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Celebrity imagines (happy and sad one)
Story published May 31, 2013 · updated 10 months ago · 121 pages · 10,507 readers · 60,273 reads
It's you (Aust
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It's you (Austin Mahone) Requested by Kaitlyn Elizabeth

This one is for: Kaitlyn Elizabeth. Hope you like it 

You are one of the popular girls in school, being Austin Mahone's bestfriend. You're not a mean girl though, you're close to everyone in your school, you known almost everyone and of course everyone knows you.

Lately, you've been getting lots of letters. Not just ordinary letters but a love letters. You find it in your locker, your desk, even your mailbox! And you really want to know who send it to you.

Today you got another letter, and this time Austin's the one who give it to you.

"Oi Katie, you got another letter from your "Secret admirer"." He put an air quotation on the word secret admirer. I punch his shoulder lightly and take the letter.

"Quit teasing me Austin, just because you don't have a secret admirer doesn't mean you have a right to be jealous at me." You sassed out at him, opening the letter.

"Why should I be jealous when I have fans all over the world and you have one "secret admirer". What's the letter said?" He said peeking through your shoulder. You rolled your eyes but still reading the letter for him.

" It said, "Dear Kaitlyn,.." I just start the letter but Austin cut me off.

"He called you Kaitlyn? No nickname or something like that?" He ask as I raised my eyebrows at him.

"Seriously? You cut me off just for that?" I ask and he just shrugged. "Well, let me continue. I know you've been curious about who I am, but I'm too coward to even put my name on my letters. But that's about to change today. Can you meet me at the park at 4? I write a song for you and I really want you to hear it. I would be really happy if you come. From your secret admirer. Aww, that's cute." you exclaimed happily at Austin. He just look at you funny, he seems like he's about to laugh.

"Seriously Austin, what is your problem? Can't you be happy that I'm finally going to meet my secret admirer?" You asked him annoyed.

"I just don't want you to be disappointed. Maybe he's just some jerk trying to play with your heart or a very nerdy kids that can't even had a girlfriend in real life so he tried to this with you and won't even show up today or later." He warned you but you just shrugged him off.

"Who ever it is. It still very sweet of him. And I am still meeting him today. Now excuse me I have to attend my math class." you walk to your class not noticing Austin's wide grin.


You spun around in front of your mirror. Satisfied with what you see, you grab your bag and put on you shoe. You check your watch, it's 3.45 so you start to walk to the park. About 10 minutes later you arrived at the park and being greet by... Alex?

"Alex? You're my secret admirer?" You Asked him, surprised.

"Of course not Katie, don't be ridiculous." He say with a playful grin on his face.

"And what's that supposed to mean?" You were slightly offended by his words.

"What I mean is you're up for an even better surprise, now come on he's waiting for you." Before you could say anything Alex had led you to the other side of the park.

You can't believe what you see, Austin sat in one of the bench, a guitar in his lap.

"Hey Austin, here's the princess. Now I'll leave you two alone. Ciao" Alex quickly left the park and patting my back.

"Now Katie, before you say anything let me give you the song I wrote just for you." Austin said and start to sing.

"Wow Austin, that's amazing.. Thank you." You're amazed from what he done, not just the song but also the letters.

"Well Katie, you know I'm a romantic person. So, rather than just doing a "I know you're my bestfriend but I've been i love with you" stuff, I decide to put an "I'm your secret admirer" act. So how'd you think?" You could tell that he's nervous but he try to put a brave act.

"Well, it depends on what you are. Are you the jerk who just want to break my heart or the nerd who can't even had a girlfriend?" You teased him.

"I'm none of them, I'm just Austin Mahone." He grinned and walk closer to you.

"Well then, that's a yes Austin I like you too." You hug him and he hug you back.

"Well I like to heard that from you Katie, now can you give me a kiss?" He tease you while making a kissy face. You scoffed at him.

"Yeah right, catch me first and I'll give you a kiss." You said while releasing yourself from his hug and start to run to the fountain.

Austin put his guitar on the bench and start to run toward you. You guys running around like a child for what seem like 5 minutes and you start to feel tired.

"Austin I'm surrender. I'm tired." You fake pout at him. He came closer at me.

"Aww did my girlfriend tired? Here let me carry you." Before he could touch , you pushed him to the fountain.

"Sucker!" you laughed at him as he fell to the fountain, getting all wet.

"Well since you cheat, I have to pull you into this too. Come here, baby." He pulled you into the fountain too. "Double the fun aye?" He said when you pulled out your shocked face.

"Austin Carter Mahone, you did not just do that." You protested, but he just laugh it off.

"Yes I did baby, and I catch you so I'll have a kiss from you." As he leans in you closed you eyes, feeling the sparks as his lips touch yours.

"I really like you Austin." You said to him.

" I know right." He said and took your hand. "Ready for our date in this fountain?" He said splashing some water to your face.

And you have your first date there, the park fountain, having some water fight.


There it is Katie. Hope you like it.
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