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Short horror stories
Story published June 5, 2013 · updated 4 months ago · 13 pages · 321 readers · 541 reads
The Weeping Woman
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The Weeping Woman

Have you ever heard a story of a woman in white? Also know as a weeping woman.  These spirits are found mainly in Asian countries or South America, Do you know how their even formed all these different woman with different livelihoods, living in different towns and conducting their own life's, all share the same story line. What story line? Let me tell you story of a weeping woman and see if you can guess.

Alice Madison was a normal woman, Born in Texas in 1960. She has three beautiful children Sarah, Thomas and Nancy. She was engaged to be married to a man named Samuel Becker. It was their wedding day today, People around this town claimed to have never of known two people more in love. Alice was a hopeless romantic and believed in love at first sight. She thought with her heart and not her head. Her and Samuel having been dating for five years now. There children are one, three and four years old. It was nearly time for the wedding Alice was all dressed in white. A white dressed that flowed beautifully in the wind like a dove. Her long brown tangled brown hair reached down to her waist.

Alice was already to go to the alter because it was so late at night her children stayed home with their aunt Mary. Alice got in the car and drove to the ceremony the excitement she was feeling rushed through her body like adrenalin. She finally arrived at the church. She walked down the aile (sp) Closer and closer to her soon to be husband. The wedding was just like any other wedding they said their vowed they shared a kiss they couldn't of planned a more perfect wedding. Then suddenly the hour of midnight changed the life's of the Madison and Becker family for the rest of their generations.

Alice was all prepared to go home she went out back to get her husband and what she saw traumatised her for the rest of her short life.  Samuel was having sexual intercourse with a woman she was leaning against the wall her long blonde hair was all over the place. Her dress was a couple of inches to short and her thighs were wrapped around Samuels crotch. She were making love like bunny's. Alice left sprinting three paces through the church and outside into the storm misty night. Samuel's actions lithely affected her. Her hears became the rain and she ran across the bridge to go to her home tearing her wedding dress during the process. When she arrived home it looked like she was had  been in a fight with the dark shadow of the night.

Mary was  startled by her sister and begged her to tell what happened Alice's sorrow turned in to a complete rage and she started to scream at Mary louder then the choicer bell's out of temporary insanity Alice grabbed a blunt object from the table and forged it into Mary's skull. Mary fell backwards smashing her head on the table as she fell. Blood dropped from her eyes leashing out into a waterfall and forming a pool of blood. Unaware of what unbalanced thing she had just done Alice went upstairs to were her three young babies were in the bath. They noticed their mommy and smiled a grin. There mother though was just a possessed person right now. With out thinking she plunged her children in to the water of the bath screaming her husbands name to block out her children's screams, Little Nancy died first the water in her young was just o much for her to take.. All it took was a minute then her babies weren't breathing.

Alice went into a trance and suddenly woke up she suffered temporary insanity. She stared at the lifeless bodies of her children, their cold wet lips and there knotted hair she realised what she had done. She called 911 straight away but she knew it was to late her body was barely held together Alice couldn't and wouldn't live with herself after what she had done. She walked out slowly into the rainfall on to the bridge. She seen the river it was very high tonight. She took one last deep breath before she shut her eyes and did the swan dive into the ice cold bleeding river. Her body was found that morning by her husband still to this very day he does not realise what his newly wed wife had witnessed.

20 years later....

Ever since Alice committed suicide there what been twenty disappearances on highways near that bridge, all victims are male and none was ever seen again just their blood. What happened to these men? There is no connection to them, All different ages, All live in different towns well this was the mystery Drew Coxx was about to unreel. It was Halloween and Drew was driving home on highway near where Alice died. Heavy rock music was playing faintly on the radio. He had one hand on the wheel and the other hand was help to his ear. With his phone talking to his girlfriend. He was telling her he was going to be late home tonight because he said he had to work late but trust me that was a clear blue lie. He was really going to meet up with some chick he met last weekend so they can have some 'fun' time. His girlfriend bought every word he was selling he hung up on his girlfriend when he noticed a shadowy human like figure in the darkness. He pulled up beside her as he noticed it was a woman.

Her dress was white and flowed like dust in the wind her hair and eyes were a deep dark chocolate brown. She looked like she had been wondering the highways for a year. Drew asked her if needed a ride home and she happily accepted. He was out stranded by this woman's beauty. She looked directly into his eyes and asked him the life or death question "Do you think I am pretty?" She lifted up her white dress up above her thigh Drew couldn't not keep his eyes of her and nodded in pleasure. "Do you want to come home with me?" She asked softly. Drew not being able to hold his delight in and scream hell yeah before slamming on the wheel to this woman's home.

He pulled up at an empty abandoned bordered up old house that was barely standing.  The door was broken off and the roof was collapsing by the second the wood looked like it was one miller meter thin. He snorted and insisted nobody lived here and nobody has for decades. He turned around to face her and notice that she had vanished. He was freaked out at first and then thought this was a practical joke. He stepped out of his vehicle and walked slowly towards the house. Just speaking random bull crap really.  He whimpered as he heard bats rummaging though the night and stormed into his car and reversed to leave. He noticed the woman in the back of his car she was distressed and she faintly whispered "I can never go home.". Drew squeals like a pig and darts home but he only makes it to the reckoning bridge. His car suddenly comes to  a hault at the bridge he starts kicking and screaming in panic. 

 He felt a cold presents by the side of him he seen the woman right up close in his face. She pinned him down like nail into wood and begged  him to hold her. She started to dig her razor sharp hands into his chest digging and digging for his nice and long intestines. Drew bellowed out like a whale hoping for someone to hear his hollow cries but he was in the middle of no were. the woman kept scratching inside of him as his blood covered his window screamed. She kept going and going until their was nothing left to scratch out and drew was their laying dead,
.....He was never seen again.  

The women in white all share the same stories when they were human. They Were all in love and yet they were all romantically betrayed. Some went insane, some kill them self, some are even rumored to sell their soul to the devil to get revenge on there past lovers, But they do indeed share all the same Stories, after the betrayal their should become cursed and they are forced to be trapped between the viel and are stuck here. The legend goes if they come in the Same paths as a unfaithful man, That man in never seen again.