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Total mythical oppesites ( a caius volturi love storie)
Story published May 31, 2013 · updated 3 months ago · 12 pages · 350 readers · 1,374 reads
chapter 2: the hun
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Chapter 2: the hunt and renesmee

jacob's P.O.V :
karla close your eyes and see if you can sniff out anything ~ i said through my mind link as i watched her focus her senses and tilt her head up. karla was an execellent tracker but when it came to actual hunting ..well thats were id have to step in. ~there to the west ..theres a heard of elk by the river ~ she said snapping her eyes open, i nodded my head and launched myself into the woods in front of her . karla ,when we get through feeding we need to clean up in the river before we head to the cullens ~i said looking back at the light russet brown wolf from the corner of my eye, karla nodded her head  . i turned my attention back infront of me and focused on the elk's sent ~how far did you say they were ? ~ i asked ~there just up ahead ..we should be getting to them right. about. NOW ~ karla yelled . i slammed my front paws down on the ground and came to a screeching hault ~ Damn you didnt have to yell ~ i said shakeing my head to clear the ringing out . ~sorry but if i didnt you would have ran right through the elk !~ she said giggling as she came up behind me wagging her tail, i turned my head and glared at her ~its okay but DONT EVER DO IT AGAIN !!!~ i growled . karla stopped wagging her tail and crouched on the ground ~jeez jake i said i was sorry.. you didnt have to bite my head off ~ she whined , i rolled my eyes and walked behind a cluster of bushes and crouched down . ~now when i say go .. we ambush the elk ..go it? ~ . i asked looking over at the light brown russet wolf . karla nodded her head and walked over beside me and crouched down ~got it ~ , shes said staring straight at the elk. i rolled my eyes and straightened myself into a attacking position . ~ ready ~... ~set~ ... ~GO!!!~ i yelled as we both launched ourselves from the bushes towards the elk . ~karla you take the big one the left i'll take this one on the right ~ i yelled . karla nodded her head and shot herself onto a large bull elk , much to my impressiveness i watched the large bull elk sink to it's knees as karla dug her teeth into it's neck . ~shes gotten better ~ i thought to myself as i focused on my own prey . it was a large female elk ~this should be easy ~ i thought as i launched myself onto the elk.

karla's p.o.v

i burped and licked my lips as i finished my last elk . ~are you done jake?~ i asked looking towards the dark brown russet wolf whose snout was dug deep into the belly of it's prey .  ~ he said raising up his head to look at me , i nodded and hopped off my elk . ~okay well im gonna go wash off so if you need me just howl or something ~ i said walking towards the lake . when i reached the bank i quickly jumped in a swam around then i hopped out and shook my fur . ~are you ready to go karla ?~ jake asked walking over to me , i nodded my head and shook my fur again . ~wait ! i thought you were gona clean off to jake ?~ ,~nah im good i dont get as messy as you do karls ~ he said giving me a wolfy grinn . i huffed and rolled my eyes ~yeah yeah you say that now , but just wait ..when you get ahold of renesmee your gonna be drooling all over your self THEN we'll see whose the messy one ~ i grinned . jake rolled his eyes and shook his head ~come on lets go before it gets late ~ i nodded my head and shot myself into the forest ahead of him . when i neared the cullens house i could hear jakes giant paws trampling behind me . ~ready ?~ i asked coming to a complete stop as russet wolf blew past me . ~not really~ , he said turning around to face me , i giggled and stood up ~you'll be fine trust me ..i'll be with you ~ i said walking behind a tree to phase . ~yeah but how do i know you wont leave me ~ jake whinned . i giggled out from behind the tree fully dressed " because we're cousins stupid ..we're family and family dont bail on family " i said walking over him and rubbing his head " now hurry up and get dressed so we can go see renesmee " i chidded . jake sighed and dashed behind the same tree i was behind earlier . when he was fully dressed jake walked out from behind the tree and pulled me into a hug " thankyou for being here it means alot more then you know " he said squeezing me tighter , i smiled and hugged back "anytime cuz " i said pulling back from him. jack stared at me then smiled back "alright lets go " he said turning around and walking up to the cullen's door . " do you think they know we're here ?" i asked but before jake could answer my question carlisle opened the door " ahhhh jake..karla welcome please come in " he said motioning us to walk through . i smiled and nodded "thankyou carlisle how have you been ?" , " ive been execellent and how have you been ?" he asked placeing a hand on my shoulder , i sighed and shook my head " ive been better " i said lookin up at him and takeing a deep breath . carlisle nodded and dropped his gaze from mine just then there was a high pitch squeal and i was bombared in a hug "JAKIE ,KARLIE !!!!!!!!!!! " renesmee gushed , i giggled and picked her up " hiya nesmee " i said using my own nickname for her , renesmee just smiled and wrapped her arms around my neck . just then bella and the rest out the cullens walked in " i was wondering what all the yelling was about but now i know why ..renesmees got her favorite plush toys here " emmett said smirking at me and jake . i bit my lip and growled a little as jake grabbed my wrist and squeezed it . i sighed and placed my usual smile back on my face "it's nice to see you to emmett " i said lettting a little venom dripp into my sentences ,dont get me wrong i like emmett i really do but that guy can really get under your skin with his smartass remarks sometimes . "sooo what are your plans for today cullens ?" jake asked plopping hisself down on a near by chair . " we're takeing renesmee to volterra italy to see the volturi for her monthly viewing and progression " bella said walking up to me and reaching out for her daughter .renesmee unclasped her hands from my neck and leaned in towards her mother , " ohhh soo by saying volturi you mean those freaky weirdo vampires that sit in those weird ass thrones ?" i asked looking at bella . she and the rest of the cullens let out a low chuckle and nodded " yes those exact freaky weirdo vampires " edward chimed in , i nodded and chuckled myself " well mind if i come ? ..ive been needing to get away from forks for a while ." i said looking down at my feet . carlisle cleared his throat and stepped in front of bella " this isnt a vacation karla "he chidded softly at me " this is a dangerous tranaction were doing and it could possibly lead to death if we are careful ", i nodded and continue to stare at my feet " i know carlisle and thats exactly why i wanna go ..i love renesmee just as much anybody else does and that why i wanna be there incase something does break out and im pretty sure jake feels the same way since he imprinted on her." i said lifting my gaze up to meet his " i mean even if it's just me and him atleast you'll have a pretty fair chance of winning " i said not tearing my gaze away., carlisle stiffed then nodded his head " alright then you can go but just be ready , we're leaving in the morning so you and jacob are more then welcome to crash here for the night "he said placeing his hand on my shoulder agian . i nodded and smiled " alright then it's settled ..Volterra Italy i come "