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Justin Bieber Imagines
Story published June 1, 2013 · updated 5 months ago · 95 pages · 41,584 readers · 483,437 reads
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You're outside walking around enjoying the fresh air after getting into a fight with Justin when your phone rings.
"Hello?" You hear crying on the other end. "Hello? Who is this?"
"(Y/N). I need you. I'm sorry for leaving without saying goodbye."
"Y-Yes.." He starts crying again. "I know how hurt you are. Please forgive me. I didn't want to leave like this. Give me another chance." You sigh and look up at the sky.
"I wish I could Justin, but what you said to me before you left....I don't think I can."
"(Y/N)! Please!" He starts to cry harder. "Please forgive me! I didn't mean what I said!"
"Then why did you say it?"
"Because....I was mad and when I'm mad, I say things that I don't mean. Please forgive me." You take in a deep breath and let it out.
"How can I believe that you're sorry?"
"If I was sorry, I wouldn't be calling you...or I wouldn't have followed you all the way back home."
"Turn around." When you turn around, you see Justin standing a few feet behind you. "Give me another chance. Please." You can see the tears glistening off of his cheeks and the redness in his eyes. "Please.." He whispers. You hang up and walk over to him. You gently wipe his tears away and take off his hat.
"You came all the way here just to apologize to me?" He nodded his head.
"I spent two days here working up the courage to come for you."
"Were you scared?" He nods his head again. "Of what?"
"You rejecting me and not letting me have another chance. I was scared that if I didn't come and apologize and BEG you..I would've...I would've lost you...for good." His bottom lips starts to quiver as he begins to cry again. The only you could think of to keep him from crying was to kiss him..and you did. Neither of you cared that people were staring at you as you kissed. You wrap your arms around his neck and he rests his forehead against yours. "Do I have another chance?" You nod your head and he doesn't hesitate to kiss you again.
Just some Imagines to make you happy❤

©Forever&Always Productions 
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