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Jeff the Killer x Reader
Story published June 4, 2013 · 3 pages · 2,123 readers · 2,945 reads
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        You sighed as you walked up to Slenderman's mansion. You had been hired by the faceless man to babysit some girl named Sally. You hadn't particularly wanted the job, but the pay was good, and you needed the money. 'All because I put a few flyers up advertising that I would babysit,' you thought, somewhat bitterly. Even though you were into creepypasta, you didn't really like the inhabitants of the mansion. Sally was alright, but that was because she was an innocent little girl. The others were psychotic murderers. 
        You shook your head, clearing your mind. You knocked on the heavy oaken door, and adjusted your bag on your shoulders. It was full of games for Sally and some clothes because you were staying for the night. Suddenly, the door in front of you swung open, revealing Jeff. You grit your teeth in annoyance, but faked a smile. "Hey. I'm here to babysit Sally," you explained, trying your best to not stare at his face.
        Jeff ignored you and turned around, yelling, "Slender! That chick's here for Sally!"
        Slenderman teleported to the door. He ushered you inside, reminding you to take your shoes off by the door so you wouldn't track dirt inside. You shivered a bit as your feet hit the cold hardwood floor. "Sally's upstairs in her room. I already fed her dinner. If you haven't eaten, you may eat anything in our kitchen. Jeff, BEN, Jack, Masky, and I will be gone most of the night. Smile will remain here, but you have my word that he will not harm you," Slenderman explained. 
You didn't bother to ask why they'd all be gone. You had the feeling you wouldn't like the answer. You simply nodded and put on another fake smile. 
        "Okay, sir," you stated. "I'll take good care of Sally."
        Slenderman moved to leave. Just as he was leaving, he turned to look at you. "Oh, I nearly forgot. If you see a strange man crouched in the yard, simply ignore him. That's Rake. Don't go outside though. I can't promise you'll be safe if you leave the house with him around."
        You blinked in surprise, but nodded. "Trust me. I see anything out there, I'm not leaving the house."
        Slenderman sighed, and left, leaving you alone with Jeff. "So, babe," Jeff drawled, draping an arm over your shoulders. "Want to go have some fun?"
        You pushed the boy away, slightly disgusted. This was one of the reasons you hated him. He was a womanizer who'd flirt with anyone he thought was pretty. He was also narcissistic and selfish. You hated guys like him, who thought they were the best. "No," you said curtly. "I promised Slenderman that I'd babysit Sally. Besides, he said you all had important things to do tonight."
        Jeff sighed. "Yeah, yeah, whatever," he muttered. He glanced at his watch, and cursed. He quickly went out the door, yelling that he'd get to you later.
        You rolled your eyes. 'Oh goody,' you thought sarcastically. Just then, Jack, Masky, and BEN walked downstairs, chatting among themselves. They greeted you, then left. You picked your bag up and jogged upstairs. Soon, you reached Sally's room. You knocked.
        "Come in," a high-pitched voice called. You opened the door to see the girl having tea with her dolls. "(y/n)," she yelled, hurling herself into your arms. 
        You chuckled. You found the others unsettling, but you liked Sally. She was just a sweet, innocent young girl. "Hey, Sally. What're you doing," you inquired.
        "I was having tea with my dollies. Do you want to play too," she asked, looking at you with wide, pleading eyes.
        "Sure Sally," you chirped. You plopped down on the floor, and drank pretend tea with Sally for a while. Once Sally had gotten tired of playing, she jumped up and grabbed your hand. 
        "Can we watch movies now? Please," she begged. 
        You smiled and stood. "Yeah, we can watch movies. Come on," you said, leading Sally downstairs. She flopped down on the couch and bounced up and down with excitement. "Okay. What do you want to watch?"
        "Nightmare Before Christmas," she yelled, grinning. "It's my favorite!"
        You chuckled and pulled the DVD out. "It's my favorite too, Sally."
        As the video was loading, you went into the kitchen to make some popcorn. As the corn was popping, Smile came over and nudged your leg. You reached down and scratched him behind the ears. You looked at his smile, and thoughts of Jeff filled your head. You vigorously shook your head, trying to get those thoughts out. Where had that come from? You remembered the popcorn and yanked it out of the microwave. You had almost burned it. You dumped the contents into a bowl and went back to the living room. Sally was clutching the remote and staring at you impatiently. You grinned and sat down beside her. She started the movie, and you both munched on popcorn. When the movie ended, it had grown late. "(y/n), I'm tired," she complained, yawning. 
        You got up and picked the girl up, carrying her upstairs. "Time for bed," you muttered, tucking her in. Sally gave you a sleepy smile before closing her eyes. You shut her door as quietly as you could. "I'm pretty worn out. Guess I'll go to bed too," you mumbled. You wandered down the stairs and turned off all the lights and the TV. Then you meandered back upstairs, turning off the hall light on your way. You walked into the guest room and changed into your pajamas. Then you brushed your teeth and crawled under the sheets. Your eyelids fluttered shut, and you fell asleep, not noticing the shadowy figure lurking just outside the window.