson. You can call me Louis or Tommo." Louis introduce himself cheerily to you offering you his hand, and you smile and sha
ke his hand.

"Hello love, I'm Harry Styles. Nice to meet you." Harry smile to you, showing off his dimples. You nod your head and smile bac

"Hey Jen, My name is Zayn Mali
k. Liam talk a lot about you." You smile at him.

"Hello, I'm Niall Horan. I'm from Ireland which you already 
know. Nice to see you." He offer his hand just live Louis, but instead of shaking it he pulls you into hug. "I notice you at the crowds earlier." He whispered in our ears while he's hugging you. You can't help but blush at this.

"Enough with the hugs Nialler, she's my cousin." Liam grab you from his grasp, sending you both a smir
k, while all the other boys just laugh at that.

"Hey, nice shirt you got there." Louis said suddenly, ma
king all the boys stop laughing.

"Oh, yeah. Nice shirt. I thin
k I've seen those words somewhere." Harry smiled cheekily at you. Making you laugh a little.

"Cute laugh, Jen." Niall said with his adorable smile, ma
king you blush once again.

k you guys. I got this shirt from Liam actually. And thanks for your compliment Niall." You look down at the floor, trying so bad to hide the blush that creeping up your cheeks.

"BUT WHEN YOU SMILED AT THE GROUND IT AIN'T HARD TO TELL.." Louis sang loudly and all the boys follow him. "YOU DON'T 
KNOW YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL. OH OH. THAT'S WHAT MAKES YOU BEAUTIFUL." You laugh at their goofiness but you love them for that.

You guys tal
k and talk, telling stupid jokes that doesn't even makes sense, eating Pizza that they've ordered, and just having fun. They loved that you see them as friends not as a super megastar, but it's kinda hard acting that way when you really had a great time with them. By the time you finished eating the Pizza, it's already 10.30. And you remember that you have to drive home.

"Guys, I really had a nice time here but I really have to drive home now. So I thin
k I better be going." You said while standing up. They stand up and give you a hug. They give you their number so you guys could still get in touch. When you walk to the door you hear someone calling your name so you turn around, and you fine Niall walking towards you.

"Hey Jen, I'll wal
k you to the car, yeah?" He blush a little, and it makes him look cuter. He looked pretty nervous but still hot at the same time. Is that even legal to do that? I don't know.

"Oh, yeah, sure." You stutter a little but you still, try to 
keep your cool. You guys talk a little about yourself and he really is as amazing as you thought he is. Time flies when you had fun, because you've arrived at your car before you even know it.

"So, this is it.." He trailed off a little, ma
king you giggle because of his cuteness.

"Yeah, than
ks for walking me here Niall." You smile at him and he smile back at you. "See you later."

You were just about to open your car when his hand grab yours. You turn your face to loo
k at him, and he have this nervous look on his face.

"I-I was wondering.. if maybe.. You wanna go on date.. li
ke with me?" You didn't believe that Niall Horan just ask you out. So you just stand there, with your mouth slightly open. He misunderstood your silence as a rejection. He look at the ground and look somewhat disappoint. "It's okay if you don't want to Jen.." 

"NO! I'm sorry, I mean, no. I really wan't to go with you." You smile to him, blushing s little. He grin at you, loo
king extremely happy.

"Good then, I'll pic
k you up tomorrow. Text me your address, yeah? See you." He blow a kiss to you as you start to drive away, with a smile on you face.

The next day, Niall pic
k you up at lunch time. Turns up, Niall has set up a picnic date for you. You guys had fun together, eating the food (That you later know was cooked by Harry and with help of Liam.), you take a couple pictures and Niall insist to post it on his instagram. When you're looking at the sky, Niall suddenly cup your face and kissed you. You were really surprised. You can't believe that Niall Horan is kissing you. You start to kiss back as you regain your composure. You could feel Niall is smiling when you start to kiss back. You broke out after a while, looking a each other with a red face.

"That was amazing.." Niall smile to you, ma
king you smile too.

"It is Niall." You guys just 
keep looking at each other eyes, looking extremely happy. Then Niall start to take your and ask you a question you never thought he would ask to you

"So Jennifer, wanna be my girlfriend?" He as
k you with a cute blushing face, you grab you hand and smile at him.

"Absolutely Niall."


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