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Oneshots for TMNT
Story published June 1, 2013 · updated September 28, 2013 · 25 pages · 346 readers · 2,526 reads
Honey im home (Dan
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Honey im home (DanixMikey)

Dani's P.O.V
I laughed as Jake imitated the orangutang from our trip to the Zoo.
a small feeling creeped up my body as jake talked about the quality of there ice cream cones. it was a feeling that tugged at my heart. guilt.
i hav'nt spent alot of time woth mah bros....aka the turtles...i met jake at school. we hi it off and are now friends....i just wish i have more time on my hands...DAMNIIIIIIIIT.
"-nd i almost slapped dat girl! i mean sereiously!!!!!?? how hard is it to make a single slushie?! i don't know why-Dani...D-dani? DAAAAAANIII" a voice rang in my head, triggering a dejavue feeling. the school bell. OH NO THE SCHOOL BELL "YAAAAH I LATE FOR SCHOOL!!!" i screamed jake looked at me weirdly. "dude school was six hours ago. they let of early for summer vacation" jake laughed. my cheeks glowed as i realized my emarrasing mistake.
"o-oh...oh...hey im at my apartment!" i exclaimed, feeling the urge to see my mutant bros again. jake looked at me again. "are you feeling well?" he asked. "yeah, bye!" i started to walk away. "b-but were five blocks away from you apartment!!!" jake complained. "iknowthatswhyihavetogobye!" i papped his cheek and ran off, and was followed by a loud "WEIRDO!!!!" i laughed and made a turn, making sure he couldn't see me anymore, i opened a manhole and jumped through. i walked through the darkened hallway. 
"BOO!!!!" a loud voice brought a spaz surge through my bones. "AAAAH!!!" i screamed, karate chopping my attacker. "OW! DANI WHAT THE BUNK?" i reconize that voice! "mikey! don't scare me!!!" i glowered playfully. "sorry dani" mikey looked down. i sighed. "its ok...." i wrapped my arm around his neck, pulling him into a hug. i felt mikey hesitate for a second, then hugged me back. 
"i need to tell you something"
"what is it?"
"i-i.....i like you...alot"
"hhh..." i gasped.
"iknewyouwouldn'tlikemeback IM SO STUP-" i cut mikey off by grabbing his face and pressing my lips to his. "you silly little turtle. i love you too" i whispered into the kiss.
"be mine?" 
"oh my gosh of course you doofus"
" why were you never visting us?"
we started to walk towards the lair.
"not never, i rarely. and i was hanging out with a new friend" 
"oh he's a classmate!"
"he? who is he? whats his name? does he have a tat?"
"OMG mikey stop being overprotective. hee's a freind and he would'nt like me you goof he's gay"
"uuuuhhh.....i know what how about some pizza?"
"bu-PIZZA YAY!!!"
"you adorable doof"
i hope you like eet~! for ~XxFireWarriørxX